Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • dd

Too bad they didn't use a 3000mah battery. That would have given z5 compact a endurance rating of more than 120 h on gsmarena and 11h+ screen on time.

  • Mick

It's a worthy successor for my z3c. Most departments were improved. Better material quality. Better camera. Still same size. For me display does a very good job. 32 gig internal. 2 GB RAM and no USB c might be little disappointing, but battery is little bigger instead of shrinking at regular z5. Even if I hv my concerns about sd810 it will be faster than the sd801 and shld provide the same battery life. This is what I want. Small screen is not for big gaming apps so 2gig ram is not a problem even if it wld be better. Sony will offer a good ui so in my eyes the best phone released sofar this year. I'm excited for the review. And please stop complaining about same design. It's the Sony style and u can recognize it immediately. Slightly improved material with aluminum seems good to me. Will see it live.

Good job Sony

  • JKay

Looks like they removed the charging connector on the side! If this model does not support wireless charging (Qi) then it's a fail!

  • Anonymous

3GB RAM would be great..

  • AnonD-81044

really great phone. I wish samsung and other manufactures could follow SONY and make small sized flagships.
but overall dimensions are still very big for a compact phone. Samsung s4 mini and iphone 5s have the best size to be called "compact phones" untill now.
Apple can see this and will produce a compact iphone 6s. But Samsung and others are blind to see this and cover the market gap.

  • AnonD-915

The frame is made up of what material? aluminum? Is it me or the Z3 Compact is more gorgeous than this one?