Xiaomi Redmi 10

Xiaomi Redmi 10

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  • Michael

Anonymous, 30 Aug 2021Pathetic phone no super amoled display, no fingerprint in d... moreShut your trap up. It's a budget phone. You will find all those specs in a high end device. So save some more money or keep mute.

  • Michael

Jim, 18 Sep 2021Redmi 10 lacks: - 4k video resolution, a shame for that 5... moreIt's a budget device. Some of you are just complaining needlessly. Go for a high end phone where you got everything and stop complaining.. nonsense!!

  • omar

my sister cried after she spends 240$
camera really bad
phone looks like good but the camera ,no way

  • Hasnain Raza

Please don't purchase radmi 10 bad model heavy duty heat up

  • Slow

To those who saying the camera are bad,well this is a BUDGET smartphone.what do you expect ? if you want that photo of yours so beautiful get yourself a real camera,or flagship smartphone.and if you don't have the money,then start making money

  • Cliff

I can't take astrophotography with this phone, the camera sucks

  • Farhan

phone is good except its camera. Front and back cameras both are really pathetic & feel like their megapixel are less than the stated. Even cameras of my old Honor 4 C are better than this.

  • Anonymous

Fazal , 01 Oct 2021How come Camera experience is so bad as per comments and pi... moreYh, me too, almost cried after seeing the images captured with the phone, I mean way worst than that of a keypad mobile, on a bright sunny day, it gives decent photos but not without you sweating from your ears, any place asides that, you're going to get nauseated by the outputs, I feel like I just wasted my 90,000 naira on this phone.

So, GSMArena, you guys have a question to answer, how come phone cameras are only good at your hands and not anywhere else?, hmm?, I'm suspicious.

Tony, 31 Dec 2021Bought this phone some days ago, overall performance is goo... moreYes the camera is very very bad 50mp ? Really hahaha shit

  • Tony

Bought this phone some days ago, overall performance is good, but the camera!, the camera is an absolute trash, very very poor, and to be sincere, I'm not really happy I bought this phone.

Uchiha Oyong, 18 Dec 2021I got a questions. Is Redmi 10 gonna get upcoming MIUI 13? ... moreYes

  • Dr.H.Abu Asad M

I am don't knows your language I'm Arabia Peoples

  • userr

Thankleno, 12 Oct 2021I have been using this phone for the past one week now, An... more1. you must got the defective one because mine's great no flashing screen
2. not so bad
3. it has second space and dual apps ( on 6/128 variant)
4. it has
5. i can

  • BIRD

Anonymous, 03 Dec 2021Can't find the reverse charging settings in my Redmi 1... moreit doesnt have a setting, all you have to do just connect the usb cable+otg

  • everY34534634

I bought the phone and been using it about a week now and lets just get straight to the point.
*I'm a casual user
*Phone - very affordable, good design
*Processor - if you're just a casual user, its definitely fast enough to handle some apps.
*Camera - the only good thing about the camera of this phone is the main camera (50mp), anything other than that, is worst.
*UI - good enough
*Battery - good enough
*Screen - better
*Speakers - i guess loud enough cause its dual (top & bottom)

if you're into photography (selfie, etc), this phone is nah.
if you're into gaming, i guess it can handle some games. (i'll let my brother install & play some games and yeah works fine, I later uninstall the games cause i don't have much to do with it.)
if you're just a dude who just wants a working phone, i guess this is doable (pretty neat if you are just using this as a ordinary phone haha)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 11 Nov 2021Camera result is too bad. Please don't purchase this ... moreWhich one do you recommend?

  • Sam

Is there a custom recovery yet for this phone? I need to leave miui.

Uchiha Oyong, 18 Dec 2021I got a questions. Is Redmi 10 gonna get upcoming MIUI 13? ... moreYes

  • Anonymous

is it a good phone to get for christhmas

I got a questions. Is Redmi 10 gonna get upcoming MIUI 13? I've read some articles some say going to get, some say not😅