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Sony Xperia Z5 Premium

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  • Ceiron

I have been using this phone for just under a month.

The heat issue is ever present, as expected of a snapdragon 810.

The performance in itself is very good, coming from a Samsung Note 3 it's a rather large leap in power.

The device interaction is smooth and handles games very well, until the throttling kicks in to control the heat.
The heat pipes do help but with nowhere for the heat to go, it's more a buffer than a solution.
On occasion I've found the device almost too hot to touch, around where the heat pipes sit.

The fingerprint reader works great, but it heavily depends on how well you register your finger since it's quite specific. Wet/oily/dirty hands obviously make it harder to scan properly.

4K screen is quite sharp, although the contrast and colour is richer on an AMOLED I don't really have much to complain about, especially due to the lack of 4K content for proper comparison, as mentioned in a million reviews.

Overall, I love the phone but I hate SD810. Bit of a love hate relationship.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2016I'm using it for last 2 weeks switching from note 3, believe me ... moreWhy are you lying?

  • Anonymous

Samsung fanboy will be quite if sony had sd820 with 4gb ram. Also with 4k display soon. 820 has FC 3.0 and wireless charging

If you're a wise guy you better wait for 820 aside of 810 and still SAMSUNG will remain as immitator against to innovator.

  • shazii

Anonymous, 02 Jan 2016I'm using it for last 2 weeks switching from note 3, believe me ... morewhy or did you find handfree in box or not

  • Marjan

Hey. Does it get hot like Z1? I want to buy this one, I've been using Sony as long as I can remember, but Z1 gets hot really fast and sometimes even prevents me from recording more than 20 minutes or so. I was wondering if the same thing goes on with this one!?

  • creasiry

itsme, 01 Jan 2016you better wait for the next sd820 phones. don't waste your mon... moreyou are right, i am waiting for something " better " but in fact, for what ?

  • Anonymous

I'm using it for last 2 weeks switching from note 3, believe me I'm experiencing worst smart phone time ever & a great wastage of 750 usd, any1 can ask me why...

AnonD-391800, 02 Jan 2016Replying like this... {facepalm} And you do not consider yours... moreYawn.....and Tann Hauser says: " troll troll troll troll troll......troll"

So in short, says nothing new.

Look you say the 810 is perfect, the rest of the industry and people who aren't brainwashed fanboy zombies recognise that there were, are, and will continue to be issues to varying degrees on any devices using the 810.

Now whether those issues are enough to cause an end user to look elsewhere for their daily driver or not is up to the individual, but they are there regardless of your ill informed propaganda.

If you'll read my recent posts on the subject of the 810 you'll notice that I have in fact not labelled the it an out right failure, but rather a product that doesn't live up to expectations.

You call this trolling. I call it discussion, you can't tell the difference and that is your problem.

  • AnonD-391800

Lex79, 02 Jan 2016Irregardless of Tann Hausers latest diatribe on the subject, I a... moreReplying like this...
And you do not consider yourself a troll, huh?
Quit your nonsense crap posting

That link doesnt have anything to do with z5 premium or its performance, which is the subject of this thread..

Trolling force strong in you is.

itsme, 01 Jan 2016you better wait for the next sd820 phones. don't waste your mon... moreIrregardless of Tann Hausers latest diatribe on the subject, I again point people to Anandtech's recent reviews of the OnePlus Two and the Nexus 6P.

These reviews makes specific mention of the shortcomings of devices based around the 810, and in the closing comments of the 6P review they say quite clearly that it is a viable option to wait for devices based around the 820 in the coming year, as the performance gains should be significant.

Now people can either go by the words of Tann Hauser or Daul Heatpipes (who has named himself after the extreme measures Sony has gone to in order offset the issues that Tann Hauser says do not exist with the 810) or by Anandtech's findings regarding the 810.

In short this has been a particularly disappointing year for Qualcomm, and the 810 is the main reason for that. I'll agree that there is nothing 'wrong' as such with the SOC, however in terms of performance and power efficiency, it is a big disappointment, and neither it nor the 808 represent a generational leap over the 801/805 that they replace.

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2016review or troll? it's seems that it depends on whether I say something you guys agree with or not doesn't it.

I say something you like and all is good, I say something you don't like and I'm a troll. How very simple.

  • AnonD-391800

itsme, 01 Jan 2016you better wait for the next sd820 phones. don't waste your mon... moreThere is absolutely nothing wrong with sd 810 devices like these.
In fact, they work like a charm, are fast, without lag or any overheat...

People should go for well balanced sd 810 devices like z5 series.
There is always an option to wait for better faster future SoC, but with that kind of thinking you can wait forever...

  • Anonymous

It's Going to be Great year for Sony 2016!

  • AnonD-483312

jazz, 01 Jan 2016Hey guys I want to buy this phone,but I also want to know about ... moreFingerprint sensor working fine Jazz..

If 3 attempts fail it will show a eazy number/password to unlock screen.

Wet fingers are harder to recognize (your finger grips are not traceable while wet)

or you can unlock as Iphone gives by entering 4 digit num

* While setting your finger phone will learn the area which is rubbed in the sensor.
we have to use the same areas to unlock which rubbed in the setting time.. (applicable to all fingerprint sensor phones)

  • AnonD-483312

itsme, 01 Jan 2016you better wait for the next sd820 phones. don't waste your mon... moreWhen SD820 is out. .
many one say don't waste money & wait for SD830

  • Pro-deep

Bro, It's PREMIUM version of Sony Xperia Z5.. Thats why it has 4K Display (Its the first Phone Having 4K Display, if i am not wrong) & Its Priced at RS 55,000 (online), around 10K more than Sony Xperia Z5. Got it ? Now don't like idiots..

  • Robo

Lag on this phone is ridiculous. Especially bad when I got a Sony watch 3. Really fed up of poor android devices. Lag on desire HD, galaxy s3, LG g2 and now the Z5 premium. At least android is consistent and never fails to disappoint.

  • Anonymous

itsme, 01 Jan 2016well.. at least plastic doesnt shatter if i drop it, unlike your... moreZ5 use stainless steel, okay. and it have an edge surround the back which is improve grip and still have the eyelet lanyard for attach a strap.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 01 Jan 20164k video on z5p display doesn't look as crisp like would see on ... moreZ5p with 806ppi doesn't look sharper than 300ppi of 4k tv??are u kidding?

  • itsme

Anonymous, 01 Jan 2016The matte touch on certain phone has good grip to it. The slippe... moreheatpipes will not accept your comment, even if you are a real sony user.
he will say you'are a troll who try to defame sony.