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vivo X70 Pro+

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hey gsmarena You have missing info there, in specs, it has HIFI stereo speakers also! same like vivo IQ00 8 pro, pls add that info there! also pro model had stereo speakers ,also there is missing info!

  • Anonymous

Does anyone know if Qualcomm has fixed the astronomically atrocious 888 problems for the 888 +? Like the terrible standby time, thermal throttling and generally horrible performance?

  • Moha

It's a Stereo Speaker Phone 🙌

  • Wolfman

Anonymous, 31 Aug 2021Missing audio jack, SD card and battery is small, terrible They ship with free pair of wireless airbuds. Who needs a phone jack with that kind of in the box packaging?!

  • HydrogenOS

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021Lol, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. W... moreIn addition to that every time the system and the user interface such as OriginOS as well as video games are updated, I can say that the MicroSD Slot is very important for the average user as well as when taking photos in high resolution formats although that is why I would opt for a Smartphone with a greater capacity of ROM memory

  • Anonymous

Vivo should put bigger battery because they never have good battery endurance optimization in this series


The Android 11-based X70 Pro+ comes with many other flagship elements, namely a Qualcomm Snapdragon 888+ processor, fast LPDDR5 RAM, IP68 dustproof and waterproofing, stereo speakers and a dedicated Hi-Fi chip. There's even an infrared remote feature to let you control home appliances the old-fashioned way.
Maybe check the actual sheet next time.

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021Jesus Christ the phone already has 256GB as base storage. W... moreDon't bother to reply, you know even with 1, or 2 TB internal storage, some suckers will keep asking : no memory card ?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 10 Sep 2021Jesus Christ the phone already has 256GB as base storage. W... moreLol, you clearly have no idea what you are talking about. With 8K video recording support, that would take at least 600MB per minute. Don't also forget that the installed app keeps on growing in size every time it gets updated and the fact that all your files will be deleted when you do a factory reset. So really, the microSD card is still totally relevant in 2021 and beyond.

  • Anonymous

Can we have the white color in pro+ please. It looks so gorgeous.

  • ZeroGhost

HutHutHut, 09 Sep 2021Who is buying Huawei phones nowadays...?! Maybe a certain s... moreYah i had opotunity to trade blows with ultra 11 bud with mate 40 pro+ you can brag on daily light but go ahead an make night photos then your cheap secondary will make you wana dig a hole and hide.. The only phone that have seen with better night quality is the ultra from Samsung and the 2k Sony pro.. But then I can also brag about my better thermal, better screen, better battery 2d on single 10 min charge? Yha huawei are trash for the ppl that cant go without playstore... You probably have playstore on your laptop too and one click install apps... XDD thats the reason ppl avoid huawei USA propaganda my friend Mediterranean countries love huawei we use 4g+5g antenna from huawei and our providers have huawei routers for us keep dreaming the American dream the rest of the world will do the living part for you

  • ZeroGhost

Good phone but for that price I expect the smaller pixels to be 20 not 8... That's. pro+ not normal 70 or pro it's the ultimate maxed from vivo and has 8 +12?! My mate pro is 20+20+40.. If I go pro+ I get 20,30,60..not 8,12s

  • Anonymous

All 4 camera with stabilization.

  • Uus

No 3.5 mm jack, no micro sd slot and flagship pricing, it would be a hard pill to swallow if it come to Indonesia


I like this!

OMG... How are they doing that much brighter 1.6 aperture for the main camera ! It's insane !
I hope it can keep the subject well in focus and clear image during daylight.
BTW the 2x zoom lens with f1.6 should give excellent portraits. Good work there.

  • Yadu

No stereo speakers??

HutHutHut, 09 Sep 2021Who is buying Huawei phones nowadays...?! Maybe a certain s... moreMi 11 ultra even does not have 4k selfie camera!!!!and it came with 500$ more than other flagships!you cannot compare!
Nowadayes huawei cant supply chip but they are trying yet!
Everyone know Huawei was the best,is the best and will the best!!
I dont have problem with HMS or GMS or microsoft services or apple services!All of them are really good and I worked with all of them!
I cannot forget p50 pro with sd888 1440p,66w,special design and camera,120hz, with 999$ just for GMS!
I think no one forget it

  • Anonymous

same as usual video comes with 60fps only