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Anonymous, 26 Oct 2021This phone aint focusing on being a selfie camera rather it... moreWith that price tag i want better front cam, as a consumer i demand better value + better hardware too, you're comment kinda sound like a blinded fanboy who always try to pretend and backup the brand, so for me your comment absolutely have no sense at all, thanks

  • techgaming10

this device is truly for professionals or anyone has lots of money XD

  • Anonymous

"The highlight of the Sony Xperia Pro-I is the 1"-Type sensor used for the main camera. It is the same sensor behind the Sony RX100 camera - a 20.1MP 1" Exmor RS BSI CMOS with 2.4µm pitch. You've probably caught the resolution discrepancy - a 20MP sensor shooting 12MP photos. That is because Sony is not utilizing the entire sensor, but just its 12MP center.
While Sony is technically correct by saying it is using a 1"-Type sensor inside the phone, the sensor area that is effectively used is smaller - even if the pixel pitch remains at 2.4µm like on a 1" sensor.
After running some calculations of our own, we're fairly convinced the effectively used sensor area is equivalent to a 1/1.33" sensor or in the thereabouts. And while impressive, it's not unheard of, and it's definitely not the largest in the smartphone industry"

M - Marketing 😂

take 1-inch 20mp sensor from pocket camera, install in a smartphone, use only 12mp center of that sensor coz in apple/sony phones u dont need more than 12mp photos
smartphone cost = 1800 euros

  • 01

For all the good Sony has done not copying other android manufacturers, they could at least copy the idea of making a affordable flagship. Also make their smartphones available worldwide. But I guess that's not going to happen. Sadly.

  • Anonymous

Jimbob, 30 Oct 2021Drop the 4K, bring the screen down to 6", reduce RAM t... moreSony hasn't done anything to reduce the prices of their flagships in three years, do I don't think they Will do anything at this point. Which is really sad because Sony is the only manufacturer making phones I actually want to buy.

Jimbob, 30 Oct 2021Drop the 4K, bring the screen down to 6", reduce RAM t... morethis device clearly isnt for you, so move on.

  • Anonymous

Pay 2000 dollars for a brick.

Jimbob, 30 Oct 2021Drop the 4K, bring the screen down to 6", reduce RAM t... moreBuy an old Sony phone ... Problem solved .

  • Jimbob

Drop the 4K, bring the screen down to 6", reduce RAM to 8GB & add 128GB storage option... do something to get the price down Sony.

  • 250Ikhwan250

AnonD-930503, 29 Oct 2021You mustn't charge the mobile phones only with dxomark... moreYes.Is iPhone 13 Pro max good.someone please answer my question.

  • 250Ikhwan250

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro was the best cameraphone with 27MP de... moreI miss the Xiaomi back then compared to now. Btw is the Samsung A12 any good?.

  • 250Ikhwan250

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021Xiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro was the best cameraphone with 27MP de... morewhat about Oppo Find X3 Pro and iPhone 13 Pro Max

  • Alpha

When it comes out ill buy one..

Is UFS 3.X is Sony Custom Version UFS 3.1 ?

Zenevo, 29 Oct 2021Only rich kids use nowadays Sony phones for their online classes.I can see why you might think this to be true on the surface. There are a lot of young "shooters" going around their cities with the latest Sony Rebel series and that used to really scratch my sensor. I'd be thinking "damn these kids with a £3k/€3.2k/$3.6k camera, gotta be rich".

Well, maybe with a camera but who knows and we can't know everyone's situation. When it comes to mobile phones/cell phones/smart phones (call 'em what you want), I would say this is less true. I'm far from rich in terms of pure fiat/money. A lot of places allow you to have a device on contract (I'd love this for camera's speaking as a photographer) so the "unreachable" is a little more reachable nowadays.

I appreciate that I'm likely very privileged to live in a country that can offer these kind of deals and even sometimes obtaining some fairly high value "free" gifts. Which also can mean (if savvy), selling the free gift and using a chunk of that money to pay for a bunch of your monthly contract. Also I'm very lucky that carriers/operators in my country sometimes offer to pay up the rest of a contract if I upgrade early (which is nice).

It's all to easy to use throwaway comments like "only rich kids will have these" but I certainly (relative to my country/status/etc) have not and never will be one of those. I understand the frustration though because this kind of comment was me around 10yrs ago. The aim is to adjust your focus (no pun), not on to those "rich kids" but to yourself and think about how much you may want something. If it takes you longer to get there, it doesn't matter. Because most of the time, no one else is looking...they're all trying to figure out this world as well.

I hope you get to wherever it is you want to be. I'll stop preaching now :)

  • WhenNokia3310

SuuperBaka, 28 Oct 2021What an excellent comment, I respect the time and effort yo... moreHey Suuper,

Yeah I was aware of that. My comment was regarding someone who posted about using a dual sim when abroad. Meaning they'd have to sacrifice either a sim or not take an SD. This is a fairly niche scenario. For example I have friends who live in Turkey and the UK so need dual sim (basically, hardly any UK sim carriers cover data etc whilst in Turkey, meaning you've got to have a Turkish operator (or face huge charges) ran sim too).

I think what they meant was, they either couldn't have the SD card in because they'd need two sims orrr...they'd have to put their "foreign" sim in along with SD card.

Do you see what I mean? I totally get that you can have one sim and one SD but not two sim and one SD in the device :)

It would be cool if a top end flagship did that though. Although Sony seem to be one of the only brands now that continue to have memory expansion included, which is nice any way :)

  • WhenNokia3310

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021And let's not forget those "108 MP" phone ca... moreAbsolutely and then this only really matters if (as mentioned) you will be printing huge sized posters for a company at larger than something like A0.

General human on the street will never be doing this. I might and I'm a photographer but in all honesty, I have film cameras I'll use when printing bigger (35mm film sensor, always bigger than most DSLR/Mirrorless out there). Although it's likely I will never need to print larger than A2.

  • WhenNokia3310

Pitchwisse, 28 Oct 2021This is one of the best opinions I have read on the entire ... moreYou're welcome!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021 moreyou really comparing these two? have you ever tried a high end Sony phone in hand? I get it's expensive, but wow you really compared these two.

  • Anonymous

rizki1, 29 Oct 2021you want best camera in smartphones? go mi 11 ultra for HAL... moreXiaomi Mi Note 10 Pro was the best cameraphone with 27MP default output by 1/1.33" sensor. Mi 11 Ultra doesn't stand close to it by photo quality/details.