Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

Sony Xperia Z5 Compact

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  • AnonD-341631

Frosted Glass + Oleophobic = Extremely Fingerprints FREE !!!

720p Resolution + 4,6 inch screen + 2GB RAM + 2700mAh + Latest Sony's Stamina Mode
= Extremely Long Lasting Battery, The Next Battery Life King

  • AnonD-111968

AnonD-111968, 03 Sep 2015GSMArena: how did u calculate the screen2body ration? Z5C i... moreScreen2Body(front-face area)=((4.6^2)(16*9)/337)/(5*2.56)=0.7064.

Despite that beastly Z5 premium. This one is actually what I'm interested in getting. The battery life will be really good and its IP protection are a treat for usage in many conditions.

  • AnonD-436428

I note the Z5C still only has 433Mbps 802.11ac or single stream WiFi.
The Z5 has 866Mbps dual stream WiFi.

  • bye bye - samsung

Aspros, 02 Sep 2015Outstanding phonemaking by Sony, thus gem of the phone have... moreAMEN,,,,

  • bye bye - samsung

This IS my next phone, from s5,,,, a word to samsung, you lost millions of fans when you went for ibullshit, no sd card? F**k off, why not sell to apple??? When people want an ibull they will go to apple, the real bull and did I mention the new tab s2 bull?? Gutless soulless company, no respect to you )))... Hello sony, real character and innovators without the ibullshit. I skipped the s6 bulledge, and was waiting for this marvel compact, just hope to be able to get it with 32 gigs in my area.. well done SONY, premium yet true to yourselves and will gain millions of fans,, kudos...

  • Greg

THis looks nice... i just hope that problem with overheating is solved. I kinda expected MEdiatec on Z5C, something like M5 just a bit stronger but this is great as well.

  • AnonD-111968

GSMArena: how did u calculate the screen2body ration? Z5C is 0.3mm shorter than Z3C which has 70.6%, so that Z5C shall have 70.6*(127.3*64.9)/(127*65)=70.66%.

I love this phone, I hope Sony release it soon here in Singapore, I will surely buy 1 red color for me and 1 white color for my wife...

  • ME

I think Sony should make a dual sim, dual active version of Z5 Compact. I really need something like that!!

  • MOSTOFA Khan

It's quite nice but I was expected about 3 gb ram and 4.7" display with 400+ ppi as Xperia z4 compact saying. Can you tell me about Xperia z4 compact is coming or not? Please clear me soon..

  • Tolits

,masculine phone...compact

Outstanding phonemaking by Sony, thus gem of the phone have the specs that actually matter!
Most of the other phones follow cliche fashion routes and tendencies, in favour of what really matters. Seriously the thickness of 0.9 mm instead of 0.6 is what makes or breaks the mobile for some? Not the overall compact size of this beast of a phone?
I am one of the many Europeans that can afford to have two tablets of various size and also can afford to buy a premium priced mobile, but in compact dimensions, because we still need our mobile to remain mobile! This phone is the only mobile in the market, for us that make no compromises in performance, battery stamina, compact size, great camera and premum features and characteristics.

  • xvi

Wish they'd made it either smaller or the screen 4.7". Top and bottom bezels are laughable for a phone with no face buttons and side bezels are just average. This goes for all Z5's.

  • waeb

Good that the back is changed, but is very disapointed about only 2 GB ram and only 2700mAh. The last two are dealbreakers. I had my hopes high. Lost again.

There have not been any good smartphone for years with a screen less then 5 inch and a battery above 3300mAh.. So sad :-(

  • AnonD-250867

But Snapdragon 810 :(

  • Venender

z5 premium, z5 standard are really good models, but z5 compact is gonna to be flop one for sure, bcoz of the thickness and poor design, try to redesign it soon and come up with z5compact+

  • ATZ

Wrong screen to body calculation, it should be 70.6%

  • ct79

2700mAh, sd810, 4.6in and 2gb for 720p... on top of sony's and lollipop's battery saver mode. I would love to see the battery performance of this configuration!

Also the z5 premium. Both beautiful

Thank you GSMArena for keeping us posted on IFA. You guys are awesome.

  • AnonD-436312

Good job sony! looking forward to owning this beaut. Z5C. The size that matters!

  • AnonD-436288

My z3c it's a great phone.This z5c it is better,but yes,i was expecting a little bit more.Like 3gb ram and full hd display(4.7 inch),but keeping the same phone size(taking a bit more from bezels to obtain 1 inch extra).I dont know how the stereo speakers are in z5c,but i hope they are louder and with better sound,like the ones on my old htc m7(i wish!).I will probably upgrade to z5c anyway.I love Sony!