Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium

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  • niveth

fat ass phone, 1.2 cm

  • kingxperia

Teikoku, 16 Apr 2018Is this real or leaked?bwahahaha! let me guess, u just bought XZ2. wow! that'll be a nightmare.

Teikoku, 16 Apr 2018Is this real or leaked?Real, it was just announced.

Is this real or leaked?

  • AnonD-743777

the camera that KILLED P20 Pro🤣🤣

  • Anonymous

i thought fingerprint scanner would be underscreen :S

It's finally here.

  • AnonD-628531

Z.AL, 16 Apr 2018 moreyh just found out from another website, i thought it was fake cos it looked so similar to the XZ2 but i guess that's the sony way

  • AnonD-628531

LOOL where did this come from?? xD