Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • waeb

Good that the back is changed, but is very disapointed about only 2 GB ram and only 2700mAh. The last two are dealbreakers. I had my hopes high. Lost again.

There have not been any good smartphone for years with a screen less then 5 inch and a battery above 3300mAh.. So sad :-(

  • AnonD-250867

But Snapdragon 810 :(

  • Venender

z5 premium, z5 standard are really good models, but z5 compact is gonna to be flop one for sure, bcoz of the thickness and poor design, try to redesign it soon and come up with z5compact+

  • ATZ

Wrong screen to body calculation, it should be 70.6%

  • ct79

2700mAh, sd810, 4.6in and 2gb for 720p... on top of sony's and lollipop's battery saver mode. I would love to see the battery performance of this configuration!

Also the z5 premium. Both beautiful

Thank you GSMArena for keeping us posted on IFA. You guys are awesome.

  • AnonD-436312

Good job sony! looking forward to owning this beaut. Z5C. The size that matters!

  • AnonD-436288

My z3c it's a great phone.This z5c it is better,but yes,i was expecting a little bit more.Like 3gb ram and full hd display(4.7 inch),but keeping the same phone size(taking a bit more from bezels to obtain 1 inch extra).I dont know how the stereo speakers are in z5c,but i hope they are louder and with better sound,like the ones on my old htc m7(i wish!).I will probably upgrade to z5c anyway.I love Sony!

  • dd

Too bad they didn't use a 3000mah battery. That would have given z5 compact a endurance rating of more than 120 h on gsmarena and 11h+ screen on time.

  • Mick

It's a worthy successor for my z3c. Most departments were improved. Better material quality. Better camera. Still same size. For me display does a very good job. 32 gig internal. 2 GB RAM and no USB c might be little disappointing, but battery is little bigger instead of shrinking at regular z5. Even if I hv my concerns about sd810 it will be faster than the sd801 and shld provide the same battery life. This is what I want. Small screen is not for big gaming apps so 2gig ram is not a problem even if it wld be better. Sony will offer a good ui so in my eyes the best phone released sofar this year. I'm excited for the review. And please stop complaining about same design. It's the Sony style and u can recognize it immediately. Slightly improved material with aluminum seems good to me. Will see it live.

Good job Sony

  • JKay

Looks like they removed the charging connector on the side! If this model does not support wireless charging (Qi) then it's a fail!

  • Anonymous

3GB RAM would be great..

  • AnonD-81044

really great phone. I wish samsung and other manufactures could follow SONY and make small sized flagships.
but overall dimensions are still very big for a compact phone. Samsung s4 mini and iphone 5s have the best size to be called "compact phones" untill now.
Apple can see this and will produce a compact iphone 6s. But Samsung and others are blind to see this and cover the market gap.

  • AnonD-915

The frame is made up of what material? aluminum? Is it me or the Z3 Compact is more gorgeous than this one?