Xiaomi Poco F3 GT

Xiaomi Poco F3 GT

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  • ols

The powerful gaming features in this are incredible along with of course the Dimensity chipset

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2021You just need to download NFC from Google Play!Wtf

Milind Zaveri, 13 Aug 2021Guys, DON'T BUY this Phone. This phone have too many i... moreXiaomi had acknowledge there was bug issue of overheating. They are in preparing update for fix overheating.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Aug 2021You just need to download NFC from Google Play!lol No. NFC is hardware like Bluetooth and Infrared

  • Anonymous

r3ndee, 05 Aug 2021no NFC????You just need to download NFC from Google Play!

  • Rabbit Stew

No 3mm jack on a gaming phone? how did this happen? but nonetheless this phone still a beast on paper, gonna buy this instead of redmagic 6 cos of tight budget

  • Mastermind

Allyson, 09 Aug 2021Why the brands was removing the FM radio support?Bcz they have to put 3.5mm jack for that and it is not available in this model

  • Milind Zaveri

Guys, DON'T BUY this Phone. This phone have too many issue which you all don't know. My phone come with a Touch issue. Battery is draining in just 15hours moderate user. No games on this phone still this problem. But the phone is overheating and switching off. Apps open automatically. The phone also have a ghost screen when kept in pocket. I tried to reset but the problem is same. The camera is worst the POCO f1. When I tried to return, Flipkart is saying that the seller had rejected the return request. My Phone is even not inspired by them. But I did what they told. Even after all that I explain. They have block me from calling them.

  • Anonymous

Allyson, 12 Aug 2021Why all brands are removing the FM rádio?because they need to put jack3.5 for the radio

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Aug 2021they already made dozen versions of each of their phone mod... moreBecause Xiaomi twice had joined Google Android One project with Mi A1 and A2 and not really success, and it seemed that Android One Project is not really interesting for OEM, Only Nokia doing now

Due to android a lot of fragmentation, it seems google won’t made the Vanilla for OEM, just let OEM did it alone, and waste time to make one vanilla and one custom

But i agree, MIUI development is trash, bugs everywhere and affect hardware easily, eventough may not all feel it but still ruined everything, like this phone has overheat bug and xiaomi admitted it

  • Rene

OS, 11 Aug 2021why No NFC while it is available in the India version ? Nfc ia not available in indian version

  • Allyson

Why all brands are removing the FM rádio?

  • sabir

when will poco f3 gt launch in Dubai??

  • Luffy

Anonymous, 04 Aug 2021other phones don't have MIUI. MIUI is the problem of x... moreLol it's a problem for u not all, if u r die hard fan of a specific oxygen or anything sure go for it by paying more, But miui is the most feature reach and beautifully designed OS in android, Ppl who brag about oxygen or stock are just newbies who don't know anything or never used such rom still brag to look unique infront of others and show off, Currently stock android is useless even google is moving away from stock with Android 12, U guys always criticize Xiaomi phones and miui but it has the most features in all android UI, the likes of realme ui updates a feature which Miui already had a year ago like AoD with animation because i used realme for a year and oxygen on other hand doesn't even have proper AoD, it is now color + oxygen product.

  • Marius

Bamboleo, 06 Aug 2021I've seen dimensity 1100 in the youtube review Because this is Poco F3 GT,not Poco X3 GT

  • anynomous

When will Poco F3 GT will launch globally??
desperately waiting...

  • lol

without NFC no needed

  • OS

why No NFC while it is available in the India version ?

  • HumanZ

When is it launching in Europe?

  • Hafiz

Why 3.5 head Phn jack not in there?