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Sony Xperia Z1s

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  • marshall355

I've had this phone for over a year, had to replace it once cause my screen cracked and it wouldn't let me do anything on the phone. Even though the crack wasn't on the display itself, I still couldn't use. Gorilla glass my ass. Now it doesn't want to stay connected to wifi. I tried everything, resetting my modem, resetting my phone, there were no system updates that I could do. so the next step was factory reset, which was mentioned in a troubleshooting page by sony. wouldn't you guesss...the phone still wont stay connected. Biggest waste of my money ever!.

  • Anonymous

I have owned the Z1 for 11 months now. The phone is great with speed, visual clarity and design. I just compared the graphics against the HTC One Plus and definitely Z1 even though older has better graphics and same speed using WiFi.

There are however some problems with the phone and TMo:

1. The mini-USB port started misbehaving after about 9 months...sometimes not charging and sometimes charging and sometimes will take 8 hours to charge 30-40%. I have tried 7 different cables and finally using my old iPhone block for power and USB cable from Monoprice.

2. The audio jack has problems...touch or bump the plug and the music stops...too sensitive.

3. On my RMA phone, the voice guide cannot be muted before you unlock the dang phone. I work in open office and everyone has to hear the TMo start-up and voice guide on the replacement phone. And once I backed up my apps to new phone I cannot swipe (up-down, down-up, right-left or left-right)to access the phone...have not even put in password yet and cannot get to the phone.

4. The mini-USB port cover fall off after the first 3 months. Went back to TMo store 2x for replacement covers. Then they stopped carrying those covers. So now the mini-USB port is left open so phone is no longer waterproof. So much for going snorkling with it in Hawaii!

Went back to TMo and got replacement under warranty/insurance. They sent me a refurbished one. Lesson learned...don't buy the dang insurance. Refurbished phone won't let me access phone with swipes after backing up my data to Google. Now have to go back to TMo store again. What a hassle...would not have problem if they replaced with new.

  • rob

Sucks updates take forever tmo acted like a dough and locked the bootloader that's alone killed sales.and to make it worse when we bitch and complain tmo ignores us please unlock the bootloader then this would be a top of the line phone until then us sony owners feel highly ripped off

  • kax

great phone with nice specs... but bought two phones and both chargers overheat and finally failed to work

  • AnonD-98340

Awesome smart phone from SONY. i have it and i love it, everything is great, 2 gb ram, hd graphics Adreno 330, waterproof (tested), speed. battery timing is good.

  • ARUP

nice mob ..its a gint

  • giri

nice phone Z1s

  • AnonD-382950

do not buy this phone it has heating issue and battry problem moreover

  • Josie

AnonD-360991, 07 Feb 2015hey friends, i m totally confused,,, pls suggest me which phone ... moreThe xperia z1s! A good price from T-Mobile, has great battery life, good performance skills and best of all, it is waterproof to 4.9 feet and can stay submerged for up to 30 feet. Sure the newer products from sony may have a newer product, but you will never beat T-Mobile's price!

  • Pranit

Does this phone suffers heating issue??
Please reply I'm planning to buy one

  • beast

does this phone have a hdmi port

  • snap


  • paragon

555, 05 Nov 2014i have this phone..swim with it for hours in more than 1 meter d... moreSo true! It annoyed the heck out of me!

  • AnonD-371614

I love Sony products, sadly so far, I had the Sony Xperia Z and the Z1s and they tend to run into bugs. The phones would last me for a while and then they run into complications, mostly the apps close and some of the widgets just act crazy. Supposedly, there are plenty of people who would later on return the phones to get another one. Still way better than Apple in my opinion...

  • AnonD-360991

hey friends, i m totally confused,,, pls suggest me which phone should i purchase.

  • Just a fancy platypu

Went from the HTC one to the Z1s and I love this thing. Miss the beats from the htc but the overall performance of this phone is awesome. I put it on airplane mode and use the camera in all kinds of shitty weather while backpacking. It's like the M16 of phones, it doesn't fail.

  • marko200000

kamote, 12 Nov 2014All sony xperia z series is poor touchscreen perpormanceLooks like you haven't ever used any phone from sony.

  • Anonymous

kamote, 12 Nov 2014All sony xperia z series is poor touchscreen perpormanceThat's a categorical affirmation. Are you sure you didn't buy a sony xperia z imitation? Or maybe get a defective used one?

  • kamote

All sony xperia z series is poor touchscreen perpormance

  • 555

i have this phone..swim with it for hours in more than 1 meter depth in pools..but still ok..
it just have a number one aftermath..FOGGY LENS!!!
its a waterproof yet NOT condensation