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Naahh the WiFi module getting fried after some time is a major major issue for this phone. I don't want to wake up one day with a phone that works only on mobile data. Plus. I have never ever used a repaired phone in my life and just the idea of using a repaired $600 phone is ridiculous. Even the most recent batches gets the WiFi module fried so what's to regret about that?

  • Anonymous

HNP30, 08 Oct 2021I highly encourage Global version users to update to the la... moreNot true. Battery drain faster

  • Anonymous

HNP30, 21 Oct 2021I sold my my Mi 11 yesterday with a heavy heart. It is inde... moreYou will regret your decision

I sold my my Mi 11 yesterday with a heavy heart. It is indeed a great handset but after reading several cases of busted WiFi chips I decided to let the Mi 11 go. Didn't want to go through the process of replacing the motherboard which here in Philippines would take 3 weeks to repair since the parts are on order basis. Plus, I cannot accept a repaired phone which I bought for around US$600 since a repaired unit is no longer in pristine condition.

Your comparing Huawei to Xiaomi now? I must admit as a former Huawei fanboy I really liked their optimizations but to refer to Mi as awful is ridiculous. While its not perfect, it is making great progress with the recent updates. The problem with users is they can't be satisfied ever with what they have and they always want more which is a common thing nowadays. Why not enjoy what's given to you instead of constantly complaining? Just saying.

  • Anonymous

Mp, 19 Sep 2021Absolute awful phone, overheats, 4g signal drops, poor batt... moreAgree with you. I changed from huawei p30 pro. The worst experience i had with a new smartphone... Xiaomi soft needs a lot of improvement

  • Tia

Horhe23, 02 Sep 2021Anyone here experiencing Mi 11 can't detect any wifi n... moreYes, my Mi 11 can't connect to any wifi connection too. Saw on one website saying it has something to do with the motherboard.

Got this phone after owning for 8 months a Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra 5G.
I'm very pleased with the device and not regreting switching from the Note(if you are a full time S-Pen user you will miss it badly). I trully recommend it if you want a flagship device without breaking the budget.
I do have one thing I'm not sure about. The phone came with the bootloader unlocked, it does not have root access activated. Will it still get OTA updates when they roll put ofiicialy?

Thank you!

I highly encourage Global version users to update to the latest 12.5.7 manually via Updater app. I believe it has fixed most of the bugs and the phone now runs cooler, more fluid, and battery life has improved a bit. Once the battery reaches lower than 90%, draining slows down noticeably which should result to better SOTs. While it doesn't indicate that it is the Enhanced Version, I believe it already is since Memory Extension feature is already available and is enabled by default after the update.

  • OllieOhoy

Great phone. Definitely don't regret switching from OnePlus. Only have slight issues with Spotify sometimes stopping, but that might just be a Spotify issue. Definitely recommend.

HHHHHA, 09 Sep 2021i got a mi 11 and it doesn't have any of the problems ... morebro would you help me installing the best gcam for Mi 11??

  • Mp

Absolute awful phone, overheats, 4g signal drops, poor battery, noise cancelling microphone is awful, poor video sound at concerts, phone is a pile of crap, won't be buying any Xaiomi devices ever again

  • Anonymous

HHHHHA, 09 Sep 2021i got a mi 11 and it doesn't have any of the problems ... moretrue

  • roziki

now I'm using MIUI version 12.0.8, it's good to update to MUI 12.5.5?

Army Faded, 10 Sep 2021uh bro most sd 888 overheats unless they have a incredible ... moreI agree. Just look at this benchmark and temperature comparison from Frankietech.


The Mi11 gets hot yes because of its frame made of aluminum and its thinner than most SD888 phones but notice the immediate temperature drop in the video which shows how effective the cooling system of the Mi11 is compared to its SD888 peers.

Xiaoming, 31 Aug 2021Bad bad phone snapdragon 888 easily overheat warm for ligh... moreuh bro most sd 888 overheats unless they have a incredible cooling system (which is mostly on gaming phones) just buy a cooler instead.

  • juanscl

Great phone, camera, battery, display but the power button get stuck within a month


i got a mi 11 and it doesn't have any of the problems whatsoever. no overheat, no bug. it is really smooth to use and MIUI is not as bad as people keep saying. The only bad thing i can think of is maybe camera, the photos are sometime overexposed and there are some light aberration here and there. highly recommend to use gcam instead of stock camera, it is so much better.

  • urmom

Slow updates, overheating issues, fast (unless it overheats, which it does when just browsing, as an example), buggy camera and video recording. Great display, but again if it overheats, it will cap the refresh rate to 60...

This will be the last Xiaomi phone i buy.

  • tanbir 5533

great dispaly .. camera i can say ok nothnig special ...battrey life like 5 to 6 hours so i can say good ...... still have some over heating issue.... performance great ...so overall i can good but not something special.