Xbox's cloud gaming service will arrive to iOS and Windows PC in the spring

Ro, 09 December 2020

Microsoft launched its cloud gaming streaming service for Android a while back but the company promised to add support for iOS and Windows PC devices too. Now we get a bit more details as to when that might happen.

Xbox's cloud gaming service will arrive to iOS and Windows PC this spring

That's a big deal because the so-called xCloud service won't require you to have a powerful gaming PC to run some of the latest games. If you already own an Xbox console and have a Game Pass Ultimate subscription that costs $15 a month, you can enjoy your games through the browser or the Xbox app on Windows. Fast and stable internet connection is necessary as you might have imagined.

Just like Google's Stadia, GeForce Now and Amazon Luna, the xCloud gaming service will most likely run through the browser on iPhones to avoid Apple's App Store.



Reader comments

Oh so they have the hundreds of dollars to blow on a console that they could've spent on a GPU for a PC that would make it capable of running games properly. But not a good PC.

Not everyone has a pc that is capable of playing games.

Why would I want to stream a game when I can play it with better performance and graphics on my PC.

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