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Xiaomi Mi 4i

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i am using mi 4i in 3 months .suddentlly the display break .the replacement of combo display its too costly .the company have no enough service centre in india.

  • saurabh

this phone is good.... but batrry bakup is not very good

  • Nair

I have purchased MI4I one and a half years back last December to March I was I USA within 15 days I reached USA my phone itermitatly switched off. It went off after reached India I took it ti the service centre an found that the battery swelled and motherboard become defective. Both have to be replaced. Now it is a scrape. I am strongly dissatisfied with the product.

  • GS Singh

Very good phone.I am using since May2015

  • Anonymous

AnonD-631653, 13 Jan 2017this phone blastedAre you serious, does the phone really blasted ??

  • Adesh

I have mi4i device & I'm using this from 1.5 years. When I purchased it work good only 1 month then suddenly SIM SLOT-1 WORKING STOPPED. I went service centre but they said spare parts are not available this time then I used it 11 months then I again went to service centre & submitted it after passing 20 days they didn't respond then I took back my device. :( :( :(

Now I went to service centre for changing it sim slot then they said it couldn't done by us.. .. . Whole BOARD will be replace in 6000/- but I checked it's spare part list on Internet the SIM SLOT AVAILABLE IN 300 RUPEE but they are not installing in it. I am very disappointed by mi service.

Please no one purchase it's! :(

  • Pankaj

I update my phone last month. But it started switch off 60 or 70 %
Battery. I hv to connect charger for a min then i start i got 80 to 90% battery again. I update again 8.1.5 versen but i did not get any solution. Plz help what should i do

  • Dimpu

NainaraM, 27 Feb 2017I repair my mi4i screen 3 timesI repair my mi4i mobiles screen 6 times

  • santhosh kumar Keral

Phone is good My phone is at your service center (Dr.gone)Kottayam for the past four month .Is not get repaired. They Say's that the power button is complaint and delayed due to the lack of part. Please sent the power button as early as possible

  • AnonD-649330

Chaitanya, 18 Feb 2017Mi4i doesn't have band 5 support. That is the reason the ne... moresearch its original ROM from site name needrom, there also installing instructions.

  • NainaraM

matty sharma, 23 Feb 2017screen break problem is comman in mi4i so please take any o... moreI repair my mi4i screen 3 times


pls volte update

  • matty sharma

screen break problem is comman in mi4i so please take any other phone with gorrilla glass

  • brother boring

hii. i am using second hand redmi 1s and it is running on miui 6. when i update to the latest version the device locked and it says to login but it was not my mi account which i have created, it says to login with the preuser mi account. how to solve this

  • Chaitanya

m, 09 Feb 2017i am using jio in my mi4i, and it works perfect, even batte... moreMi4i doesn't have band 5 support. That is the reason the network is weak compared to other phones .As 800 MHz gives more coverage and better stable network

  • m

Derpak, 09 Jan 2017I hav also same problem.after installing jio4g apps it does... morei am using jio in my mi4i, and it works perfect, even battery backup too i get for a hole day, my phone is 1 and half year old, i dont keep any media files,
try this to set 4g lte network
type this on dialpad *#*#4636#*#* and select respective sim (ex: phone information 1 for sim1) and set lte

  • m

why this phone is still costly(Rs11999)?

  • Mohit manchanda

Anonymous, 15 Jan 2017Phone heat up very easily and quicklyUpdate it to latest version of miui

  • Samuel

Does it has an update to 6.0 and is it NO SD slot for 16gb model?

  • AnonD-640813

I love my phone! 16gb. White.
I am using it with 9 apps(except the pre installed like phone and calculator etc.) and it's okay as long as i clean trash most of the time. I am still using miui 7 coz i like the notification bar on this ui.