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Sony Xperia go

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  • Anonymous

how to take screenshot while playing a video?I can't take it,when I shot,that pic gone black.

  • Anonymous

vergel, 14 Dec 2012On November 10 i bought this phone experia go but on dec. 1 the ... moreFast Burst shooting on Android's camera always save the pictures in the internal memory.

Even the speedy Galaxy S3 does this...

This is done to prevent problems with slow writing speeds on some microSD cards.

  • rifaiz

does it comes with secondary camera for capturing

  • lone

Why didn't support SD 14GB?

  • unknow

prakash, 16 Dec 2012How to possible video calling from Xperia go mobilewith the main camera

  • prakash

How to possible video calling from Xperia go mobile

  • REN

GUYZ how can i transfer my music files from phone memory to sd card?

  • gnn

Best freindly phn I can say. .this one realy shows why a Smartphone pepl want to have. .using since 2months. Nd fully satisfactory performance recieved. :-) . .1dissapointing point is loud speaker. . Otherwise 9out of 10.

  • AnonD-1038

Has anyone try it in the swimming pool for more than 1 hour ( the phone in the swimming pool for 1hour )

  • mrbusy

I strongly feel water/splash resistant device must be norm for smartphones. Please continue this line of xperia! I'd like to see xperia go with 2000mah battery, with slightly bigger screen (3.7 or 4.0inch)

  • siva

itz a
very nice.....

  • vergel

On November 10 i bought this phone experia go but on dec. 1 the phone was hang and i bring it to the after sales of this phone and i found out the 4 customer had the same problem the phone was hang... and the support team update it to android 4 the problem is i cant configure my Bluetooth to save all files into my micro SD card the camera... the fast burst camera are always save into phone memory... please help me to solve this problem....

  • jikkukiran

its realy good cllephone

  • AnonD-79407

yesh, 12 Dec 2012Is it good for night photo grapy in dark pictures coms clear????... moreas a photographer, i think it is bad..many noises..

  • yesh

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2012Very nice phone, very user friendly, great graphics, great camer... moreIs it good for night photo grapy in dark pictures coms clear???????? plz help.

  • ~flow~

SONY_new, 10 Dec 2012hmmm. the one that i get to review at the shop had a front-facin... moreits a fake!!!

  • leigh

pratap, 08 Dec 2012I am using this phone from 3 months. its a nice phone ever but i... moreu mean xperia go?

  • danial

Hello Guys,Who want ot update this phone to ICS but u dont know how.Go to then click sofware, then click "ur phone" then click "Check for update" (But u must Get Java) Then something come up click "allow",then conect ur USB to PC or Laptop.Wait and click "update",Then wait and plug off ur USB From PC or Laptop.Ur phone will Power Off Shutting down,Wait and ur phone will restart,wait and something come up from ur phone then scrolled down the "click it",Then click "Download",then clik "ready for install" Then click "install" and "install",then ur phone will power off shutting down,ur phone will restart and "DONE"

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Dec 2012hey..please give me geniune reply..!!! i v v v consufed which p... moreSola.

  • Anonymous

Very nice phone, very user friendly, great graphics, great camera, great sound quality. Not to happy with the loudspeakerand can't hear anything when placed on its back, earphones don't fit my small ears and even with my great 'Kicker' in-ears it doesn't reach great volume. My biggest concern is the repair its in for. Had the phone a month, fell once and cracked the screen. I'm very dissapointed, was a big sony fan, but its just not coming close to what it was. Should have saved up and got the iphone. P.S. There is NO front camera. Wish I chould get a new W995, THAT was the best phone all-rounder ever! Not to put anyone off. It's a good phone, very close to iphone operation, but with half of the benefits. Sorry, I'm just one of those guys who likes performance in all areas.