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  • sai

my sony xperia t3 mobile not supporting to the 4G sim but in the network technology specification(internet) it is showng LTE option .please let me know whether is it supporting the LTE or not?.if it supports how shoud i access

  • Ajyptl23

Very bad services vest of money.

  • brosvickosa

I have been using Sony product for morethan a year now nd the phone is working fine

but I just bought the Xperia T3 I wanted to know how fast it is to use

  • Anonymous

I have had the phone for about a year. At first it was great but the 8GB of memory isn't enough and only about half of it is available to the user. On top of that phone would get really hot when taking pictures using it's AR Effects app. (It's an app that allows you to add special effects to anything your camera is looking at. After about 5 mins of using it, the camera would shut off from the phone being too hot. The phone also stopped recognizing my SIM card but I'm not sure if this was a problem of the phone or the SIM card being 2.5 years old.

If you're a person who tends to drop your phone a lot, I would definitely recommend a case for this phone. After the aforementioned problems, I dropped it a few times and the controls along the sides of the phone fell off and now I have to turn the screen on and off with a pen.

It plays videos and does phone calls wondrously and works in the US and in Europe.

  • Black

WoW! You guys are... wow
So you buy a phone for about 280-300$ and you want it to be waterproof, ultra 16K front and rear camera, 16gb of ram and to be cold as ice. What is wrong with you? I have this phone for over a year and half, it works great, yes it gets hot while charging, but that's normal! I use instagram, snapchat, fb, messenger, what up, few games, and it works normal. Sometimes it's crash app or two, but that is normal! If you want to buy a phone for 200$ and if you want it to work....well you should just... and stop waisting air.

  • Minesh Patel

I bought experia t3 at 19990/- Rs. One n half year ago.but it constantly shut down due to PCB problem. Repairing cost is so much, so I throw mobile in dust bin. So don't buy Sony mobile. I think company doesn't concentrate on mobile quality and customers problem. I bought new mobile in repairing cost.

  • Guru

mina, 16 Sep 2016tooooooooooo bad phon after 8manthes too hot & too slow... moreBro use purify app to run fast ur t3 phones its good app

  • Izah

The power button sucks. Last day, my phone was running out of charge (power off automatically) then when i tried to switch it on, it does not work plus while it's charging , its hot


how long will you take to give an update for t3 , if you can not then please notify. i'm getting annoyed.......

  • Anonymous

ajay, 12 Sep 2016this sony t3 mobile is supported jio 4g PLEASE TELL MENo bro

  • AnonD-594289

Guess who won't be buying as Sony phone next year

  • AnonD-594289

Apps Open randomly. When trying to Close apps, they don't appear. Have to try over and over to get list of open Apps.

The Audio in a VIDEO is pathetic. Bad. UN-fidelity. No way to lower the audio Gain for Video Recording, this would help. Or a "Limiter"
The Video Quality recording is amazing.

Down Volume button stopped working after a few weeks. SOL

Picture taking is Hit & Miss.

Some of the Apps that came with the phone where constantly Extorting to Upgrade to Paid / Premium version.

You would think a SONY phone would be quality everything. I was wrong.

  • AnonD-594271

I Know that many peoples say many things about sony phone but I know that sony makes best phone in terms of quality and features. But only problem is that Sony team does not update their device serially. I am using Xperia T3 but there is no update for my device but low price Xperia e4 G getting its update is this thing from sony team is right???

  • makis1969 Greece

Worst Xperia ever. After 5 months earphone jack went off. Repaired by SONY for free but they left me without phone for about 20 days. After 10 months of minimal use battery died and I had to pay 35 euros to SONY for replacement. This time I had no phone for 45 days!
Too little RAM (only 1 GB) too slow processor. This phone is a fraud. Stay away!

  • AnonD-591828

Worst phone i've ever had.. often crash at wave logo when I turned on the phone. So i did software repair using Xperia Companion App, it works but again, it crashed again. Now this the 4th time I am repairing the phone. :''(((((

  • mina

tooooooooooo bad phon after 8manthes too hot & too slow tooooo bad

  • ---

Had phone for 1 year.
Cons: got very hot while charging, would always close apps mid-use, operated slowly on many app operations such as camera.
Pros: large screen, easy to type, customizable, cool camera feature involving dinosaurs
Overall, I probably wouldn't recommend this phone, I have tried other Sony phones which are very good phones just this once was a miss.

  • Anonymous

worst phone ever ... only lasted for a year then there is tons of problem with this phone ..

  • ajay

this sony t3 mobile is supported jio 4g


  • Sam

It's best phone
Good performance snapdragon processor
Camera quality is best, frontcamera is 1mp but it gives best quality pictures
Battery life is good and display is very good but earphones are not louder
Even overall performance are best
But it's not waterproof