Sony Xperia Z1s

Sony Xperia Z1s

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  • Sebastian

Troyx, 15 Jan 2014I have the Z. Everything is great except the speaker level ... moreI totally agree with you! Your hand tends to block the speaker when you hold it, plus it's more noisy than pleasant. They placed it on the bottom of the Z1 (and so probably on the Z1s) which has a more decent quality to it but could still be better

  • Troyx

I have the Z. Everything is great except the speaker level and the capacitive buttons. The speaker is below average. The placement of the speaker is not smart when holding the phone. The capacitive buttons should be place outside of the screen!! Its taking space on the screen.

Plus, the led flash is not bright at night!!!

  • Anonymous

When will GSM make a review for this phone ?

  • AnonD-210337

vajhul, 13 Jan 2014what is the diff between xperia z and zs. storage...32 GB where z1 has 16 GB

  • Anonymous

True...SONY, Pls put capacitative buttons, instead of placing dem inside the screen..

  • Carnabon

SONY, please put capacitive butons, I really like sony phones, but this is why I won't buy any. S4 has the best design for big screen phones

  • vajhul

what is the diff between xperia z and zs.

  • AnonD-221869

Anonymous, 12 Jan 2014z 1 s or Nexus 5Z1

  • Anonymous

z 1 s or Nexus 5

  • AnonD-213589

In this phone if they give dual Sim option its very better and good for feature

  • Molineux

If you compare this to the Z1, it has a much shorter battery life and an increased storage.. I'm confused..

  • jack

Its amazing superb phone.....

  • AnonymouZ

az, 10 Jan 2014do u know what is tft and difference between other?Basically,the placement of Sony and Xperia logos is changed and there's the front facing camera moving to the left side of Sony logo.
There is an internal memory upgrade from 16GB to 32GB and maybe some battery improvement. There is still a lack of a 60fps or 4K video recording mode.I can't recall anymore. lol


Maybe at countries sony has a good aftersales services.
But here in my country their customer service is not reliable at all.
I need to wait 1 month to 3 months for a minor reparation.
And although i still have guarantee card (not more then 1 year, my sony unit got broked), they make me have to pay for the reparation fee that costs 25% of the handheld price
Pathetic Indonesian Sony Center

  • Bhavaresh

if Sony giving 4G and IP58 certified - dust proof and water resistant over 1 meter and 30 minutes then it will become mid-range mobile with great specifications

  • Nick

I just waiting for Sony Xperia Z2 aka Sirius!!! I only want Sony Xperia Z2!!!

  • lala


  • lala

why the below hole was gave on this mobile

  • Ali

The 4g connection type has lower bands rather th Z1.

  • topik

the different between both are internal memory, inches and battery capacity.