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Xiaomi Mi 10T Pro 5G

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  • Tell me why

Anyone facing touching issue on screen? This mi 10T pro had been used up to 8 months. I facing some of area of screen are not responding while touching. It will be fix awhile will I reboot my phone but it will happen again at same area after some time... Is it hardware issue or software issue? Any one facing same issue?

Blazeking, 01 Jul 2021Does xiaomi mi 10t got any google services? yes, it support google.
Don't install china MIUI, if you want to use google

  • Blazeking

Does xiaomi mi 10t got any google services?

  • Mikael

No complain at all. Everything looks great. Spec. vs price awesome!!!

Display: despite the fact that it is LCD, it is a very good LCD and in my opinion it surpasses any Oled of iPhone 11 down and better than many Amoled screens. 144 hz are very visible and the fluidity is superb + TrueColor and Sunlight 3.0 which do their job very well. Very good for movies! If we take it this way, Amoled and Oled also have defects, for example: battery consumption. This is the best LCD screen!
Speakers: loud with clear and pleasant sound
Camera: Impressively good even with zoom
Power: very high, it didn't crash in any app
Battery: with 144hz it lasts you a whole day without any problem
Appearance: solid, well built, difficult to handle with one hand, excellent quality materials and very pleasant color (Silver)

  • Kev..

Xiaomi seem to have resolved the problem with over heat I have been using this phone for 2 months and till now no problem. Am a big social media user and the heat problem seem to be a past history. Powerful telephone , camera the best nonIphine can match the intensity of their camera and the price for a phone as powerful as XIAOMI Mi 10 T pro it a value for money phone.
Best among the best 8/10..

Reality2021, 26 Jun 2021No.. mi 11 lite use Snapdragon 732G (8 nm) gpu -Adreno 618-... moreMi 11 lite 5g has sd780

Anonymous, 21 Jun 2021i checked... SD855+ overall still have better performanc... moreNo.. mi 11 lite use Snapdragon 732G (8 nm) gpu -Adreno 618- only.. while poco x3 pro use Snapdragon 860 (7 nm) gpu adreno 640.. way more faster thn Mi 11 lite.

A bloody decent gizmo. A beast of the phone. Lightning fast.
SD865 still the best chip at speed&reliability since overheated 888 is just overclocked 865.
Photos here very decent (although I still miss my old redmi 8 note pro), video cam almost a pro. But if you want a pro cam, buy a pro cam.
MIUI 12.5 stable, reliable, no issues, all very clear, def. improvement re. MIUI 12.0.
I expected it a bit bigger and heavier, but it feels smaller and lighter than Redmi 9 note pro. Not sure why. Very compact feel in the hands.
If you have small hands, then buy 6-6.3 incher. But once you get used to >6.6 screen you don't want to go back.
Also, not sure what all the fuss is about AMOLED screens, unless you have eye problem. Literally put, LCD screens don't cut corners and they are BIGGER screens. And LCD on this phone is the best on the market. Long live LCDs!
No wireless charging? Buy one extra for 20 euros if you're too lazy to stick the cable in.
No audio jack? Buy bluetooth earings for another 20 euros. For me it is a worthy upgrade since I got fed up with all the cables anyway.
No waterproof? It is splashproof according to Xiaomi and some tests. But if you work outside or live in high mountains get a plastic bag.
Proximity sensor problem while on the call? Don't sweat or breath too heavily. And put a protection foil or panzerglass. You should have no problem.
Also because it's a phone well worth protecting! 😄😃

  • Anonymous

Bill, 23 Jun 2021I have the mi 10T Pro I did have a S10 The S10 is prehist... morewhich one i choose ????

Mi 10T Pro...8/128
Realme X50 Pro....8/128

both 460$


4200mah 65w...vs...5000mah 33w
amoled 90hz....vs....ips 144hz
64mp telephoto 2x optical....vs....108mp ois
under display finger....vs....side-mounted

  • Pat

How is it that on non of your reviews a read anything about the thinkness of the glass. Gorilla 5 says nothing if its only 0,3 or 0,4 mm thick, hence it is tested on 0,6 mm thickness by Cornering. Meaning by this, is that a phone with a thicker glass is a lot stronger.

  • kek

John-wick, 21 Jun 2021Disappointed with Mi 10t pro camera. it takes detailed phot... moreThen, it means the camera is super good: Natural colors that you can tweak to suit your tastes.

  • Bill

I have the mi 10T Pro
I did have a S10
The S10 is prehistoric in comparison to this phone lol
I don't know how people are having problems with it, it's super fast looks amazing
The camera editing software I don't think is available on other brand devices,
I've had no problems with it whatsoever,
It's by far the best phone I've ever used.
I'm in the UK on 3 network
£30 a month 30 gig of data and unlimited calls and texts 😀😎

  • Bill

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2021Can anyone hwre share their experience on miui 12.5 from eu. Mine has been updated to 12.5 about a week ago
I don't notice any difference and there are no bugs

Is anyone found a fix for proximity sensor?

  • Anonymous

John-wick, 21 Jun 2021Bad photography experience. Lack of exposure, low contrast... morefor better photography go for

Realme X3 SuperZoom


Lack of exposure and low contrasty photo. Plz avoid mi 10t pro for photography. Go to Mi note 10. MI note 10 much better for photography

Bad photography experience. Lack of exposure, low contrasty photos.

Disappointed with Mi 10t pro camera. it takes detailed photos with low exposure and low contrasty. Why? Without edited most of the photos looks dull

The phone is probably good, but MIUI is a total crap. Crap.