Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • arcil

If you have charging problem,its not the motherboard problem. It because of the charging port. I've learned that this phone a bit sensitive when you unplugged the charger. So just unplugged straight away. Dont bending its charging wire..

  • AnonD-365967

D, 12 Jan 2015I bought this mobile 2 years back when it was recently launched.... moreThe same thing happened to me...i thought the battery needed replacement and got a new one-today.still not charging.I own Xperia L,and its almost been 2 years. Is the motherboard replacement the only explanation for this ? what did you do? did you go for it? what about all the data,especially the whatsapp messages,were you able to restore them ?

  • Maina

Not really a good phone. Almost 3 years to complete, changed the display for the touch issue, but still the same...Alltogether, very average phone! :|

  • mufi

complaint of touch& display changed 3 times,very poor perfomance,stuck instsnly,worst phone i ever had,

  • D

I bought this mobile 2 years back when it was recently launched. For some time the mobile was not charging completely despite of being charged the whole night. The maximum battery charged was 80%. Then gradually it was not charging over 20-30%. Now it has turned off and not charging at all. I took it to the service centre located in Gurgaon. They informed me that the motherboard will need to be replaced and it will cost Rs.9900/-. Needless to mention, at this an amount I can buy a new instrument. It was not a very pleasant experience buying this phone. Can not recommend.

  • sugan

very worst cant install many apps and software because of its internal memory this is the main drawback of this phone

  • Anonymous

very good.

  • Anonymous

Avi, 08 Jan 2015my phone is verry swolo ..plese give me some tips.. cwm 10 from xda site
cwm 11 still has some bugs

  • Avi

my phone is verry swolo ..plese give me some tips..

  • neo l user

using custom rom cm10 this phone internal memory up to 610mb, ram 370mb. Awesome phone.

  • AnonD-346111

after 1 years i have problem with BBM apps, i mean sometime it cannot operate. for begin i thought it because of the signal, and that's wrong! it's because of the phone...!!!
OMG How come...???

  • Mohanraj

This phone problem in one year after
1.many apps install to shotdown in phone not shutdown. work not connect .one time shutdown to connect.
3.key pad backbutton not work.

  • Mils

Good phone.. have been using it for 24 months now.. camera is decent... apps run well.. lately the phone has started lagging a bit... but no major issues... good deal..

  • amol

Worst smart phone ever used by me! Speaker cracked in 3 months after it replaced ... again got cracked in 5-6 months....after 13-14 months of usage...more and more problems charger and all started...service center estimated Rs 9700 for the repairs....

  • Chip

good phone thought.. high quality camera and it run app smoothly eventhought maybe sometime it a bit laggy..

  • Ammu

utter worst phone... after completing one year touch complaint occurs...

  • sankar

calling facilities are not is a worst phone...

  • raam

there is no zoom option :(

  • achus

it is a useless phone. i used the phone less than 1 yr suddenly it was too slow and touch complaint..

  • AnonD-326394

i used it for 1.5 years and suddenly its dead. Sony service station is similer to any other. simply worst. Pros: design is cool. user frindly
Cons:No radio. average camera. .
but costly compared to its RAM and internal memory. Go for new phones guys. Its too old to try.