Sony Xperia neo L

Sony Xperia neo L

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  • Anonymous

Pllzz plzzz dun buy thiz phone alwayz have a prob of insufficient storage available...huhhh

  • reaper

VIJ, 03 Jan 2014i am disappointed after purchasing, it is very slow Phone, ... morei think its better than u use xperia x8/w8,,its more slower than this phone

  • satish

how to upgrade ics to jelly bean

  • AnonD-225279

i flashed it to CM10 . it worked better than stock rom but bravia engin and xloud didn't work and wifi had some problems? is there any unofficial ROM that supports Bravia and Xloud?

  • AnonD-225279

everything is good about this phone expect it performance because of 512MB Ram. i feel it when i turn on wifi and viber starts.

  • sanjeewa

how to remove the phone from PC safty

  • AnonD-44899

flash it via flashtool and u will back to life

  • Vilas

AnonD-201337, 30 Oct 2013When Sony want to release Jelly Bean for this phone............Bad software when you are going to update android software to jelly bean 4.2.2 or 4.1

  • sudheer

phone is getting strucked frequently.default apps occupies more space(can not be deleted). it is not a worthy phone at this cost.better not to go for this.

  • Anonymous

My phone is not working only Sony logo appear in the screen what are going to do?

  • AnonD-221355

AnonD-78995, 03 Nov 2013never go for sony smartphone.. my xperia neo l touch dead ... moreme too had same problm,and i got it 4 18,500 as your's friends.
at present am facing black screen always on my starup,its not showing SONY LOGO and never switch on.
warranty period also completed .
wht to do......?
any suggestion pls...

  • gaurav

this is the worst phne I hve seen in my entire lyf..this mobile ruines my android xperiencee..dnt buy this phone frndss..completely waste of.moneyyy

  • VIJ

i am disappointed after purchasing, it is very slow Phone, even it takes 1 to 2 minutes to open messaging or contacts. horrible experience, please don't purchase this model

  • finto

it's touch not working, no battery backup I really hated

  • AnonD-220441

ajak, 28 Dec 2013Hello it,s there whatsapp application on this phone?yes, i've been using it for a while now..

  • zspiter

if u root your phone and flash a custom kernel and a custom rom you can play :
Backstab HD
Dead Trigger 2
Gta Vice City
Gangster Rio
Modern Combat 3
Modern Combat 4
Currently I'm using NXT NeoL kernel & Xperia Z1 Honami Rom
all in
choose your phone as Sony Xperia Neo or Sony Xperia Play and become an Android hacker , hack your phone and use the most performance !
with NXT NeoL kernel u can have 2.0 GHz Cpu clock at most .

  • ajak

Hello it,s there whatsapp application on this phone?

  • sam

very good set advise all for buy this phone


I bought the sony xperia with good heart, But it make me regret. Why? because
1) I can't download videos.
2) I can't save browes files.
3) The yahoo, twitter, facebook, came with very low memory.
4) The skybub internet has no memory for browing.

  • bahar phone work very slow&it`s not work fast&i can`t move my program phon on sd card