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  • Golpesar

hi guys,
there is a question about this phone, I had used poco x3 nfc and that phone have "Sound leakage front speaker" that It made everyone hear to your call at the lowest volume! was so bad bug :(
people using this phone are they facing such a phenomenon in this mobile?
Please express without prejudice

  • RandomNoob

Rookie, 10 May 2021How is your screen time. İs it enough for a day?I use dark mode in my F3, and got 7hours and 20 minutes of screen on time (I don't play games, just browsing the web, instagram and watching YT sometimes).. (from 100% to 10%)

  • Anonymous

Anati, 10 May 2021My advise to all! Don't buy this phone! This phone is ... moreyou're funny.

Anati, 10 May 2021My advise to all! Don't buy this phone! This phone is ... moreignore him/her

  • Vinz

Anonymous, 07 May 2021We are the customers, they are the companies. They are supp... moreNo, i think only poor people like you always complaining and want a cheap phone with highest spec. If u think u're right, why don't u try to make a phone with snapdragon 888, corning GG victus, 18gb ram, 1TB internal, 10 slot sim card, 200k MaH battery and sold it for half the price of poco F3? I really hate people with "no money" always complaining.

  • Rookie

How is your screen time. İs it enough for a day?

Read the review and you would notice that it was there even if it was not officially acknowledged earlier by Xiaomi..

  • VirMan

Is it just me or did the IP rating appear on this phone description? I didn't see it before...

kz000, 10 May 2021Hello Guys ! I have Xiaomi Mi 9T pro but i would like to... moreHonestly, it's not bad. It's pretty good but it's not the best out there either. I am heavy user so I can kill it in a day but with similar use, I definitely got more out of the Poco F1 I feel even with a smaller battery. I do wish they'd stuck in a 5000+mah battery but then size is compromised. It's thin and when I put it beside my Xiaomi mi 10T lite, it's only 2/3 of the thickness. It's as good as most top end phones but I wouldn't say that it's outstanding. I have got much better results with 60gz refresh rate and quite frankly I actually think that it's very reactive and pleasant to use at 60hz. The amoled screen is the standout feature alongside the performance of the Snapdragon 870.

Cra2y Kill3r, 02 Mar 2021This is the global version of the Redmi K40 Pro (for those ... moreGlobal version of redmi k40

  • Anati

My advise to all! Don't buy this phone! This phone is made of very cheap materials! The back cover of my Poco F3 got broken by itself! Maybe overheat or the case the Poco provide with is very tight! All I can assure you this phone is so fragile and the back cover will break at anytime by itself! DONT Buy!

  • Rookie

How is your screen time. İs it enough for a day?

  • kz000

Hello Guys !

I have Xiaomi Mi 9T pro but i would like to change is it, because no more updated by Xiaomi? Is the Poco F3 good choice. I have some dubts about the battery . because the Mi9tpro has really good battery, and stand by time. What do you think guys?

Anonymous, 03 May 2021Source: Trust me bro! Of course not, without a source!

  • Vlad

kvln5, 09 May 2021So right now the oneplus 8t is at around 500 euro. It has s... moreThey are actually quite similar, One+ 8t has slightly better camera, slightly faster charging and probably a tad better display. Poco on the other hand has better SOC, they are the same but one in POCO is OCed and 10-15% faster.

The real question is, is it worth paying another 100+ $?

  • Anonymous

mdseba1997, 09 May 2021Is there any brightness related issue in the outdoor condit... moreThere's an option called Sunlight Mode. You make sure that's turned on

Is there any brightness related issue in the outdoor condition/under sunlight with Xiaomi Poco F3??
In the Indian version of the Poco F3 known as Mi 11x brightness gets down & the display becomes hard to see in the outdoor.
Am concerned about the outdoor visibility on the Poco F3.
Is it clear enough in the outdoor??
Thanks in advanced.

  • Anonymous

I bought 8/256 around $390, for sub $400, i think no other hardware can compare except for the camera, but who buy poco for the camera? If u want the camera get samsung a52, better camera, software and aftersales.

  • AnoM

Anonymous, 08 May 20215G is still a gimmick now. I have the Poco F3 with 5G suppo... moreMy country even worse, 4G is still bad, so no need talk about 5G, it has been in talk since 2017 but never ever implemented. Even the 4G+ signal in my country is slow.
So, typically we use 4G+ for those non-critical, low bandwidth usage only.
Those who enjoy good and reliable internet speed is from fibre WiFi, which already has 1Gbps speed.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 May 2021Sorry but the RealMe GT Neo is now the new King of Midrange... moreI don't know which fairy tail land you're living in but majority of other regions don't have a Global Version of the Realme Neo GT with a lower price. It's price is a little higher than the Poco F3 in the standard market. Poco F3 6GB RAM Global is at $335 base price while Neo GT 6GB RAM CN ROM is at $375 base price. That 12GB Neo CN ROM costs $502 which is the same price range as the base model of the Redmi K40 Pro which has the Snapdragon 888. I don't recommend CN ROMs unless you're a tech pro or in China.