Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5)

Xiaomi Redmi 5 Plus (Redmi Note 5)

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  • AnonD-700356

AnonD-597762, 07 Dec 2017SO SAD xiaomi using an old chipset with two years old for a... morethey wont use SD660....caused their flagship Mi note 3 is using the processor already....

  • AnonD-700356

hahaha....SD625 for Redmi 4 pro , Redmi Note 4x , Mi a1 , Mi Max 2, Redmi 5 Plus....
ByeBye Xiaomi I rather get new Xperia X now the price is cheaper.....with SD650 far better....

Disappointed, honestly. The phone is too big. Look at LG V30, and learn.
The CPU is old, it should have come with the SD 630, and a 4K video recording at a good price tag would have been amazing.

  • AnonD-720971

Redmi note 4 with 18:9 display,5+ is much better then redmi 5
2.4000mAh battery
1.Same old SD625SOC
2.NO USB type C
3.Camera(Xiaomi has always fails)

  • AnonD-597762

SO SAD xiaomi using an old chipset with two years old for a device carrying PRO name in 2018
this happen makes me to think to other chinese brand with low price
now other chinese brand with low price make devices with new chipset of SNAPDRAGON like SD660 & good specifications
just like two or three years ago of xiaomi(new chipst with low price)

It's a decent phone with a nice and trendy screen featuring an outdated but still efficient processor, sure it helps to keep the price low.
If it sported a regular 16:9 screen, maybe things would be a little different, people nowadays don't care much about what's under the hood, because its hard to make a crappy phone by today's standards. With all the basics covered, all they want is that flashy screen and a decent camera - and a speedy UI.
But since as we all know, in three to four months Xiaomi will update the SoC and maybe other specs, so better wait for a while.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-720946, 07 Dec 2017redmi 5 Price for china has been listed as 7999 yuan for 2... moreMan, redmi 5 plus has 625.

  • AnonD-720946

redmi 5 Price for china has been listed as 7999 yuan for 2/16 GB variant & 8999 yuan for 3/32 GB variant
redmi 5 plus Price for china has been listed as 9999 yuan for 2/16 GB variant & 12999 yuan for #/64 GB variant.
also redmi 5 will be powered by a snapdragon 450 processor and redmi wil have a snapdragon 650.

  • Anonymous

It's already dec 7 but no official announcement yet.

  • Adrian

pomato, 06 Dec 2017Not sure why people are laughing and saying "bye Xiaomi". ... moreRedmi 4 Prime had SD625 so people that used Xiaomi till now are expecting value for money.
This is a phone for 2018, SdD625 is old news in 2018.
Also take in consideration that the Redmi 3 had a 6 series CPU at about 120 dollars.
Redmi 5 wil have SD450, so 4 series CPU starting at more than 150 dollars.
So Xiaomi is iincreasing its margins in 2 ways, by increasing prices and by installing lower performing hardware.

  • chac3men

The phone should have at least come with a snapdragon 636 or a snapdragon 630, I would have preferred a better processor rather than a 18:9 screen .

  • AnonD-720723

On the picture is Redmi 5. Redmi 5 plus has dual-LED flash. You can see that on previous news about these phones. Thanks

  • loller

Hybrid slot? Dissapointment...

  • pomato

Not sure why people are laughing and saying "bye Xiaomi".

This is not a flagship phone, this is a medium range phone that will most likely between 100 - 200 USD. With the kind of things it can do, do they really expect an even better SoC for that price?

Bye bye xiaomi.

Three generations (note 3, Note 4, now Redmi 5plus, same design, etc? Where is your creative spirit Xiaomi?

  • AnonD-141647

Hahaha SD625~ Bye

  • MiRon4x

I think this is 2.0 octacore.