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Sony Xperia Pro-I

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  • atb

It looks like very good phone with a very promising camera and it is cheaper then Xperia Pro and it is more complete looks like Sony has done a good job with the Xperia Pro-I i will have a closer looks at it when it is in store .

Well, already know this place of forum discussion gonna be volatile as long the topic is either Sony, Xperia, or anything related, either stove level or wildfire level hihi
Anyways, while Xperia PRO-I did check a lot of things in a flagship that's very complete for 2021 standard and first impressions with it are great, hopefully, the successor of it able to fix, improve, and introduce even something new in the PRO lineup that may still need patches from PRO-I currently from what I gather and observe. In the meantime, I'll wait for the PRO-I final form in December.

  • AnonD-930503

I believe this phone must be beast camera quality
If dxomark gives not so great points don't just take about points, please go read details
For instance, iPhone 13 pro got the highest points for VIDEO, but got low point from zoom
Thus, don't judge because of points, please go make search about photo and video quality

  • Anonymous

Hero Shakil Khan, 29 Oct 2021$1800 too much..... if SONY sell this phone around $1000 .... moreYou want this phone for price of iphone pro?
LOL .....

  • AnonD-930503

rizki1, 29 Oct 2021you want best camera in smartphones? go mi 11 ultra for HAL... moreYou mustn't charge the mobile phones only with dxomark, likewise you I trusted dxomark before
But when Apple come up with a brand new IPhone , after that dxomark gave to IPhone not excellent grade! Thus I looked deeply why they did such thing
Do you know why IPhone 13 pro didn't take among the highest points?
It was not because of Video quality
Even it wasn't about quality
It was purely zoom quality... Does anybody care about zoom? Do you use zoom?
So if you want really nice phone with good camera, go read about dxomark's tests, then you will realize it's not all about photo and video
Points get from zoom camera I don't how fair is it

$1800 too much..... if SONY sell this phone around $1000 ... i hope PRO_i will be win best selling Mobile Phone award

you want best camera in smartphones? go mi 11 ultra for HALF this sony price, best camera phones by gsmarena and No 2 in dxomark. the rest $800 think again what do you can buy? PS5? PC? real DSRL camera? gaming laptops?

Wow this is a legit flagship from Sony right here

  • Anonymous

This is just a 1iii with a bigger main sensor, worse telephoto and different casing. For much more money this phone makes no sense

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2021It's Hybrid Slot.A hybrid sim can take either a SIM or an SD, but the phone is a dual hybrid SIM. It's got one for a SIM and the other for an SD, just like the Xperia 1 Dual SIM

  • Zenevo

Only rich kids use nowadays Sony phones for their online classes.

  • Anonymous

qasar80, 29 Oct 2021Is it just me or Sony is becoming the most expensive brand?... moreIf your referring to this model then this is a special case phone targeted mainly for content creators or professionals in video/photo market.
On the otherhand their Xperia 1 III is same/closely priced with Samsung flagship but offers much more like 3.5m jack, expandable storage, notification led, etc.

Is it just me or Sony is becoming the most expensive brand? Quality is above any doubt but the prices have just gone crazy. My Xperia XZ2 is still performing without a glitch and I'd like an upgrade from Sony of course but these prices are forbidding and now we have a crisis in raw material looming to add to it.

Anonymous, 28 Oct 2021Still usb 2.0 for phone over 1000 euros? LOL. Chargin... moreWhat are you talking about man are you from this era ? USB type C ,,, Mongol

BR Noob, 29 Oct 2021But they are not that hyped and popular like this. Most of ... moreWell to be fair, the current state of profit for Sony Phone division is in big part due to the popularity of recent devices... I would say from the Xperia 1 II, 5 II and so on...

So I wouldn't disregard them even though they aren't widely available.

I went WAY out of my way to get one lol... but I see your point. I was actually considering the ROG phone line before upgrading to the X5II, in part for this very reason.

DQ, 28 Oct 2021What do you mean "finally" Sony has been outing t... moreBut they are not that hyped and popular like this. Most of them didn't able to make a hype like this. So I excluded them also excluded some gaming phones. Sorry I didn't mention that in my comment.

  • shino03

WhenNokia3310, 28 Oct 2021Back on the topic of the recently announced Pro-I... On ... moreI like your honest perspective about the Pro-I especially the waving d*ck comparison seriously.

  • Anonymous

SuuperBaka, 28 Oct 2021What an excellent comment, I respect the time and effort yo... moreIt's Hybrid Slot.

BR Noob, 27 Oct 2021Finally, finally a phone with chins with no cutouts. Missed... moreWhat do you mean "finally" Sony has been outing these unobstructed devices for years now...
Xperia 1, 5, 10, 1II, 5II, 10II, 1III, 5III, 10III, Pro
Without mentioning previous devices that had tob and bottom bezels but no interruptions.