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Sony Xperia 5 II

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[deleted post]Literally the perfect phone now with 120Hz screen and even 240Hz with Sony own motion blur reduction from the X1 II. The most critic on the X1 II is the lack of high refresh screen and unnecessary 4K resolution on tall 6.5 inches. Debatable camera. Price tag is not a problem. Knowing Sony Xperia history it will become dirty cheap after a few months. Know even with OS support till android 13. What can even beat this thing?

  • Anonymous

Have the same phone that the guy below me :D Lg G7+. I agree, LG killed thier phones and Im looking for something similar again

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My current phone is an LG G7 that I got because it checked all my boxes: relatively one-hand-able (since long and thin), had a headphone jack, wide-angle lens, and an SD card slot. Since LG killed the G-series, I've been looking for a new phone that checks these boxes, and this looks to be it! The Xperia 1 II was too pricy for my needs (plus I'm not a fan of 4k displays on phones -- kills battery without any real visible benefit), the 10 II is just a touch too light on memory and processor (but still on my list), whereas this is looking like a close-to-perfect middle ground for me as long as it's not crazy-expensive.

Looking forward to this!

  • ash

For all people complaining about the price:
Don't forget that Sony usually offers free high-end headphones as a gift if you preorder. Or you can simply wait for a year and buy it for 600 bucks on Black Friday discount.

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Would have preferred a bit more width and less height but otherwise this is almost perfect!
- no curved display ... I think
- headphone jack
- not too large
- good size battery
- 120 Hz display

Hopefully it has a nice matte finish and retains the notification led. 1080p+ display is fine as it should be cheaper than the 4K which is a bit overkill. Personally I don't care about 5G but unfortunately we're all gonna have to pay for the expensive SD865.

Fingers crossed on the price.

  • banana

Someguy20, 30 Aug 2020I reckon £700 in the UK, $700 in the US, and 65,000 rupees ... moreunlikely, the original xperia 5 was 699 so expect this one to be around 200 more, (with 5g and higher costs)
Xperia 1 899 >> xperia 1 ii 1099

Compact-is, great performance, Quick camera button, Headphone Jack, huge battery... All the checklist points were covered. I guess I will have to, finally (THANK YOU, SONY!) buy a new phone.

Now let's hope the price is not something enormous, and the color range is nice.

Make best true wireless headphone and earbud on the market and still keep the heaphone jack on both flagship and midrange phone. Sony finally listen to their fans. With 120Hz screen (better late than never) this will sell more X1 II imo

verden.kma, 31 Aug 2020Specs look gr8, but the biggest problem with all sony phone... moreHonestly Sony might be on a trend of ramping up their prices. But I'd definitely enjoy emptying out my wallet for a Sony than an iPhone.

I'm actually so happy that Sony is finally putting the headphone jack back on its flagship devices.

No OEM "accidentally" adds a headphone jack to their flagships, twice. This was clearly a conscious well-thought-out decision. Really proves that Sony actually listens to their customers.

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Might have given it a chance but it seems like I can't even get replacement batteries for the predecessors, therefore it's a waste of money if you want to keep it longer than 1.5 years.

Milo, 29 Aug 2020I have a sony experia ultra xa2 which I love and I purchase... moreTake advantage of "tax free" and plan your next trip to Europe/Japan/Taiwan/Hong Kong (price of X1II is 27% lower here than in the EU).
I am going to buy my X5II in Poland or Czechia, because these are closer to me.

Specs look gr8, but the biggest problem with all sony phones (price) is not yet confirmed to be addressed.
My hope: $800 ;)
My intuition: $1000 :/

Someguy20, 30 Aug 2020I reckon £700 in the UK, $700 in the US, and 65,000 rupees ... morewhat about the same price worldwide? :]

Give me WH-1000XM4 as an preorder and I will seriously consider this one :D
+ It would be another kick in the Xperia 1 II.

Ninad, 31 Aug 2020I don't tgunk that sony sells new phones in india any moreSony exits every market where it faces competition instead. They choose higher profits over better features, which doesn't work in India.
Samsung is the only big brand which has been able to come up with phones to complete with Chinese, others keep closing their business.

  • Ninad

Someguy20, 30 Aug 2020I reckon £700 in the UK, $700 in the US, and 65,000 rupees ... moreI don't tgunk that sony sells new phones in india any more

Ricky-Riyadh, 30 Aug 2020Nice phone 📱 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 my next sony!! I have sxz5!!! Buy 201... moreMine overheated easily.

Nice phone 📱 👍🏽👍🏽👍🏽 my next sony!!
I have sxz5!!! Buy 2016. Lol and it worx fine in 2020

Ravi, 30 Aug 2020What is price of this foneI reckon £700 in the UK, $700 in the US, and 65,000 rupees in India