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Anonymous, 28 Jul 2021GT means Mediatek chipset.Poco F4 GT Use Snapdragon 8 Gen 1

    Marcel, 11 Oct 2021It is a bug from MIUI, it's not only xiaomi, my samsun... moreDisable auto brightness, i think

      yaanns, 23 Mar 2022Are we getting miui 13 update?Yes

        inoebene, 01 Apr 2022Does this phone support 120 watt charger?This phone gets 67watt

          ZIZBERT181020, 26 Sep 2021Dear , POCO X3 GT is it supported OTG . I have 2TB hard di... moreYes

            ZIZBERT181020, 27 Sep 2021i have poco x3 pro gt , and the call recording cannot loca... moreIt is under the same number you dailed

              RandyRiffin, 14 Nov 2021Where do you record your call? Also check you're files... moreCheck the history of the contact you did the call recording with.

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                • Champ
                • j8j
                • 13 Jun 2022

                Anonymous, 10 Jun 2022Torn between Poco X3 GT or Xiaomi Note 11 Pro+? I'm j... moreOf course Poco X3 gt. Antutu scores I am getting 685682.
                Nice screen though it's LCD. Fast refresh rate and emulates games well like ps2 and psp. Camera ok. Hardly use cameras. But it's good enough.phone does not get hot only when fast charging. I use normal charger overnight.

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                  • Anonymous
                  • y6V
                  • 10 Jun 2022

                  Torn between Poco X3 GT or Xiaomi Note 11 Pro+?
                  I'm just a casual user. Can someone highlight the pros and cons of the 2 phones. Thank you in advance!

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                    • Daniel
                    • tVq
                    • 07 Jun 2022

                    can someone help me with this phone?
                    when i play a games such as mobile legends while connecting to a good wifi connection, the in game ping so ustable. I search for the solusion but never found it. So anyone can help me?

                      • K
                      • Kris.
                      • XQZ
                      • 30 May 2022

                      RandyRiffin, 25 May 2022Easy. If you want the best gaming performance, battery and ... moreRedmi note 10 pro has a lot of issues, as I've read from reviews, from here till fb groups (which is common in ph). Most of them complained about the front cam not working after 6 mos of usage, audio and mic too started to not work, and they recommended not updating the miui upon buying the phone as it only causes different bugs.

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                        • Jjjjjj
                        • thw
                        • 27 May 2022

                        You are guys are so sick, there are no could be perfect smartphone, it just depends on your need

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                          • Pocoroco
                          • 7Xa
                          • 26 May 2022

                          Bluetooth audio is bad. When using bluetooth audio, the beginning of any music is cut (1st second of any music has no sound). Even when playing video with music, the 1 second cut only happens when the music starts, but not on the beginning of the video.

                            Anonymous , 23 May 2022This phone is shit Bad networking Bad connections mobile ... moreMay I ask you how the camera is shit? How are the colours and sharpness?

                              Anonymous, 21 May 2022Can I buy this model Poco X3 GT 8/256 or not suggestions neededEasy. If you want the best gaming performance, battery and charging get Poco X3 GT. If you want best camera and software, get A52s or Pixel 5a. Redmi Note 10 Pro and Realme 9 Pro+ also have good camera.

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                                • Danny
                                • XMF
                                • 24 May 2022

                                Guys, HELP ME!!!
                                Does Poco X3 GT support APTX/APTX Adaptive?
                                I searched but couldn't find the answer.
                                I want buy a tws with APTX feature.
                                Thank you before

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                                  • Anonymous
                                  • ptv
                                  • 23 May 2022

                                  This phone is shit
                                  Bad networking
                                  Bad connections mobile hotspot can not provide more than 20 Mbit per second. After 10 or 15 minutes it overheats upto 50 c.
                                  Camera is awful. On android 11 it has 3 or 4 bugs. Now after updating it to android 12,they not only didn't solve them but also they made this phone even worse

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                                    • Anonymous
                                    • 2Tu
                                    • 21 May 2022

                                    RandyRiffin, 18 May 2022This phone might not have an Oled screen, but it's muc... moreCan I buy this model Poco X3 GT 8/256 or not suggestions needed

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                                      • Ikay
                                      • mFd
                                      • 20 May 2022

                                      kino0, 24 Apr 2022same as you and this bad . are you found solution to this o... moreIt's not really a defect. Xiaomi just didn't include a good colour calibration tool and the colour scheme setting really suck. The work around is to root and then calibrate the display to your taste using an app like colour changer pro.
                                      I'm just managing it pending when I make up my mind to root it.

                                        Cobra, 17 May 2022Thos phone is shit. Bad networkingC'mon don't trash this phone for no good reason. I think your problem is that you don't know your service provider's network bands and you didn't use that information to check whether this phone is compatible with the network bands or not! I too made that mistake with Redmi Note 8 Pro.