T-Mobile will raise its monthly soft-cap to 50GB

Enrique, 18 September 2017

Ever since smartphones began demanding more data, smartphone providers had no choice but to implement a soft data cap or deprioritize heavy data users in favor of those who use less data. Currently, T-Mobile throttles customers who use more than 32GB of data within one billing cycle. Other carriers are in the general ballpark area of 25GB to 30GB for a soft-cap.

According to a leaked internal document obtained by Android Central T-Mobile will begin implementing a new soft-data cap of 50GB per billing cycle. T-Mobile calls this its “Fair Usage Threshold”. The new data soft-cap is to become effective September 20. T-Mobile likely has no doubt that it can handle the extra capacity.

Source: Android Central

T-Mobile is likely doing this to get people to switch from legacy plans over to T-Mobile ONE, not to mention to entice people to switch to the magenta side. If you’re on a legacy plan, you are likely to save if you switch to T-Mobile ONE. After all, T-Mobile has made new perks and promotions only eligible to ONE customers in hopes of this.

Prior to publishing this post, we spotted T-Mobile Help on Twitter confirming that the soft cap will, indeed, be increased on the 20th.



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  • Anonymous
  • 19 Sep 2017
  • IbE

What a ridiculous question

  • xsof7
  • 19 Sep 2017
  • N$p

use gooogle!

Officialy you cant but you can flash a custom rom

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