Sony Xperia Z1s

Sony Xperia Z1s

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  • az

AnonD-222479, 08 Jan 2014Display tft in 2014 !!! Ha ha ha do u know what is tft and difference between other?

  • Ross

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2014what s the difference between xperia z1 to z1s???internal memory

  • Anonymous

It's the same as Sony Z1, the only difference is internal memory. The Z1s has 32 instead of 16GB...

  • sanju

There should be price also mention on this page.

  • BikerMickAG

Anonymous, 09 Jan 2014what s the difference between xperia z1 to z1s???The Z1S has double the internal memory.

  • shakhanbeh

more memory ,,,

  • AnonD-222621

AnonD-160909, 08 Jan 2014very very very amazing phone my next phone!What mobile phone do you have now?

  • hmm

so far for me everything looks the same as z1, including screen size and all specs

  • Anonymous

what s the difference between xperia z1 to z1s???

  • AnonD-160909

very very very amazing phone my next phone!

  • Saad

I sort of really wish it was imbedded with a "SONY" logo instead of "Xperia" on back. Accepted the fact that a T-Mobile logo on back is on every device and can do nothing about it. Second, I understand totally that in order to cut the cost they had to replace the original aluminium frame with a plastic one, but holding the two together side by side, it's going to make a big difference in the hand. I'm just speculating though, let's see how it is when it comes out. I'm getting it either way.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-217447, 08 Jan 2014price 25k and i am on..very smart phone

  • ike

awesome look cnt wait to have my hands on i well again sony team you guys rock

  • AnonD-222479

Display tft in 2014 !!! Ha ha ha

  • jowell

Does this has a smaller bezzels than Z1?

  • AnonD-97003

Sony Xperia Z1 Compact have Optical Image Stabilization ?

Thank´s in advance.

  • AnonD-217447

price 25k and i am on..

  • Anonymous

AnonD-21226, 07 Jan 2014different external memory, about stand by and talk time: Z1 test... moreZ1 compact also test on 4.3 and does not have reduced battery stats. So either T-Mobile software drains batter, or some feature has been removed.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-222111, 07 Jan 2014I have used both the Z1 (not the Z1S, though I'm thinking about ... moreZ1 also has IR.

  • AnonD-209094

nosy parkar, 07 Jan 2014Better device from sony after Xperia Z1 sony did away with some ... morePlease stop the unlimited ignorance, it hurts. This is a carrier specific phone made only for T-Mobile USA, there is no 2600MHZ on that network and probably never will be.