Top Google exec caught using a Pixel 4a

Ivan, 05 May 2020

The Google Pixel 4a is coming on May 22 and it will have a punch hole for the selfie camera. The latter fact became clear from a seemingly innocent shared screenshot by Google's SVP of Hardware, Rick Osterloh.

The screenshot of him getting an Earth badge on Fitbit has a blank space in the top left corner that's reserved for the physical punch hole, which pushes the clock and the rest of the status bar to the side.

That's not all we know about the upcoming Google Pixel 4a. There have been two camera leaks that show off both the image quality and reveal that the Pixel 4a indeed will have just the one lens.

Apple already laid strong claim to the midrange market with its entry-level iPhone SE (2020) and we've known that Google is prepping a Pixel 4a for some time now. May 22 can't come soon enough.



Reader comments

I didn't ask, nor want for a metal back plate. There are better solutions. Did you check out ikimobile? Still the best backs I've seen on any phone.

Frosted glass, is still glass. There are way more appealing choices. Some great polycarbonate options. Ceramic. Or best I've seen, cork. Look at ikimobile. Gorgeous phones. Look better than all the garish coloured glass.

  • Anonymous
  • 07 May 2020
  • mcx

Yes please. It actually does feel nice. It would however be a good start if manufactureres stopped using a glossy finish, no matter if plastic or glass.

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