Sony Xperia T3

Sony Xperia T3

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  • fundoh

best phone ever, trust me its worthy using...the battery is so owesome and many apps operates in fast and exerting way

  • Soni

Had Sony experia T3. Battery gone bad in almost 2 years. which is not available and company's authorised service centre informed battery not available and leave the phone with them for 13 days and collect a refurbished another model phone after that. which means I remain without phone for 13 to 20 days and end up using a refurbished phone that too by paying additional amount. Company's customer service executives also confirm the same.

Shame on the company
Will never buy Sony experia again and also advise every one to do so.

  • Anonymous

It was the worst phone I ever had and it used to get hot while charging

  • AnonD-575079

I had a Xperia V for 1 year it went faulty i took for repairs then it got stolen in a highjacking of the Vodacom vehicles. They replaced my phone with T3 which also just lasted 14 months then froze on my birthday and couldn't be fixed. Not keen to chose another Sony in its place

  • Anonymous

Oknerd, 21 Jun 2016I'have same issue with xperiat3 Error after reset setting ... moreI dont understud. Is that 4G saported

  • Haga

Does not feel good to use

  • Nickname

Worst phone I ever had, nothing works fine. Very slow after some time (just few apps installed, cleaning memory and cache from time to time). Camera is just bad even when taking photos in sunlight. Apps crushing from time to time. Data transfer wont work sometimes after turning it on and than I have to reboot phone. Sometimes it wont connect to wirelles router for several minutes. Only good about the phone is battery. If you have all options (data, wlan, gps...) turned off and brightness set to min , it can last 12 days with light use.

  • Sony xperia t3

I like it

  • sachin

When u willl givee upgrade to t3

  • machete

My T3 just went off after showing whatsapp error, how can I fix it?

  • Anonymous

wezzy, 11 Jul 2016I gave a problem my t3 does not switched on pls assistRemove your Battery leaf and insert after one min

  • Nohface

At 6-7 Months this phone began crashing regularly. Because it was within a year, my cell company sent it away to get fixed for free.

They failed to tell me why it was crashing but claimed they fixed it. Most games will either not run or crash/cause the whole phone to crash.

This was a terrible phone and I can't wait to replace it.

  • Anonymous

Rio, 18 May 2016Bad Phone... Slow respons, Lag every time, hot battery whe... moreIt is a very good phone with descent camera, good performance.I recommend people to buy this phone.

  • sanju

how to show aa punjabi in sony t3
plz reply fast its urgent

  • cleopatra

Sony T3 was the worst "smartphone" I ever bought, I hardly used it for 10 months and it just switch off and never lit again, the worst part is, it never fell or anything like that. tried fixing it but no luck. I wouldn't recommend anyone to buy it.

  • irakli

not upgrade android!!!!

  • wezzy

wasim, 06 Jul 2016hi friends.. i am using Xperia T3 is good but from last few... moreI gave a problem my t3 does not switched on pls assist

  • Jatin

Heating Issue With Sony Xperia T3. Everything Is Working Properly And Very Good .

  • wasim

hi friends.. i am using Xperia T3 is good but from last few days is not working properly it is not switching on. please suggest me good opinion.

  • Prateek

Anonymous, 22 Jun 2016I am using it ffrom 1 and half momth and i still didn't get... moreDude, bcz it's not planned to upgradable even with Lollipop