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Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra

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  • Gonnadoo
  • LaM
  • 07 Dec 2020

Bought this fone in 2017, wished I hadn’t !! Within the first week I realised the camera was really poor, fotos turned out with blurred edges on the left of the foto, oversaturated colors, and lots of noise. I read the reviews and they were wrong, I used to take photos with my old Nokia and compare sided by side with fotos taken with Sony, sure if you blew them up you could tell Nokia had fewer pixels but overall the Nokia took better more natural/ balanced ones, say what you like about Nokia but the Carl Zeiss lens counts for a lot !
The Sony battery ? It was never up to the job and now takes 6.5hrs to charge from empty,
Sony lashed a few mismatched parts together on this fone and sold it as a big phone but it fails to deliver, now you can buy them for $60 off e-bay, yeah it sucks every way !

    • D
    • DonegalTDI
    • 7Z8
    • 25 Nov 2020

    Great phone, everything works as it should, ultra reliable. Never updated OS because it would loose contact with Smartwatch 3. Highly recommended.

      • L
      • Lotta
      • S0w
      • 23 Nov 2020

      Then screen stopped working after 3 years of use... No I need to buy a new phone and it will be not Sony. Good bay Sony hello Samsung or iPhone.

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        • rohan
        • m@A
        • 06 Oct 2020

        Issue with microphone... Other party can not hear you during call... Unless you turn on loudspeaker.

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          • Anonymous
          • sxs
          • 27 Sep 2020

          I had xa1 ultra since 2017, but it only started acting up a few weeks ago and now all i can see are vertical lines, can't read anything out of it, I tried the xperia companion on computer to try and repair the software but after following all the instructions my computer wont recognize the device. I'm really just hoping that the problem is in the software and not in the hardware.

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            • 19890309
            • sxs
            • 20 Sep 2020

            Does anyone know if xa1 ultra have DRM keys? In my service test menu it says fido keys not provisioned. If someone is running android oreo on xa1 ultra can you please check the status of fido keys?

              • S
              • Smart dude
              • 01Y
              • 08 Aug 2020

              PanBimbo, 17 Jun 2020Both led flash lights are not working on my phone, does any... moreLg phones are shit, sony xperia xa1 ultra is the best phone out there with the Google Pixel 3a xl

                • F
                • Faithley
                • NsB
                • 01 Jul 2020

                PanBimbo, 17 Jun 2020Both led flash lights are not working on my phone, does any... moremy wife's phone had a problem with both flashes and both cameras that just died and didn't want to work. but after a while (6 months) it just started working on its own again both cameras and flashes. strange thing. the xa1 ultra made me hate Sony very much

                  • S
                  • Sony lover
                  • D09
                  • 27 Jun 2020

                  This is my fourth Sony mobile.. I am always like to use Sony mobiles. I don't like Chinese mobile. Sony Xperia xa1 ultra is my favorite one

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                    • PanBimbo
                    • PpX
                    • 17 Jun 2020

                    Both led flash lights are not working on my phone, does anyone have the same problem? I think it's also a software problem. BTW, is better for gaming than my LG V20

                      • K
                      • Kimba
                      • 4xh
                      • 16 May 2020

                      I've been using my Sony Xperia XA1 Ultra for about 3 years now. It's a decent phone, love the screen size! but I have been noticing some issues with the phone acting up, not responding like it used to, battery not holding it's charge like it used to.
                      currently looking into getting a new phone, just not sure if I want to stick with Sony or move on to something else?
                      Also, I'm glad to see that I am not the only one with this phone! lol

                        • J
                        • Joseph
                        • Nu6
                        • 29 Feb 2020

                        This phone is powerful for heavy internet users like sport betting, social media and the rest. But not for gaming. Mine overheated and melted the back cover while i was playing dream league soccer for a long time, and the battery got damaged. Now that i was lucky to find the replacement. I deleted all the games on the phone.

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                          • Lits
                          • t7C
                          • 22 Feb 2020

                          I've been using this phone since 2017, i would say this year 2020 i've been experiencing ghost touch issues frequenct were its touch sensor goes crazy.

                          Overall prveiously it was working fine but just recently having these issues

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                            • Anonymous
                            • I@a
                            • 09 Feb 2020

                            BudarLovesTech, 27 Nov 2019Bad video recording as well as crappy audio quality. It's b... moreI think the item you got is fake.. Mine works well, has good video/camera quality.. The only thing i dont like is, it has no screen record.. And has low span of battery which is 2700mah only...

                              Bad video recording as well as crappy audio quality. It's blurry, has lazy auto-focusing, and too crisp for the video. Everything that is good has been ruined for the phone.

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                                • 19890309
                                • vaP
                                • 03 Nov 2019

                                Best phone for it's price. Very durable. Great camera quality and design is superb. I use the pink one. Currently I don't think Sony will make a phone that have bezels. I just wish I could downgrade my phone to nougat. I use flashtool and ended up bricking my phone and only the service center officical could repair it because on my pc it says device not found after wiping everything on flashtool.

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                                  • Viable
                                  • j5B
                                  • 03 Nov 2019

                                  Avi, 28 Sep 2019Is better to stay on Android 7 or upgrade to 8? 8 have som... moreIt's best to stick with Android 7 (Nougat), if possible.
                                  Once you go to Oreo, its screws up your touch screen over time.

                                    • N
                                    • Nuranmunli Orcborn
                                    • Sqa
                                    • 15 Oct 2019

                                    After a few months of use got top ghost touches. Apparently that's a common problem with the phone.

                                      • A
                                      • Avi
                                      • P9p
                                      • 28 Sep 2019

                                      Is better to stay on Android 7 or upgrade to 8?
                                      8 have some bugs?

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • DkB
                                        • 21 Sep 2019

                                        Anonymous , 18 Sep 2019I have this cell, good camera (both), good CPU, the battery... moreWhat about the clarity of low light photos!!! They are good or not