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Hello all!

My device is global, but i got update for EU, what is wrong?

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2021miui released a new 12.5.7 update, for someone who updated ... moreGreat! Smooth experience and no bugs at all.

  • Alireza

thefathony, 10 Dec 2021Just received this phone 3 days ago and the experience is v... moreI've been using this phone for a few month and the battery has no issue. It lasts a full day while data is on and used a whole day.

  • Pep

Anonymous, 09 Dec 2021Should I buy poco X3 pro at this time?If u tight on budget & need smartphone ASAP then yeah you should buy this or the Poco F3 but only go for 8/256 variant only (if you're a heavy gamer)

Since holiday (Christmas & New Year) is in the corner, Poco might give a promo to these phone in the online, you might want to look it up

Also if you're a man with patience & money is of no concern you should wait for Poco X4 or their newer Poco F4 GT or any other device tht better than this

  • Anonymous

miui released a new 12.5.7 update, for someone who updated how's your experience?

Just received this phone 3 days ago and the experience is very nice. Performance and all is more than enough for me for the price.
The only complain for me is battery, need to charge twice a day. Is that normal?
Also when I switching on and off my work profile, sometimes the system cannot read the storage, is anybody experience this?

  • halbe

just received my new poco x3 pro
it seems super nice and everything looks awesome.

maybe if someone could help me as there were a couple things i wanted to know

1. what happened to floating windows in recent?
2. is there a way to allow pinning apps?

thanks so much

I am Going To Purchase this Phone Next Year.

  • James

Im calling all the poco x3 pro users to flood the feedback app of MIUI to report the issues with ui smoothness of poco x3 pro. I am really pissed because of this issue,I bought the device because of 120hz refresh rate spec. Its really an eyesore since I am using 120hz panel for more than a year.

  • Anonymous

Should I buy poco X3 pro at this time?

  • Anonymous

poco x3 pro
- wifi connection not disconnect but it appear NO INTERNET at the connection. this problem not happen all the time. after i disconnect the wifi and connect again the line is ok.
- my wife use redmi note 8 not have problem with the connection at the same time.
- so i guest it my phone problem not wifi line problem.
- any solution for this error.

  • Pep

Keke, 06 Dec 2021I'm using Iphone 13 which is the best phone ever. I de... moreConsidering Xiaomi commitment for this sub brand it will get a support major update of 3 years. We can expect the upcoming Android 12 & MIUI 13.

Also because this device is on lower mid-range, waiting for it to be implement will be of a patience and waiting game......

  • Keke

I'm using Iphone 13 which is the best phone ever. I decided to partner it with Poco X3 PRO this is monster phone when it comes to gaming with high quality and performance. I recommend both phones ... By the way , will X3 PRO gets future major software updates?

Just placed an order for this phone today. Especially for SD 860 Processor. I'm into gaming so I think this is right phone for me. Don't care about 5G because it will take a few years to arrive in my country.

After 4 months of usage I'm very happy with this phone, the best experience in an Android Smartphone so far for me. Smooth UI and great performance with daily apps like Web browsers, Messaging, Video and Social Media. The camera isn't so bad either with useful features.

I do not play game with the phone though, I've tried a couple of times and I dislike the gaming temperature, it makes me uncomfortable because I'm afraid it will affect the longevity of the phone.

DeezzFLACguY, 05 Dec 2021Xiaomi camera don't give you choice of mic settings s... moreOr after the recording just use some software to reduce the noise

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2021Bro you're audiophile. Well, how to prevent distortio... moreXiaomi camera don't give you choice of mic settings so for mic quality for video recording use external mic+impedance filter or gain adjustment....but if you use just mic from phone try cover one of the mics so it don't catch to much sound.....

Anonymous, 04 Dec 2021It seems Redmi note 7 is locked at 48 kHz. Miui can't ... moreLook like you headset using aptx codec etc... Bc aptx codec is 48khz default......and first thing first all bluetooh audio codec is lossy format although hi res LDAC codec is still lossy...ldac use hybrid lossy~lossless modified discrete cosine transform and huffman coding to provide more efficient data compression.

Anonymous, 05 Dec 2021Bro you're audiophile. Well, how to prevent distortio... moreWell for android ....stock audio recorder don't give you any choice only normal lossy recordings expect some model LG phone have native hi resolution audio pcm can adjust low noise filter and gain control) so i use 3rd app called neutron recorder (paid app but they give some trial app access or you just downloaded mod in google) that do really great of audio handle...you can change you format file like FLAC/WAV unprocessed with adjustable bit depth and sample rate and give at least it can bypass android mixer limit.....have auto gain correction so it don't catch up to much wind noise etc...

TheArtist, 02 Dec 2021I am planning to get this phone but Google dialer I don... moreThis phone is WAY better than the XR. that's why I have bought it instead of the XR, especially because of the half-way price. If you do want an iPhone then yes, the XR is still good and reliable! If you want more features and more control over what you are doing, for exampel Custom ROMs and more, then go for the X3 PRO!!