Xiaomi Redmi 9A

Xiaomi Redmi 9A

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  • AnonF-1109019
  • 05q
  • 12 Jul 2023

Don't torture yourself by buying this phone.
I wish I never had any contact and an understanding of phones when i got this.
The amount of torture this device has given me has been painfull.
I would throw this phone off of a cliff, mountain or a bridge if I were rich.
Don't buy this phone.

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    • Scotch
    • fXd
    • 08 Jul 2023

    Need a cheap phone for a while?
    Don't buy this phone, die before you buy this thing.
    It freezes at any point.
    Try switching between apps, it freezes, ended taking a MINUTE!
    Can't even keep Uber app open. Absolute waste of my money.
    I'm throwing it off a bridge, soon as I get replace!
    Don't even want to sell it, that's passing on bad luck to someone else

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      • Unknown
      • 64h
      • 04 Jul 2023

      The fact that this is even deemed a phone is absurd. It is so slow and it takes too long charge. Not only is this phone slow, but it can't even do everyday tasks. When I play PUBG on this stupid phone, it lags like I'm playing on a Nokia. I have another phone which is the Galaxy A40 and it's a really good phone for a cheap price, but I can't use it. I actually plan on moving the battery from my Redmi 9A to the Galaxy A40. Please do not buy the 9A. It's torture.

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        • Rana
        • 6p}
        • 03 Jul 2023

        Very bad,, and very very slowly

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          • Anonymous
          • XBA
          • 27 Jun 2023

          pelicethekitty, 27 Jun 2023its kinda the worst phone to ever exist or one of the worst... moreHonestly, this is what I face too

            its kinda the worst phone to ever exist or one of the worst phones to ever exist. when you exit an app, it just totally closes like it cant stay on the same page it was in before, and i dont think theres an option to change it. Ads are everywhere on this phone, even in the settings or when you just open apps. Although the speaker is quite good but, the camera.. it isnt, it looks more of a 5mp camera for me. The sound and the battery are the only things good here, the screen isnt good either, despite the ppi density; screen burns already apply or lets say screen retention. Imo, if you were ever to buy this phone to your child or as a second phone, dont do it, its like a torture, its like youre using an iphone 6s with 50% battery health. (exception for the ads and for when you go in the recents menu)

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              • Anonymous
              • 0sV
              • 26 Jun 2023

              A 90 year old grandpa with dementia and parkinson has more performance than this "phone" (Can you even call it a phone if it's unable to do the most basic things properly?)

              I didn't expect much from a 100€ phone but the fact it struggles to do the most basic things such as playing videos, browsing, chatting, calls etc is kinda hilarious.

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                • Anonymous
                • 8xJ
                • 23 Jun 2023

                It takes so many seconds if not minutes to do anything basic, even doing calls. Stay the f5ck away from this phone even if you need something really simple, is the worst, most useless piece of sh1t I bought ever.

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                  • LAshageo
                  • Bj7
                  • 17 Jun 2023

                  you can't actually use 60 fps i think it fake

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                    • Spider man
                    • u7@
                    • 13 Jun 2023

                    Dint buy this if you want to use this for 2 or 3 years 😒

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                      • Anonymous
                      • JxJ
                      • 13 Jun 2023

                      Anonymous, 24 Jan 2023It's one of the most slowest phones ever and after 5 m... moreIf you want to play pubg or any other heavy game just go for an expensive phone. This one is more casual j would say

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                        • AKIM RAPS
                        • Nsy
                        • 12 Jun 2023

                        I've been using the xaomi redmi 9a for a year now.This phone is a problem I can't even open apps on some apps it will tell you the security isn't responding. Just hope xaomi developers create a better miui system soon if not I'm ditching the 9A an going back to redmi 8

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                          • Anonymous
                          • XBA
                          • 10 Jun 2023

                          Very slow phone

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                            • Lucas
                            • b8x
                            • 04 Jun 2023

                            Anonymous, 05 Mar 2023I'm using this phone for almost a year now. Didn'... moreCan you give me the link of the custom ROM. Thank you

                              Buy Moto E20 or E13 instead. Or buy an Aligator smartpfone

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                                • Narodian
                                • nZN
                                • 20 May 2023

                                So I bought this recently as a secondary phone and honestly, for a 2020 phone, it is awful.

                                It is *incredibly* slow for a phone that's about three years old at the time of writing.

                                Plus, since it is a Xiaomi phone, it comes loaded with MIUI with its draconian energy saving measures that cannot be properly turned off. (I've tried all the guides online.)
                                If you want to reliably receive messages on your phone, you should keep looking because this phone will drive you up the wall. Apps get killed constantly, even if you just switch to another one for a second and then come back.

                                Do yourself a favor and don't ever, ever, ever buy Xiaomi phones.
                                Just horrible and almost unusable.

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                                  • Lucas Chia
                                  • M2k
                                  • 20 May 2023

                                  Anonymous, 15 Aug 2020redmi 7a..........146mm redmi 94.........165mm 20mm inc... moreFor larger screen. But not really pocket friendly

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                                    • lady Dee
                                    • NHZ
                                    • 19 May 2023

                                    yes the phone is very slow and the storage is a problem thinking a memory card maybe that may work out better

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                                      • Anonymous
                                      • 0U4
                                      • 15 May 2023

                                      Very slow phone in 2022.its almost no useable.

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                                        • Anonymous
                                        • t7N
                                        • 10 May 2023

                                        Anonymous, 30 Apr 2023A question for owners: how does the 2 GB RAM/32 GB ROM vers... moreThere's no MIUI 13 in redmi 9a. The latest version in on MIUI 12.5.