vivo X70 Pro+

vivo X70 Pro+

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I like this!

OMG... How are they doing that much brighter 1.6 aperture for the main camera ! It's insane !
I hope it can keep the subject well in focus and clear image during daylight.
BTW the 2x zoom lens with f1.6 should give excellent portraits. Good work there.

  • Yadu

No stereo speakers??

HutHutHut, 09 Sep 2021Who is buying Huawei phones nowadays...?! Maybe a certain s... moreMi 11 ultra even does not have 4k selfie camera!!!!and it came with 500$ more than other flagships!you cannot compare!
Nowadayes huawei cant supply chip but they are trying yet!
Everyone know Huawei was the best,is the best and will the best!!
I dont have problem with HMS or GMS or microsoft services or apple services!All of them are really good and I worked with all of them!
I cannot forget p50 pro with sd888 1440p,66w,special design and camera,120hz, with 999$ just for GMS!
I think no one forget it

  • Anonymous

same as usual video comes with 60fps only

No eSim again, 09 Sep 2021Pff.. Its not a flagship if there is no latest technology, ... moreIt's NOT a flagship ??????
Did you see the camera lens and the rest of specs???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 09 Sep 2021dedicated memory card slot?Jesus Christ the phone already has 256GB as base storage. What do you do with your phone to need more than 256GB?

So you're telling me vivo added a 1440p E5 display, 50w wireless charging, IP68 rating, Snapdragon 888+, and still thought of skimping out on stereo speakers for like what, a few cents a phone? Even putting a loud earpiece speaker would have been enough. The Redmi 10 has stereo speakers, like real stereo speakers with speakers on the top and bottom, and it costs around a fifth of this "flagship". Vivo, please, just make an actual flagship.

No stereo speakers ☚ī¸â˜šī¸đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­đŸ˜­

  • Anonymous

God, mono sound again, are they trolling us?

HutHutHut, 09 Sep 2021Who is buying Huawei phones nowadays...?! Maybe a certain s... moreSo you rate phones on how well they sell? 🤡

  • No eSim again

Pff.. Its not a flagship if there is no latest technology, atleast eSim is kinda easy..

captain fokou, 08 Sep 2021Yeah since a lot of phones die from liquid damage... I like that 👍

Too much going on on the back,not very attractive,looks like a Domino stuck on it đŸ¤Ŧ

Perfect phone ? Sadly no stereo speakers, so sad...

I'm surprised to see this model use a slightly smaller 12MP sensor for the native 2x zoom telephoto camera compared to the 32MP Quad Bayer sensor used in the X60 Pro+. But other than that, it does look like a much-needed upgrade mainly thanks to the IP68 rating and LTPO 1440p+ screen. Of course, the most important point of all is the V1 custom ISP chip, but I'll wait until GSMArena does a camera comparison between this and the X60 Pro+.

It have stee

  • Anonymous

dedicated memory card slot?

this rite here, would never have seen such a finished phone from vivo coming

  • HutHutHut

EricDVP, 01 Sep 2021Come on vivo! In this price we can find magic 3 series hon... moreWho is buying Huawei phones nowadays...?! Maybe a certain segement within China... But internationally its pretty much game over. Huawei used to have the best image quality - when they used the biggest sensors... In today's market every major company is using big sensors... So no more advantages there... Honor is okay... Neither the best nor the worst... somewhere in the middle as far as I.Q. and video are concerned... I used to use an Honor View 10 and loved it dearly... But absolutely nothing comes close to the photograpic prowess of my Mi 11 Ultra.