Xiaomi phone with 5G and 120W charger gets certified

Yordan, 15 July 2020

The number of companies, joining the 100W+ fast-charging hype train is getting bigger and bigger with every day. Today a Xiaomi smartphone was certified with a 120W charger on 3C (or CCC) - Chinese Compulsory Certification.

M2007J1SC on 3C
M2007J1SC on 3C

The M2007J1SC device will be able to reach 20V at 6A through the charger which carries the model number MDY-12-ED. We do not have any other specs, aside from the fact that this will be a 5G smartphone, but this is hardly a surprise anymore.

Xiaomi is the fourth company or brand that promised a massive increase in charging speeds in the past few days, following iQOO's official announcement on Monday, Oppo’s event today and Realme is also planning an unveiling for tomorrow.

Lenovo is officially introducing its first Legion gaming device on July 22, and it is expected to also have impressive fast-charging speed - 90W, even if it looks slow in perspective to the current trend.



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What better? What's "better" is your opinion. More like you couldn't come up with a better comment back. All you have to say is how bad other's things are when you don't look at your own things. Nobody has to respon...

  • Anonymous

you mean a simple 18w charger would have hurt their own products?,an indisplay fingerprint sensor would have hurt their own products? They could have put all of these in a new iphone but they won't,bcz what they care about is only profits,peo...

  • Anonymous

Couldn't come up with something better? Nothing logical or rational in your reply. End of conversation.

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