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  • Long.time.xiaomi.usr

I've been upgrading every year since Note 4, and this is by far the most buggyest phone. I think it's thanks to MIUI 12.5, but there has been many issues like:
-Proximity sensor turning the screen on at random times, inside my pocket, inside my backpack...
-Permanent media notifications not showing, requiring to enter the app to control playback
-Other notifications apearing just as a small line when media is active
-Bluetooth won't auto connect to many many devices, car's BT requiring pairing every single time
-Fingerprint won't work 50% of the times

I was better off with the previous note 9

  • Dheeraj

I have purchased my redmi note 10pro yesterday...... I had worst experience.... It is heating while charging.... Sometimes flickering, and during video called in whatsapp, instagram, the opposite person is not hearing my voice in a normal way.... They are telling me are you talking through any other mediums... 🥲I bought this phone with my savings.... And I got a very very worst experience... I don't know if it is only for me.... Tomorrow I am going to mi service center for checkup.. Let me see is this for only my phone or every phones in this model like this... 🙂

  • Pakarati

I purchased the phone redmi note 10 pro last july 2021 and my observations in using the phone are the following;

Battery life - it only last for like 4 hours
Screen flickers - when playing mobile legends
Thumb sensor - does not work well
When in phone calls - screen shut off and would have difficulty of turning it on.
Speakers - while watching or playing games sometimes the lower speaker doesn't work, all you have to do is restart the phone.
Touch sensory - even if your not touching the screen it has a mind of its own coz it will touch a certain area that sometimes opens an app. Etc.

Good thing I paid for an insurance on my phone so O can replace it with another brand.

  • Maximoff

Joseph, 15 Sep 2021I have Mi 11 lite and because of black crush issues I want ... moreI have been using redmi note 10 pro note not pro max since first sale went live and trust me there is no issue with the proximity sensor at least my device has none. Fortunate enough it works every single time and has been a great daily driver no matter what I throw at it..only issue I face is OIS I can't complain though at this price pont noting what others are offering at this price P.S. I purchased the 6/64 variant at 16k when it was available

  • mariz

I'm facing delayed sending/recieving sms and calls. I also have problem with the data connection.

  • Stef

Have it for 2 months now, hands down best phone for the price. It is just good in every way posible. The photos are amazing. The fingerprint works sooo good.
Would recommend to anyone that is looking for a cheapish good phone, this is the one.

I need a phone which is good for product photography?
The budget is around ($200-$300). I was thinking about Xiaomi Note 10 pro. I that good for my work?
No Gaming
Only for photography purposes and general use

  • Dee

used for a week,, best phone for the price.. all the fake comments are here from comptetitors.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 15 Sep 2021reset your internet setting, even i faced this issue after updateHow to reset network settings ?

  • Anonymous

Nick, 12 Sep 2021I had this phone less than a month, Running in 12.5.6 howev... morereset your internet setting, even i faced this issue after update

  • Joseph

I have Mi 11 lite and because of black crush issues I want to change my phone. Should I get Redmi Note 10 Pro or Poco X3 Pro? I prefer Amoled display on Redmi but I also seeing people complain about proximity sensor. Please help.

  • Anonymous

Mex, 14 Sep 2021LMAO it's been less than a month using this device, th... moreYou don’t know anything

Mex, 14 Sep 2021LMAO it's been less than a month using this device, th... moreHuh? I never had any issue with Redmi Note 10 Pro?
Charging slow, bluetooth slow, etc. No lproblem on my phone.
If you don't want a smartphone lagging, battery problem...


Go buy a new iPhone 13 Pro Max or if you don't want iPhone then go buy flagship Samsung.

Please stop write fake review.

  • Anonymous

Mex, 14 Sep 2021LMAO it's been less than a month using this device, th... moreYes go find yourself a phone that share the same price and have this spec's, you can't. Wdym with invisible menu button? Just use swipe up gesture it's easier. Your Bluetooth suck? Mine work just fine. Idk about proximity problem but there's a guy who wrote an entire page explaining about this proximity problem here below my comment and i think he explain it very well.

  • Anonymous

Mex, 14 Sep 2021LMAO it's been less than a month using this device, th... moreLolololololllolilililololol. Alright my guy this phone have 5020 mah which is huge and charging them with your powerbank that only has 15 watt is no better and don't think your laptop will give you fast charging experience. This is why they give you the charging brick in the box.

