Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • AnonD-48309

i guess it will b near 15k

  • Vijay

I want to know that this phone is without FM

  • Anonymous

another good stuff mid range device. i really wish Sony develops a blackberry looking device, best if mid range. i like hardware qwerty android but not a fan of slider qwerty keyboard.

  • john

Xperia Neo L is good but my Xperia Neo is far better with its biult-in radio and higher 8mp camera. Other specs are the same except for the bigger display (4 inches) but lower pixel density.

  • sandi anak keren

the phone is not coming yet, how come u can tell that this phone is bad?? it would be better to waiting until the thing show her shape to us....and if the price is right this sony will hit the market...

  • wawah.makcik

this phone has a MT25i code name, it means this phone would ship for international market. If it ship only for china, the code name should only MT25c, or MT25a for american market only.
It's a good phone for middle market, I hope it will ship in Indonesia with IDR. 2500000 (US$ 260)

  • AnonD-17682

For chinese market only?
I want a sony phone, cheaper than xperia u(around $300).
Neo l suits my budget but not intenational.

  • pekpek

is it made in japan?

  • Sawon

which phone is cheaper?

  • K1

The front panel look great, but have ruined the rear panel. When compared to Neo V

Also should have packed more RAM !

  • Harsha

features resemble Xperia Ray to the most extent

  • AnonD-14560

512MB RAM in these days and age is horrible. Mine freeze a lot because of that. And 512MB RAM means no good experience for Flash video site which is actually still a lot.

In short, don't buy it if you don't want to regret later.

  • Λο

This is not a true Sony model.... Sony has a "same" design for all models, as you see in the upcoming models minimal design is everywhere but not in this model!!!Also Sony uses dual core for 3.5 inch and above... In my opinion this was a Sony Ericsson model that never get out of the company and from the prototype "box".

  • AnonD-1051

Anonymous, 23 Mar 2012dont buy poor display and slow galay and lg best in android// Now this might win you the 'joke of the year' award..... Work harder now start saying g'five is the best android company....

  • mikegame94

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2012the front looks like the Xperia PlayI think the same, it's like a Xperia Play without the game controler

  • nano

Best phone.... W8ing for it

  • Anonymous

dont buy poor display and slow galay and lg best in android//

  • sony ericsson Neo V

Toatally waste Neo V is better than this Neo L....only 4inch screen ......No hdmi port no 3d panorama sweep etc

  • Anonymous

the front looks like the Xperia Play

  • skipy

Anonymous, 22 Mar 2012Sony brand in front, with SE logo at the backsony bought the shares of ericsson so they have the rights to use the sony ericsson other words they own that logo