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  • Sieg32
  • JK$
  • 12 Jun 2023

I really hope that Sony becomes more popular and that they release 5 V

    Notification LED Lov, 10 Jun 2023No notification LED, no buy.I had three reasons to want this phone... (1) Front facing stereo speakers inside proper bezels that house all the necessary sensors thereby leaving the screen with NO holes (that may be more than one reason - LOL) (2) Headphone Jack, (3) Notification LED.
    For the price of this phone I expect ALL these things to be there because I do not really like the 21:9 aspect ratio (but can live with it). I do not like the fingerprint sensor in the power button but can live with it also... (place it on the back 1st, or under screen 2nd.)
    HOWEVER, for no logical reason (I don't care what their logic may be) Sony decided to REMOVE one of the most important features (TO ME) that virtually NO OEM has any longer...the notification LED!!!! Sorry Sony, but if I have to use a 3rd party app to get what I want then I might as well save some $$$$$ and stick with the Pixel. You lost another sale. You are bending over dollars to pick up dimes!

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      • Anonymous
      • n1c
      • 11 Jun 2023

      Notification LED Lov, 10 Jun 2023No notification LED, no buy.I hope you're sincere and not mocking. I heard Android 14 allows camera flash and screen flashing as notification and that's why Sony removed the LED. Regardless, the custom LED is much better than those in Android 14. I'd rather take notification LED and one 5x telephoto over moving 3x-5x telephoto lens.

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        • Anonymous
        • 39x
        • 11 Jun 2023

        KaChai, 10 Jun 2023People are always complaining about everything... I have th... moreWell said, at least Xperia has microSD and headphone jack whereas those ones don't. There's no specific criticism that can be done to Xperia this year.

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          • KaChai
          • LAV
          • 10 Jun 2023

          TheSnowWinterR7, 10 Jun 2023It must be related to both 1.) the unwell receptions of the... morePeople are always complaining about everything... I have the XZ2 Premium and I remember the major criticism was the weight... "It is too heavy!" And nowdays the S23 Ultra is the same weight and everyone is not complaining about it, like some reviews said Xperia 1 V is the same "boring" design... Ahmm people watch iPhone 11 to iPhone is the same, as the S21 to the S23

            TheSnowWinterR7, 10 Jun 2023It must be related to both 1.) the unwell receptions of the... moreI mean, when you put it that way I guess it is a better path than the path OnePlus chose.

              NiJon, 10 Jun 2023They're targeting a niche consumer base, not the avera... moreWell I'm not a Sony alpha user, I'm a fujifilm user, and so far my XT30 seems just as good as any Sony alpha. They're like different beasts of the same kind, both much better than any Canon camera.

              But I understand and I guess Sony will be a somewhat separate entity from the mainstream smartphone market (aside from their 5 and 10 models).

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                • Notification LED Lov
                • 39y
                • 10 Jun 2023

                No notification LED, no buy.

                  NeonHD, 08 Jun 2023For once, I think I am starting to dislike Sony. I don'... moreIt must be related to both 1.) the unwell receptions of the 2018 Xperia lineup (XZ2 series, XZ3, XA2 series, L2) from the tech community, as 2018 Xperia was called out for being too mainstream in Xperia history and yet still didn't work to appeal to the mass market and gain enough revenue/profit to move further after XZ1/XZP was deemed "outdated" (removal of the 3.5mm headphone jack, too curved for Sony devices, "copycat" of HTC design, fingerprint sensor moved to the back, etc.) and 2.) Sony's internal restructuring happened in 2018 after the new CEO was appointed in order to preserve Xperia around as Xperia is the last telecommunication division of Sony that Sony may needed for other divisions as well (they mentioned the no.2 in their interviews about keeping Xperia in their portfolio)
                  Hence, for Sony, it was returning back to its roots and drawing board gradually in 2019 (back being to its signature boxy rectangular gradually, fingerprint sensor back to the side) and fully in 2020/2022 (3.5mm headphone jack returned fully, design is even boxier), while changing its market from mass-market to niche, even super-niche devices, and focusing on their Pro series and flagships rather than mid-rangers and low-ends (when get even pricier, but better profits income, it's better to be that way; I mean, LG did the opposite, selling a lot of devices in low-ends and mid-rangers however not flagships and appealing mostly to mass-market, but profits weren't enough to keep it running AFAIK). Plus, Xperia has since then acted as Sony Alpha training wheels, proof-of-concept, transferring Alpha tech and know-how to Xperia even more, and companion devices after the Alpha division was assigned to supervise Xperia since internal restructuring happened and continues until today.

