Xiaomi Poco F3 GT

Xiaomi Poco F3 GT

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Lack of Telephoto lens, OIS and Indisplay fingerprint sensor are main weak points.

  • Aa

Why sound not tunel JBL Poco F3 GT

  • Anonymous

Looking at it's spec sheet and several videos from reviewers. It's a more well rounded device than the Poco F3.
It's processor is weaker than the Poco F3 and Mi 10T Pro but runs stable in most games. It averages at 49.2 FPS Highest Settings in Genshin Impact which is higher than Poco X3 Pro.

It's cameras though are better than the Poco F3.
If you focus on Gaming on max performance go for the Poco F3 but if you want a phone that can game and have better camera then the Poco F3 GT is a better choice.

  • Anonymous

The 67W fast charging sets up another good opportunity for us to test the battery life in of popular phones in this segment.

  • sdg9

Regarding to my previous comment, i meant i didn't see anywhere which Xiaomi or POCO officially said or wrote that POCO F3 GT speakers are tuned by JBL.
Thanks again.

  • sdg9

I guess this smartphone speakers aren't tuned by JBL, however Redmi K40 Gaming Edition speakers are tuned by JBL. (I didn't see any evidence from Xiaomi about JBL for POCO F3 GT)
GSMARENA if you are sure of this matter please inform.

  • Kraken

JIMMY, 24 Jul 2021Is it true that developers optimize games more often for Sn... moreYes

  • Anonymous

Harry, 24 Jul 2021This phone tried to troll Oneplus Nord 2 lol, you don'... moreSad u dont know that Oxygen OS is now built under Color OS XD

This one is good. Mostly the design. Im a big fan of Xiaomi and not relly interested in realme. But I guess they can't beat Realme's Explorer Edition in terms of overall specs. Maybe the pricing of both will be the big difference. I'm eyeing to global release of Realme's Explorer Edition. Luv those curved screen.

  • Anonymous

Plankies, 24 Jul 2021If only Xiaomi can get rid of there MIUI skin and give a cl... moreNo need to get rid of MIUI. What they do need to do is to optimize the UI and make it less buggy.

  • Prabhat

STE FAR 05, 23 Jul 20215 of course since the F3 is 5.MediaTek Dimensity 1200 support 4ch LPDDR4x, UFS 3.1, Wi-Fi 6 & Bluetooth 5.2.
It doesn't matter whether it is Realme X7 max, Oneplus Nord 2 or POCO F3 GT.

  • WazzupMakagago

That camera looks ugly

  • Anonymous

gaming phone but why no 3,5mm jack ??

  • Demon06

Will this come with NFC in India?

  • Plankies

If only Xiaomi can get rid of there MIUI skin and give a cleaner android, there sales would go through the roof.

  • Harry

This phone tried to troll Oneplus Nord 2 lol, you don't get a OIS plus flagship camera performance. OxygenOS is way more cleaner than the trashy poco UI. There updates are the worst. It's physical button is only the plus point here, but nah I don't care it's a gaming phone we knew that it was going to be there. Overall performance and safer goes to OnePlus.


Is it true that developers optimize games more often for Snapdragon processors, than for Mediatek?

  • Anonymous

This phone has huge fabulous specs, but there r some disadvantages
1. If u need a 5G phone this in not worth because they r giving only 2 bands in 5G band...so, if u r in metropolitan cities it will be useful, in rural village areas u won't get signals...
2. No Headphone Jack...even ROG 5 retained it...
3. Not tuned by JBL as in Redmi K40 Gaming...please Gsmarena change it soon...
4. Given LPDDR 4X ram...

  • Anonymous

damn this is like the same price as the f3 , and i bought my f3 a month ago

  • Anonymous

Khan, 23 Jul 2021Xiaomi phones are heavy than other brands. The weight shoul... moreThe two lightest phones right now are by Xiaomi - Mi 11 lite and it's 5G variant.