Sony Xperia 1 VI

Sony Xperia 1 VI

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  • 8XP
  • 16 May 2024

I'm not buying because of the display resolution. I was actually planing to.
There are many 400 euros phones out there with greater, 1.5k resolution displays. I can not believe they just did that.
Huge disappointment!

    BIG pepi, 16 May 2024The most outdated design ever. Who buys this 😁Me, for one

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      • cole
      • C9a
      • 16 May 2024

      Anonymous, 16 May 2024Samsung had been getting so much hate for putting FHD+ on S... moreit is not just 1080p my dearest. Don't ever think that all 1080p are all the same. It is powered by bravia. Lg tv screen vs Bravia, same 1080p but different in all angles.

        BIG pepi, 16 May 2024The most outdated design ever. Who buys this 😁Me

          The Xperia 1 VI allows you to explore the latest audio industry technologies and formats by supporting:

          High-Resolution Audio
          High-Resolution Audio Wireless
          LDAC (a technology that allows for high-quality wireless audio streaming over Bluetooth connections)
          Bluetooth LE Audio (Low Energy)
          Snapdragon Sound

            Anonymous, 16 May 2024so SD Gen 2 is better in thermal management?Yeah obviously it's throttling is 65 to 85% if it's handled properly
            Phones like motorola edge 40 pro or s23 ultra did that and its pretty impressive
            But im waiting for the 8s gen3 results
            It will probably come out today after motorola event in china
            I either buy this years edge 50 ultra or last years edge 40 pro

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              • Anonymous
              • E7E
              • 16 May 2024

              I need new phone, 16 May 2024Things i like: SD card slot Top 3 best material quality u... moreso SD Gen 2 is better in thermal management?

                comment section it's craz...😂

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                  • Anonymous
                  • HAJ
                  • 16 May 2024

                  Samsung had been getting so much hate for putting FHD+ on S+, why isn't Sony getting much backlash for that? Sony is even worse, cause they're not making QHD+ phones at all now

                    Its basically Sony Xperia 5 VI phone with Sony Xperia 1 VI branding and price

                      BIG pepi, 16 May 2024The most outdated design ever. Who buys this 😁Me.

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                        • Sony hater
                        • pXn
                        • 16 May 2024

                        FHD screen?! this must be a ducking joke!!!

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                          • d.B.
                          • JH9
                          • 16 May 2024

                          Almost a year ago I wanted to buy the Xperia 1 V, but I wasn't happy with the narrow display. I also found the 4k display to be overrated compared to the FHD+, especially since it affected the battery life. I always had the QHD setting disabled on my S9. Battery life on a mobile device is a crucial argument for me. I kept looking at the iPhone Pro Max, but I didn't find the clunky, heavy design to be a good ergonomic feel. I also don't like the "back button" solutions on the iPhone in everyday life.
                          My wife owns the iPhone 13 Pro, and we are not completely satisfied with the camera due to the sharpening artifacts and often unpleasant skin tones. A camera on a cell phone should not be overrated and is always subjective in nature. Paradoxically, I found the camera quality to be one of the best on the ancient HTC U11, as it was very natural. For serious photo and video recordings I use a Panasonic S5II; a full-format sensor cannot be compared to any camera sensor found in cell phones. Cameras on cell phones are used to report on everyday things anyway.

                          For me, the Sony combines the positive and important things of a mobile device: battery life, ergonomic feel, (almost naked) Android interface without any extra bells and whistles, like the Samsung, which you don't use but can't really delete, 3.5 jack connection (use of the Wired headphones - without having to constantly search for the USB jack adapter :-), Micro SD - ideal for me, as I can save large amounts of files from the Pana S5 or the Mini 4 drone directly (without adapter solutions) on the move. etc. The addition of the Bluetooth headphones is also a nice gimmick.

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                            • Neo
                            • dUB
                            • 16 May 2024

                            No-one ever specs what micro SD cards are best to use A1 or A2. What are the max read and write speeds the phone can handle? Also no mention of what UFS spec is. I think specs need to be more detailed for the consumer.

                              Literally Sony is killing itself.... The screen dimensions were a distinctive characteristic of Sony that distinguishes it from other phones... And now it is made by dimensions like the phones of other companies... The resolution was 4K and I reduced it to 1080... At least lower it to 2K like flagship phones... 396 pixels?? ... It was over 600

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                                • Shah G Mobiles
                                • XWk
                                • 16 May 2024

                                Outdated design, outdated fingerprint sensor, over price, sony is always sony 😏

                                  Good price :) ... thank you Sony :)

                                    Am I the only one seeing a phone that put a Samsung Galaxy costume...?!

                                      Things i like:
                                      SD card slot
                                      Top 3 best material quality used in phones
                                      3.5mm jack
                                      No B.S pure UI
                                      Top 5 battery life I've seen
                                      Smooth screen with no hole is always welcome
                                      USB type-c 3.2
                                      Side mounted fingerprint(i just like the position it's comfortable for me it might not be for everyone)
                                      Best design for a phone in 2024 at least

                                      Bad stuff:
                                      SD8gen3 is HOT af........... And this phone throttles like all other 8gen3 phones except ROG 8

                                      Camera processing ia too raw... Again.....the lens will work like an absolute miracle if you fiddle with the settings but for a quick picture the ui and process is still too raw and shallow(above average but this is a 1300$ or more)

                                      Availability and price are......... Yeah 💀

                                      Conclusion =idk....... If it didn't throttle i would say it's a solid buy for 4 years before my next purchase but i game a lot..... So not for me........ Actually.... None of 2024 phones are for me........ 8gen3 is hot garbage.... Thanks Samsung

                                        Why you all are telling like, the most possible high-end features in these days are to be packed in one so-called flagship phone from a well-known brand and you want that particular phone for like $500-800? Why are you complaining for the price? Pls make sense dudes :3.