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  • zzz

Anyone know how to show sim contacts, i have ver 36 and no contacts menu or settings for sim whatsoever

  • AnonD-308151

neymar Jr, 01 Oct 2014i want to buy this phone. but i just want to know more abou... moreAfter using the Redmi Note for almost a month now, this is how I summarize the good & bad:
- Value for money, good specs for less expense
- Big screen 5.5" with HD-like presentation and quality, nice and vibrant color rendition, very good for watching movies
- Fast internet connection and surfing, smooth in playing intensive games like Asphalt 8
- MIUI interface is great, better than Samsung's, iPhone-like look
- OTG capable and micro SD card expandable up to 32gig
- Camera takes good pics, w/flash 13mp back & 5mp front
- Battery stamina is good, it can last the whole day with normal use, Internet, ernet, email, Facebook, Twitter etc.
- Dual sim

- On some apps like Waze, the voice/speaker is soft, but ok for ring tones or notifications
- Only 8gig internal memory although pic files can be automatically saved to external micro SD card
-Not yet 4G

Very happy and satisfied with the Redmi Note, will be using it for a long time, I even ordered an extra battery & spare cases for future use. Highly recommended!

  • beehawk

Bought 2 unit of Redmi Note for company use.
Got my share of the pro & cons
Pro :
- Octa core is good for most of the stuff.
- Not laggy
- big screen
- decent spec - Octa core 1.7GHz with 2gb ram, 4.2.2 Android
- well reasonable priced
- camera function is ok
- battery can be switch. In case you need the extra battery or to replace it. 3100mAh is quite sufficient for now.
- battery standby is quite long. 2 - 3 days standby on full charge isn't an issue. a 6 hours of music play back will drain about 40% of the batt.
- smart headphones control. It allow customization for headphones that has media control. you may control the volume while still have control to the play, pause, previous, forward.
- the USB cable that comes with the phone are quite nice actually. First time I see the cable that create a "locking onto" the USB during charging. It may looks like ordinary USB cable, but it's not easy to fall away while charging. Wish all USB cable is as such.
- support USB thumbdrive. If you have dual USB drive which comes with the micro USB head, it supports it. Tested with a Toshiba 64GB thumbdrive. I could play the video from the thumbdrive fluidly. Superb.

Cons :
- need to wait for purchase on the website. Don't like the idea. It works from them in terms of marketing and getting the crowd notice.
- power button on the wrong position(easily pressed)
- earphone port should be next the the USB port.
- the screen protector purchased from them will easily moved about even after applied properly. Recommend to get others. In case you want to know, I received 3 pcs of the screen protector per 1 order.
- it power off randomly a few times. but easily power back up.
- speaker not loud enough
- not the lightest smartphone around for a 5.5"
- the iphone bendgate issue may occur here too, but didn't dare to try it out. Keeping it in the front pocket with another phone isn't an issue.

Looking forward for :-
- chi charging function.

So these are my reviews on this Redmi Note. Overall I would say, just get it for the price you are paying, it's way cheaper than those premium Apple or Samsung brand. This wins overall for the "price over spec" criteria. Hope this helps.

  • Anonymous

dev, 01 Oct 2014have anyone purchased from mi.com.my? is it safe?purchased 2 unit from mi.com.my using 2 separate acc. all arrived together on time using UPS all the way from HK.

  • Anonymous

call log feels a bit complicated. calendar app doesn't have week and agenda view. have to download from playstore a better calendar app. sigh...

  • Anonymous

Is everybody's redmi note's date format yy/mm/dd ? 2014/10/02

  • MK

dev, 01 Oct 2014have anyone purchased from mi.com.my? is it safe?Yes. Xiaomi.com.my is Nice, easy & safe. And they have this online chat support which is on office hour, they are pretty helpful & nice ppl. I ordered a Redmi 1S, but since it was a pre-sale item, it took 1 month plus to reach me in East Malaysia. However, Xiaomi sent me an e-mail to apologise for the delay & compensated me with a RM50 discount voucher for my next purchase. I'm consider myself a very happy & satisfied customer ^^

  • neymar Jr

i want to buy this phone. but i just want to know more about the bad characteristics of this phone.
someone who had bought it please tell me.

  • AnonD-308151

Chocobar, 01 Oct 2014Tq for that but how long does it take for a fully charge(fr... moreRedmi Note estimate charging time from 0 to 100% takes several hours, probably more than 3 hours. AnTuTu score for my Redmi Note 1.7 GHz octa-core 2 gig version is from 30,377 to 32,206 (I tested it twice) but don't know 4G score because I don't have that one.

  • Ashish

Cool, 30 Sep 2014Where u got from this phone bro? Plz Help broYou can check eBay.com. now they offer dome 8% discount. Plz use it

  • aditya

Camera option is not working what we do

  • h0lY$hiT

What is Antutu benchmark score for Xiaomi redmi note 4Gv LTE?.It use Qualcomm snapdragon 400 8928 1.6GHz quad core.Im curious.Plz reply....

  • Chocobar

AnonD-308151, 30 Sep 2014Redmi Note charger is 1A.Tq for that but how long does it take for a fully charge(from 0-100%).Which is higher on Antutu between Redmi note(3G) and Redmi note(4G LTE) coz it use Snapdragon 400 MSM8926 than the Snapdragon 400 MSM8226?.Plz someone help me

  • AnonD-311581

Anonymous, 30 Sep 2014Bought it today. Very worth the money. You would have to pa... morei feel the same

  • raj

AnonD-313982, 30 Sep 2014friends i am using redmi 1s but i amnot able to play game (... moreI want to buy it yet

  • Ameer

Thinking of getting either this phone or the Lenovo Golden warrior A8.

My concerns for this Redmi Note are as follows:
1) WEIGHT. It's mentioned 199g which is too high in smartphone standards. Is it that Heavy?

2) Only 8GB ROM. Can we transfer apps to SD Card?

3) CAMERA. Both Redmi Note and Lenovo A806 have 13+5mpx cameras. But I wonder which of these is the better one.

Glad if someone who have actually used both these devices could answer these queries. Thanks.

  • Axer

Cant move app to sdcard

  • Alok

Does it has video calling>

  • dev

have anyone purchased from mi.com.my? is it safe?

  • Parth

I brought this mobile recently. I download game candy crush saga. But I cant open it. Tried it three-four times. Downloaded but couldn't open it. So what's the reason for this? Any suggestions?