                    Anonymous, 06 Jun 2023When is 5 V gonna release? That's the next flagship co... morefirst week of September 2023 if we look at Sony's pattern over the last 2 years (2022–2023) on their Xperia release so far.
                    Xperia 1 IV/10 IV: 11 May 2022
                    Xperia 1 V/10 V: 11 May 2023
                    Xperia 5 IV: 1 September 2022
                    Xperia 5 V: 1 September 2023 (the probable reveal date)

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                      • Karl
                      • n2g
                      • 10 Jun 2023

                      The specs of the Sony Xperia iV are attractive. However, at this price, a three years security update promise (vs five years from Samsung) is a no go.

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                        • NiJon
                        • nQe
                        • 10 Jun 2023

                        NeonHD, 08 Jun 2023For once, I think I am starting to dislike Sony. I don'... moreThey're targeting a niche consumer base, not the average consumer. They can price it however they like because they are the only ones doing what they do = specialized camera software for Sony alpha users. If you're not a Sony alpha user, you're not the target consumer.

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                          • Robert
                          • g4U
                          • 10 Jun 2023

                          For $1,400 no charger and they giving the lackluster Link Buds here in the U.S., whereas the UK is getting the great WH-1000XM5 headphones for preorder, I am majorly on the fence this time around. I preordered the original Xperia 1 in 2019 and at the time it was under $1,000 and they gave the great WH-1000XM3 headphones with it as well as a phone charger. If they gave us the WH-1000XM5, I would preorder it but as is, it's pretty pricey just to get those bad ear buds.

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                            • Kx4
                            • 10 Jun 2023

                            Bebeluka, 06 Jun 2023You know....nothing.Oh i know many things.
                            Last time i used xperia, it melted my ice cream very quickly.

                              IQ200, 09 Jun 2023Oh, you're still here Cpt. I mean, here on any weste... moreMan first thing Sony is Japan and Japan is not West or Western but East or Eastern. Japan is known as a country of rising sun. So before we get into any stupid fight i have to correct you because you were wrong and a really bad one.

                              I am on every or most coment sections which interests me and with phones i can buy in my country. So typing something about Blu which is available in USA only makes no sense for me. Your obvios blabbing and trolling is bad. So i share my opinions everywhere on brands which are available to buy in my country.

                              About your stupid certification if the fast charging would be problem it would be banned since this is not happened it is not needed.
                              Its like clarrifying IPXX rating on phones is important when is not. Because any waterproof or dustproof case does a lot more job than costly IPXX rating where no company includes water or dust damage into your warranty.

                              Anyway wish you a happy life but since you only say nonsense and trying to insult innocent people like me hope you enjoing that very well. As always i dont care. I happily running my bussiness and since it working for decades i dont care much about your comments but enjoy wanking your ego as much as you like i dont care.

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                                • IQ200
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                                • 09 Jun 2023

                                Cpt.Power, 08 Jun 2023Man i am not filling my ego. I just trying to say that spen... moreOh, you're still here Cpt.
                                I mean, here on any western brand comment section. Funny enough, but most of people don't know you on Xiaomi's comment thread, because you like to "share" your opinions ONLY here on Sony's, Google's and Apple's comment threads. And of course it's always just a trash talk with no substance and no proof what so ever, only your desperate cries to show how much you hate some brands in mobile industry.

                                You still didn't provide me a certification about any fast charging standard above 65W which is a SuperVOOC from Oppo, because there's no any. We just have companies claims, but that's not a certificate. We have certificates for a good reason. Until then, you can talk about your little stories about fast charging, but that's just you and we already know we can't have a conversation with you unless you win a debate We are just sharing opinions over here Cpt, not trying to win a debate by any means like you. But if you're already going to talk about facts then try to link us a source. No source, no trust. Thank you.

                                Have a nice and fulfilled weekend!

                                P.S.: I'm wishing you that because you're obviuously not happy and fulfilled in life. Happy and fulfilled people wouldn't spend so much time (since 2016) hating on the same brands and talking non-sense with even lying that they own a mobile chain shop, as that would suggest that guy really know everything about phones, when he's selling them, right? Riiiiight. Lol.


                                  Anonymous, 08 Jun 2023"Hence, Qualcomm may have had to use Samsung Foundry t... moreYes...
                                  "Qualcomm CEO Cristiano Amon revealed yesterday during a Q&A session at the company’s annual summit that the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1 is made by Samsung Foundry on its latest 4nm process. "
                                  So that's why it was a failure chipset...

                                    Anonymous, 08 Jun 2023Samsung didn't made snapdragon gen 1. It was qualcommWow. Are you 8?

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • n9b
                                      • 08 Jun 2023

                                      Bebeluka, 08 Jun 2023Yes it did. more"Hence, Qualcomm may have had to use Samsung Foundry to manufacture the Snapdragon 8 Gen 1."

                                        Anonymous, 08 Jun 2023Samsung didn't made snapdragon gen 1. It was qualcommYes it did.