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  • Anonymous

Dk, 02 Apr 2016Update for my solution. I just got to south korea My phone... moreGood evening dk,can u help me about your solition on Xperia m5 that always shutting down and it will open only when i connect it to charger.even when the battery is not low it always ahutting down. Thank you very much.

  • Crazy Buyer:-X

Just listening to only problems and not any good this company of any use or just manufacturing defective products??......plz reply and suggest some good devices ...

  • Shian

I've had the auto shutdown problem thinking it was a software problem. Brought it back to the service center under warranty. They changed the battery to a higher capacity. The problem turned out to be the battery. It was under capacity, therefore,the auto shutdown. My unit is now doing well. The first batches of M5 had this defective batteries

  • AnonD-523065

Hey guys ... Just wanted to find out from the users of this phone if they experience any sort of lag or slowdowns, either while gaming or casual usage like internet browsing.... Am planning to buy this phone but since I'm a heavy gamer, just wanted to find out about any lag issues .... Thanks 😃✌

  • Anonymous

CARMZ, 05 Apr 2016When playing music on my new xperia m5 I can bearly hear, extrem... moreenter the engineering mode (* # * # 3646633 # * # * ) choose Audio under the Hardware Testing tab. In the headset mode menu you can increase the maximum volume.

  • march025

Siva, 05 Apr 2016Hi Can you let me know the version of the software that has fixe... morehi can u kindly inform us the software version needed to update to solve the auto shutdown issue.
im currently experiencing the auto shutdown problem.


  • Just asking

Z3 or M5?


When playing music on my new xperia m5 I can bearly hear, extremely soft. Is there something I need to do?

  • Mosh

I recently bought Sony M5. 5 days now and I never had issues. I am loving it. the only problem is the battery drain

  • Siva

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2016all those who are still complaining are those who havent updated... moreHi Can you let me know the version of the software that has fixed this auto shutdown bug for you. ??? I'm also suffering the same problem. I repaired the phone using the PC companion. but it still shuts down automatically. Please help me out on this.

  • Manickam

Hi I have sony M5. Now phone is switched off automatically. What I do??, battery full..

  • Anonymous

Hey DK!

Thanks for the solution. Greater alternative than deactivating lte or 3g and use gsm just to avoid shut down.. Thanks man!! Hey do you think marshmallow will fix the issue?

  • Anonymous

Ron, 31 Mar 2016Sony M5 Dual has below 2 issues : 1: Automatically shuts down a... moreYes auto shut.down is a bug. But the 2nd issue about notification is not. Wifi is still there when you lock the screen bit notification will be blocked to save up battery. When you turned on stamina mode it ia activated but you can turn it off manually in settings. So Even if you lock the screen you can stillreceive notification. Try to read the manual before you post

  • jfe022686

Dk, 02 Apr 2016Update for my solution. I just got to south korea My phone... moreHi, Dk.

Thanks for your solution. Just followed it and so far never encountered auto shut down. Still im monitoring my device. Cheers!

  • Badluck buyer

Sunny, 29 Mar 2016I want to buy this phone please suggests me Do not buy it.. Too many problems.. Shut down by itself. Service center cannot help.. Waste of money

  • Dk

Update for my solution.

I just got to south korea

My phone turned off

This time was because of 4g lte.

Those who have shutting down problem on lte, follow my instructions and

Tick off lte band 8 aswell.

Cheers. Dk

  • kyLe

Dear User,

I just want to ask if the otg usb of this M5 is working or not working?

  • AnonD-508394

After update no more auto shutdown issu

  • Budj

Xperia m5 is a very nice phone, you'll get everything you need.I got disappointed 3 times at first, I received 2 defective phones which has a version 1 battery which is causing the auto-shutdown at places where LTE and 3G signal is low. It won't start unless you connect it with a charger/ powerbank. Most M5 units have this problem, don't replace it unless there is a green circular sticker on the box, it means the phone has a version 3 battery which will not trigger the auto-shutdown. In my case I went to Sony Centre and changed my battery to version 3 at no cost, now it works perfectly

  • Anonymous

avi, 30 Mar 2016Please suggest me should i buy sony xperia m5 ??No camera problem background blur not good camera back feont was good