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  • 17 Oct 2021

it seems that this phone has the best camera to date. in the past, i would really go for outstanding camera in a phone. but when the phone could not catch up with technology i will need to forsake the whole phone together with the camera.

maybe i should buy phone with moderate camera, since i already have a portable camera setup.

    Maxx, 17 Oct 2021Front cam is worst no bro i have this phone and its front camera is very good

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      • Maxx
      • 7k9
      • 17 Oct 2021

      Front cam is worst

        SPA1HCKE, 13 Oct 2021Of course there's a global version Thought I'm... morehow is that??i thought china version has origin os and global funtocuh!

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          • Utsme
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          • 16 Oct 2021

          JoeDavid9, 08 Oct 2021Great phone but should I get this or mi11 or s21 ultra? Get vivo

            manaicks, 12 Oct 2021I Received my X70 PRO PLUS after a lot of wait. Was eager t... moreOrigin UI or funtouch UI?? 🧐

              Anonymous, 10 Oct 2021That's kinda ridiculous of you to compare the S21 to t... moreSamsung released more updates for increased performance depending on the complaints of their fans and users.
              This is a big boost for Samsung when compared to xiaomi. The s21 ultra's camera has been upgraded and performs much better now than it's initial results

                Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Don't make a decision until you see the prices in your... moreTrue, but if you've got the cash, I'll say you go for the vivo coz that's what I'm down with 😊

                  Anonymous, 07 Oct 2021Is global version of this phone available?Of course there's a global version

                  Thought I'm no Asian, but I'll go for the Chinese variant as you could switch from funtouch UI to origin UI at command but the global only comes with the origin UI alone 🙏🙏🤕🙃🤕

                    nick, 07 Oct 2021excellent cameraNot just excellent but Outstanding with vivo's new V1 imaging chip


                      Ahmed Aref, 03 Oct 2021Is it really missing the stereo speakers?Stereo speakers are present bruh

                        Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021I’m no Apple purist as Android is still my fave, but no, th... moreWell, that's for you but I do L💙V the funtouch UI.

                        And yes, you are right, apple has a much more smooth UI since the iphones are the only phones operating on the iOS so app creators do have the ease to create apps that well fits all iOS phones unlike the android that has over a hundred different phone manufacturers running on the android UI


                          Got2bphenomenal, 03 Oct 2021Expandable memory is not a good idea, in case you lose the ... moreHmm 🤔, I can see your point...

                          But hey, there's always an online backup 😊

                            Anonymous, 03 Oct 2021for 700 euro price point it better. or rip the glas.I haven't seen any claim that the x70 pro plus does have a gorilla glass protection

                              woodystrikesagain, 03 Oct 2021 here is a link that will change your mind https://www.yo... moreThat's mrwhosetheboss' review of the vivo x70 pro plus and I've watched it already....
                              It's quite cool and I'm planning to get that for myself.

                              The iphone still has the best mobile chipset in mobile phones as of this moment.

                              So x70 pro plus might be good in all other areas but video recording and processor's power

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                                • qCZ
                                • 12 Oct 2021

                                I'd buy this if it came w/ a heapdhone jack regardless if it was $2K or $3k.... otherwise Sony's xperia 1mk3 has me sold. Nobody talks about vivo's flagship phones probably low key have the best camera tech on the market. Often overshadowed by the normie phones like iphones and samsungs, but arguably they do have the best overall phones. I just wish they gave us back the HP jack because I refuse to use TWS junk given that I own far better IEMs.

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                                  • 12 Oct 2021

                                  recommended for gaming?

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                                    • manaicks
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                                    • 12 Oct 2021

                                    I Received my X70 PRO PLUS after a lot of wait. Was eager to try. But the biggest let down is the Software. You literally have to purchased themes!!, there is no way to increse the size of icons.
                                    Buy a premium phone and For lock screen wallpapers there are ads !!! I Mean this is not done and no way to increase size of icons.

                                    I was using my Samsung galaxy note 10 plus and I regret having this XP70 pro plus. The Hardware is good let down by poor software!

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                                      • f3g
                                      • 10 Oct 2021

                                      Anonymous, 08 Oct 2021Don't make a decision until you see the prices in your... moreThat's kinda ridiculous of you to compare the S21 to the Mi11 Ultra instead of comparing the S21 ultra to the Mi11 Ultra,apple with apples my guy,and when it comes down to it,you get more for your buck with Xiaomi.

                                        Husss, 08 Oct 2021Wasn't this phone in for review a couple of weeks ago?... moreGsmarena loves xiaomi
                                        They reviewed xiaomi phones as soon as possible!
                                        But they don’t review Huawei vivo,oppo,honor phone
                                        Or if they reviewed these companies always late and with stupid cons