Secondly, the proximity sensor is not having any problem. I have samsung s9+ and the same thing happen to me. Every time i open WhatsApp voice message, the screen will turn of because you're blocking the proximity sensor. It's not the phone proximity sensor that is having a problem its the app itself that make the voice message like a phone call which also uses proximity sensor.

If you don't understand how proximity sensor work, it's basically sensor somewhere around your camera or even lower and it's function is to capture light that are coming to your screen. That's how the auto brightness work. If you're on the low light environment, the proximity sensor will turn the screen dimmer so it can match with your environment.

The second thing your phone proximity sensor does is when you're on a call. When you receive a called you usually will put your phone next to your ears to hear well. When you put your phone next to your ear, the proximity sensor will receive some kind of information that is telling it that you're having a call so that's why when you're on a call, and you put your phone next to your ear, the screen turn off so you can have a call without catchy light on your head.

On to the main problem. Since most if you who read this probably get basic understanding about this sensor. I'll tell you why every single time you're hearing WhatsApp voice message and the screen turn off.

When you're hearing those voice messages, the app automatically send an information to your proximity sensor. And the reason why this happen is basically the same as the thing happened while you're on a call. The app trick the sensor into thinking that the voice message is a call.

To solve this problem is simple, do not block the sensor while hearing voice message. To simply put it, WhatsApp voice message and WhatsApp call system is using your proximity sensor and the only way to not have this problem is by not blocking the sensor.

It's not your proximity sensor is the problem, it's you guys that didn't know how it work.

Bluetooth slow??? No man mine just work perfectly fine. My redmi note 10 pro is my second phone and i use it to watch movie and i sometimes uses it to play games by using controller and not even a single time i have encountered delay on input.

I really hope those who read this especially those who are having a bad time thinking about this phone problem is now at ease. Especially those who think this phone have some trouble with the proximity sensor. Have a good day

  • Mian Numan

Front camera Result is not Good Other vise this phone is Greatest But Result is not Good

LMAO it's been less than a month using this device, this phone already shows very excellent symptoms of red flag.

1) Bluetooth
It unable connect to some of my previous devices that could connect with my previous phone.
The bluetooth would turn on by itself that you have to turn it off repeatedly and it is so freaking annoying.
It connected to the music devices but suddenly it produces no sound and u have to turn it on and off in attempt for it to connect properly. Just like how u have to shake the TV remote control for it to actually works.

2) Battery
It charges extremely slow if u charge it using power bank and 2nd power supply (i.e computer). It took 1 hour to get to 1%.

3) Screen blackout during audio hearing.
I read opinions on here that the proximity sensor or whatever u call it that causes this issue but come on, listening to audios on Whatsapp should have not have to do with the system or whatever ish this capitalists trying to do.

4) The Main buttons.
They appear invisible when you are on the white pages as they are white in color. Sometimes you just have to randomly tap the bottom side of the device in hope you tapped on the right part of the buttons to get out from the current page.

5) Lagging
I have to tap the back button many times in order to return to the previous page and it is very annoying. I thought this phone got the best processor that it just requires one tap for every single thing. Boy, I was wrong.

6) Camera
It shocked me to the core how you are unable to zoom in or zoom out when u are taking selfie. Wow, even my 2016 Opps R9S can do so excellently.

Conclusion, I would never recommend this device to people. Thinking to trade my device and buying a new phone instead.

  • KingsHead

India, 12 Sep 2021This doesn't have proximity sensor, don't waste y... moreIt clearly says in specsheet that it has proximity sensor. I don't know what are you talking about.

  • halgurd

PJ, 10 Sep 2021Where r u from bro? We have a same problem. What network ca... moreI would like to tell that redmi note 10 pro has no many internet band,it has just 13 bands, that is why in some areas network signal is weak or very irregular,, I have redmi note 8 pro and note 9 pro, I have the same issue with both of them, but in quality they are good quality,now I have bought oppo a72 as it has 19 bands, it has much better network reception, I have decided not to buy any mobile which has no 16, 17,19...bands, or more than them, the more bands the mobile has, the better network reception is.

  • Anonymous

DannySia, 10 Sep 2021Hey, I just brought this Redmi Note 10 Pro. Currently I don... moreYes Bro The phone is Very good in Performance