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  • zer0x

hope compact will be half the price xD

Sony lost their mind again if this phone is for 2021. This is just to heavy, thick and to long for 6.5 inch. That 4000 mah battery is a joke for android and that screen resolution. And that price is crazy..more than 550 euro is not worth it.


SONY Smartphone is never learn, they make just a good phone with really high price but outdated specs, when you put the name 'pro' you should give your customer the latest tech on it, so the customer will be happy to use ... be Smart SONY dont always waste your money to pursue a little benefit ... learn from Chinese Company like Xiaomi or Realme or at least from Samsung

  • DanielSmithy

2000 euros ?! it will never sell, everyone will buy Samsung or iPhone for a max 1500 euros, Sony is simply too expensive, even more than Apple, who is really going to buy their devices?! I don't understand Sony, but I do understand Apple or Samsung but not Sony who is actually using the same design for over a decade.

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Sony is the only manufacturer who makes practical phones. ... moreWith impractical marketing and selling price ,no reason why zero percent share in global market

I would love this design for an "normal" phone.

vickyboy786, 27 Jan 2021After so much wait sony still stuck with 60hz refresh rate.... more....Yea...the camera with all the features via micro HDMI is precisely why this is targeted for professionals. At least it has a headphone jack, expanded memory, and arguably the best heat sink.

Not for commoners like us dude. I wish you guys would read the comments or look up reviews before crapping on this thing.

  • Roy

Nope.. old snapdragon..

  • Anonymous

2050 € it's basically free

  • OppaiHunter69

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Since when did niche were labeled expensive? Tesla came ... moreLol you comparing two different things here. Yeah sure...

After so much wait sony still stuck with 60hz refresh rate. And yet they say its a pro model with 4000 mah battery. why their design team is cut off from market and user demand these days?this phone is all about camera with no other charming feature.

Anonymous, 27 Jan 2021Since when did niche were labeled expensive? Tesla came ... moreWell, how about Pagani, Bugatti, Zenvo, Apollo, and some car manufactures that produced niche sports car sells exorbitant price, above >1 million USD and still able have the audience that wants their cars, despite Tesla or more "inclusive" sports car manufacturers able to that far cheaper? Because their audience wants something that you can get on those companies that Tesla doesn't have it at all, despite only a few people could afford. Do you think those manufacturers gonna make those niche cars, respectively from Huayra BC / Tricolore, Centodieci, TS1, Intenza Emozione at the price of Tesla Roadster 2021 or Porsche 911 Turbo S? No! It's not a win-win solution for those two. And do you think normal consumers who bought Silverado/CRV/Ford F-Series gonna buy those hypercars? A fat chance. Same for Ceramic, or another Exclusive and Luxuries Industries. (Even Ford GT 2017 and Mid-engine Corvette C8 was up for a debate who's better, despite targeting different people)

This thing could be the same for Xperia PRO 5G. Sony knows its audience, target markets for this type of product, and its characteristics. It's for broadcasters, professional camera users, content-creators, not normal consumers like you! As Mr.Mobile said in his channel, the cost of Xperia Pro acts as a substitute for the external monitor, modem, and encoder, and you get a 5G-enabled phone inside. 4-in-1 package. And considering they also have cameras that cost a lot, says, Sony A7s III or A9, this is considered "a bargain" for the audiences I mentioned earlier. Plus, their salaries are higher due to its nature, so buying Xperia Pro could be considered a "few bucks of their salaries", as well, only a few phones could do this. Do you think you can replicate this on Samsung Galaxies or iPhones? At least this a proper "Pro" phone, unlike some so-called "Pro" phone who removed features.

  • Tech Guy

It is overpriced. Sony needs a unique factor to sell this smartphone because Samsung S21 and IPhone 12 are reasonably priced in 1000 euros and offer more options and better things than this sony phone. Or the camera should be world class and better than iphone and samsung and huawei

AnonD-973296, 27 Jan 2021that's like saying a jeep has big off road tyres and o... moreNot really, cause I don’t say people can’t use it if they disagree with the price and specs, this phone is made for a specific group of people who’s professional needs match the phone’s offerings. Other people who just like this phone can buy it too and use it.

TheGoldenMellifluous, 26 Jan 2021Dude, this phone from the first place was NEVER meant for m... moreYes I know, but it still a insane ridiculous price tag.

  • mroww

but do you really need this?., or anyone else out there

Battery too small for the price but the spec are good a little 🧐

  • Sahil

76% screen to body ratio in 2021?

  • jusknittin

I can understand why Sony is trying a different direction with this. I was also surprised with the price but I also know nothing about the value of the phone ability and usability especially when the targeted customers are not a mere regular like me. I do know a bit about networking and recently I discovered that some mid-ranger phone can detect and connect to 5Ghz band but even so it's still useless. I'm not sure if this is standard throughout (I guess it is) but 2.5Ghz band can support up to 450 Mbps (some can go to 600 Mbps) and 5Ghz can support up to 1300 Mbps. Not all wireless hardware can detect and connect to 5Ghz but I'm using Huawei Nova 4 and it has the ability to do so. However, reiterating what I said earlier, it's still useless for me to connect to 5Ghz band because the phone wireless hardware can only support up to 150Mbps. That's even less than 2.4Ghz max speed so there's no point in connecting to 5Ghz (also 2.4Ghz range is much greater than 5Ghz).

This phone isn't for the average consumer, it's an actual professionals phone that can replace Red camera displays