Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

Xiaomi Mi 11 Ultra

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  • lol

900$ (china price) for DSLR quality cameras. Combine that with IP68, best display on the market, really fast charging, good looks and just the perfect blend of specs. This is the year's best phone.

hundred dollars extra "ultra" for better camera lol..

Iphoneking, 29 Mar 2021NopeCome with an argument please.

  • Goly

They are following samsung path in the flagship department. No sd slot, no jack, and heavy weight.234 grs !!!!!!

  • Anonymous

No SD card slot.. How Dumb

  • kevin

Fasol, 28 Mar 2021I'm waiting for the official technical specification, ... more11 Pro & 11 Ultra have IP68

They copy the even the Name. Crap.

So really, the only notable difference between this and the Pro variant is the 48MP telephoto and ultrawide sensor, that's it. I'll wait for GSMArena's full review to come in and see whether the Ultra is a worthy buy or I'll just go ahead and buy the Pro. And btw, I could have commented about the extra 4GB RAM and also the little secondary display at the back for rear camera selfie purpose, but I don't really care much about that.

  • Mario

234g too heavy in holding in hands

Can an admin or someone else confirm if B32 really is supported?

Mobilemaster, 29 Mar 2021A real Ultra smart phone! I expect this to challenge any ot... moreNope

What I hate from nowadays smartphone is that, they forget gamers in their target, if not why can't they put such feature that Motorola did, ie gaming triggers on the side of the curve glass, if you are not a gamer you can turn them off. Simply

Anonymous, 29 Mar 20211700 nits.. Sounds good! It is amazing!

  • Anonymous

1700 nits.. Sounds good!

Li-Po or Silicium Oxygen?

  • Alanchen

234gm omg 🤦🏻‍♂️

  • Anonymous

No headphone jack no buy

A real Ultra smart phone! I expect this to challenge any other smart phone. Their CEO was very confident about its capabilities.
Oh and I liked that part with the IP68 from the presentation.

  • Wiggums

They just advertised 8GB and 12GB, but not 16GB. That's for both the Pro and Ultra.

  • Goly

No card slot, no jack.FAIL.