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Is there even a hope in this page that they will update the Antutu v10 score in the phone specs ? This phone was basically released on the time Antutu v10 was released. They can update the phone specs on the Android version but not for the Benchmark score on the new version of software.

    Spanky, 19 Mar 2024It’s even less likely to be used, now that the Snapdragon 7... moreWell hopefully those new SD7+G3 phones (which I hope will be plentiful) will have just as great of a value proposition as this one.

      NeonHD, 17 Mar 2024SD7+G2 is still one of the most OP chipsets ever released, ... moreIt’s even less likely to be used, now that the Snapdragon 7+ Gen 3 gets released.

        SD7+G2 is still one of the most OP chipsets ever released, sad not many OEMs use them.

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          • 14 Mar 2024

          Anonymous, 07 Mar 2024I wouldn't worry ,every electronic device can have a b... moreThis is plain incorrect. I understand why you've made this assumption, but the truth is that qc and materials for Indian models are lesser because Xiaomi themselves have set up manufacture and assembly in India. This was done to provide cheaper devices to the Indian market (as it is an exponentially rising market), and a side effect of that is lower quality manufacture and assembly, and sometimes even lower quality parts (not just lower binned, but actually lower specification). This has been demonstrated time and time again, and Xiaomi has responded by offering extended warranties for devices affected. It's cheaper to risk it and offer repair for the sake of more share in the Indian market. This doesn't mean all Indian devices are bad, it just means that they're currently more likely to spontaneously fail.

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            • 13 Mar 2024

            Rebin Tunign, 09 Mar 2024This or X6 Pro for emulation?Poco F5 for the snapdragon processor compatibility with emulators

              Rebin Tunign, 09 Mar 2024This or X6 Pro for emulation?Probably best to wait for F6 to see what will it be before decide.
              Just to let you know that F5 have only 1 OS update left to get while X6 Pro will have 3 OS updates to come with the phone and 4 years of security. Same with F6

              Only thing to go with this over X6 Pro is only the 3.5mm jack. F5 is around 1.1M points in Antutu v10 and X6 Pro is around 1.3M points so the difference is not a lot and we still have flagship phones that have not reached 1M points like Google pixel series that even with Pixel 9 wont make it over 1M points probably. But that is enough performance to laste next 5 years no problems in any games on max settings.

              X6 Pro biggest problem is probably that it can bend easy under the large camera island part of the phone so need to be more warry on where you place the phone like if you leave it on a sofa and then forget it while sat on it then there is higher chance then with F5 that you can bend the phone or break it.

              F5 screen brightness in nits can have what ever number at max 1000 nits under direct Northern bright sunlight i dont make difference with my last phone that was Redmi note 5 Ai that have LCD and 450 nits. Well i have dark mode on too so it's expected to see less.

              Poco F series is still poco flagship series and X is there top end middle class or light flagship as with X6 Pro performance jump from 600-700k to 1.3M is big one since F5 only when from 800k with SD870 from F3/4 to 1.1M and F6 will probably be something SD 8 Gen 2 performance range that should be better then X6 Pro D8300

              I dont expect SD 7+ gen 3 to be better then 7+ gen 2 as 7 gen 3 is around 800-900k range
              As the SD 7 gen 2 and 7s gen 2 are around 600k range

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                • 10 Mar 2024

                Rebin Tunign, 09 Mar 2024This or X6 Pro for emulation?F5 for sure

                  This or X6 Pro for emulation?

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                    • 07 Mar 2024

                    Anonymous, 07 Mar 2024Damn so the motherboard issue is only with the Indian model... moreI wouldn't worry ,every electronic device can have a bad batch ,I really doubt the Indian model is any more acceptable to motherboard failure that anywhere else ,it's more likely just more are sold over there so the faulty units are going to show up more .
                    You have to rember that everyone treats their phones differently ,you have no clue what those people with motherboard failures did with their phones , a lot of people debloat the hell out of these phone and then brick them when an update comes that require one of those apps they've just uninstall ,either that or drop it down ten flights of stairs and then complain it doesn't work no more.

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                      • 07 Mar 2024

                      BMHater12, 29 Feb 2024That's the problem of owning a Indian made Poco device... moreDamn so the motherboard issue is only with the Indian models? How can one get a global version while residing in India?

                        eggsy, 05 Mar 2024poco f4 has deadboot issueYou say it like the model have the issue as all of them that was sold have the issue. Why dont we see any news about it then ? But we dont have the type of news about it. Even this update that bricked phones for Xiaomi when the update was for HyperOS and by mistake was released on MIUI too and in there caused problems for phones. There was news about it.

                        F4 dont have that type of news so it's just 1 or 2 phones with the issue and even for that we dont know what caused the issue for these few F4. There are also a lot of people who troll around and fabricate false information for some reason just like you do as you dont give any source for your claim

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                          • 05 Mar 2024

                          pl2rts, 21 Feb 2024Has any of the F5 motherboards died ? I have not read it fr... morepoco f4 has deadboot issue

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                            • 04 Mar 2024

                            HyperOS update just released with February 2024 security patch, the update is 1.2GB

                            I am currently testing it, for now it fixed the throttle issues in a game that im playing (Critical Ops), keeping a solid 120fps instead of throttling it down to 90fps.

                              Spanky, 04 Mar 2024If you like HyperOS and Xiaomi phones, you might want to ch... moreHis only problem is reception that he dont get cause no American 4G bands supported.
                              I dont think Xiaomi will enter American market cause of what America did to Huawei and all the defame the brand got. They will lose American market and then also lose European market if they get defamed like Huawei did.

                                BillyOcean, 03 Mar 2024I get a new mid-range phone every year. Bought the F5 4 mon... moreIf you like HyperOS and Xiaomi phones, you might want to check out the Poco X6 Pro, as it might be just what you need (better performance from ROM RAM and GPU, better screen, similar battery times, HyperOS with Android 14 out of the box). And it might also have all of your required bands!

                                  I get a new mid-range phone every year. Bought the F5 4 months ago. However, now im seeing the Thinkphone on sale for $395 on Amazon. Thinking about selling the F5 and switching. Will i be disappointed? Im worried ill miss my F5. This thing is near perfect. Love the headphone jack. HyperOS is an upgrade. Beautiful screen and long battery. Only thing bad about the F5 in America is the reception. I have T-Mobile and depending on where i am the phone gets really bad service. Thinkphone carries every band.

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                                    • 01 Mar 2024

                                    KOLI, 29 Feb 2024HyperOS is a junk..!! tons of bug and data stealing..!!!what bugs are you faing in hyper os, can you elaborate

                                      Hshs, 25 Feb 2024Is not like it's going to explode the next day. It was... moreAll brands including Sony and Samsung use cheap components in there lower class phones. It's all to get the price down. Even Apple use cheap components to get the price down to build there devices but not for customers to pay for them

                                        Emu, 26 Feb 2024Thank you for your insight, have you updated to hyperos yet... morealso day 1 user here. hyper os is good. no change in performance since i updated over. dont believe these short snarky comments and remarks you see here. theyre often people with bad experiences with prior poco devices and just straight up liars.