Sony Xperia Z1s

Sony Xperia Z1s

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  • yi

to high SAR
BAD :(

  • Zameer

XXX13, 08 Oct 2014For work get the BLACKBERRY Z30 or the Blackberry Passport. for Work I recommend BB Passport or Q10

  • persia

According to those i ask z1 is a waterproof celphone tht can long 30mins under water (5 ft maximum)

  • AnonD-317771

Awesome series from z1...great sony...
We want pen for use phone without touchscreen..& also fingerprint scannner with waterproof.

AnonD-280680, 10 Sep 2014why this model z1s dont have in malaysia..? only z1 and z1 compa... moreFor work get the BLACKBERRY Z30 or the Blackberry Passport.

  • Jon

AnonD-280680, 10 Sep 2014why this model z1s dont have in malaysia..? only z1 and z1 compa... moreIt's the American T-Mobile branded version of the Z1. Same internal specs as that phone but with a centered headphone jack and plastic sides instead of aluminium.

The 32gbs is nice but it's otherwise the same. Go for a Z1 or Z2...but you should wait at this point until the Z3 comes out so you can get a better price.

  • Sargeist

AnonD-280680, 10 Sep 2014why this model z1s dont have in malaysia..? only z1 and z1 compa... morePretty sure it's a T-Mobile exclusive. I have one.

  • dave

man, I have had a few, not many problems if I had any,little problems any scratch or anything I take it back and get another one and the phone is still working fine. Insurance pays off, at first my wife and I went thru 3 a piece, for various "don't Likes" never switched out the phones for another brand or model, get my z1s since the day they came out and I don't want to own anything else

  • AnonD-280680

why this model z1s dont have in malaysia..? only z1 and z1 compact.. i really interested with the internal memory + memory card support.. planning to buy 2nd phone for entertainment purpose.. my others Nokia Windows works really fine for WORK purpose..well, i dont want android to mess with my excel, word and powerpoint notes

  • AnonD-302069

my Z1 vibration suddenly stop working correctly and its make a very bad noise on vibration and then its just a noise and no vibrate!!!!
how i fix it?!!
and why this happen?
i see so many z1 owner that has same problem.
please help me

  • Kamran

After Updating I just Love It Z1s.Excellent cell excellent battery Thanks Xperia

  • daisy

The KitKat update ruined the phone. Now the quick settings that used to be right at the top of the phone are buried under a sub menu (things like brightness control, Mobile Hotspot, etc). The volume on the phone is now a lot lower. I used to watch youtube vids at about 3/4 volume because it was soo loud, now I have to use full volume. Still has problems with apps crashing when power is connected/disconnected (pages refresh on browser or browser just crashes). My battery life has just completely gone down the tubes since the update. Location permissions are now ALL OR Nothing. No choices.Battery Icon no longer tells you the percentage left. Just a useless img.

AnonD-291792, 07 Aug 2014 moreI got the update.

  • AnonD-291792

XXX13, 30 Jul 2014This Smartphone need to be updated to KitKat 4.4.4­_finally_gets_kitkat_update-news-9261.php

This Smartphone need to be updated to KitKat 4.4.4

  • Dr. Wiley

afzal, 18 Mar 2014internal 32gb z1-16gbAlso the aluminum band is now plastic with this unit.

  • babblu

i m jst gong to be mad after c this mb

This is a over price Smartphone.
Sony need to send the new KitKat 4.4.4 update for the Z1s.
I have paid $675.00 Dollars in a T-Mobile store in Brooklyn, NY.
Sony camera need to be updated, in addition the phone is very slow.
It's a waste of money unless Sony could update the phone to Android L instead of KitKat .

  • Anonymous

DCbound, 23 Feb 2014Not much difference between the Z1 and Z1S. The Z1S has 32GB... morez1s is the modified version of z1

  • sunny

indrajith, 29 May 2014i want to buy sony xperia z .its good model or not .battery life... moresorry brother but you are wrong. xperia z is worst just beacause of its battery life. you see, xperia z has 5 inch display and has only 2330 mah battery whereas 5 inch display atleast require 2600-2800 mah battery to work good as grand 2 has 2600 mah battery. so i suggest you dont go with xperia z. instead check out xperia zr. it is a great phone as it has 4.6 inches display and has 2300 mah battery which is more than enough for a 4.6 inch screen. thank you. hope my advice will be beneficial for you :)