Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 (MediaTek)

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  • johnny

i have got note 3 phone before 2 days,when i kept for charging the baterry, it got so heated with in a span of 20 minutes.
Both phone and charger got heated ,i removed from charging and packed the phone ,applied for refund.

  • vishal

Sarfaraj, 02 Aug 2016Pls do not buy this rn3 phone its seling on internet afvertising... morewat problem

  • manu

Anonymous, 09 Aug 2016Can I take Redmi Note 3 ...???Is not inserting both sims and memory in this at a time bro's, how is it possible tell me

  • abhi

vicky, 14 Aug 2016Same problem hear dude ...... You get solution plz help meSame problem...phone suddenly closed...could not open it..after long time by pressing the rear side of phone it opened....

  • mangesh

Camera is very bad and heating issue in that phone.
Dont buy it.

  • vicky

P patel, 13 Aug 2016i borrow it today and and phone was going very good .but it sudd... moreSame problem hear dude ...... You get solution plz help me

  • AnonD-572183

I bought this phone 3 days ago, and as a former iPhone user i must admit, so far the red mi note 3 is a very good product! it works just fine and the battery life is great. After 24h normal use , that is video streaming, extended video chatting, play music, internet surfing, in short all except gaming, it still has 20 -30% charge left, the camera, sound quality and display all satisfy me . I hope it stays this way!!!

  • P patel

i borrow it today and and phone was going very good .but it suddenly closed .. i don't know wht happened? i was listening the music.it couldn't open.

  • Vishal

rachana , 08 Aug 2016rdemi note 3 (32 gb ) my phone started hang & when i restart... moreIf you get solution
Please help me....I m also facing hang problem

  • inguru

yash, 08 Aug 2016i want to take redmi note 3 but my friend have that phone and t... moreI am using the device & believe me its not that bad like in all these comments. Software updates will remove all known probs. The best thing is xiaomi devices r fixable and their forum is superb.only thing I worry is about internal memory. Better go for 32Gb version

  • inguru

AnonD-565155, 01 Aug 2016I personally using this phone for 5 months. There are not a sing... moreCheck device firmware version with xiaomi website whether it matches. Some devices are shipped with a firmware called vendor firmware. If you have on of those firmwares you will not get any updates.

  • Anonymous

when I call someone he can be able to ear my voice and i can able to join my earphone so help me plz urgent

  • Anonymous

Shree, 11 Aug 2016I want to take redmi note 3... Can anyone suggest me any thisSuper

  • ekta

i bought redmi note 3
the problem is that the wifi is not working properly it shut off by it self .
the wifi is big problem.

  • saran

3 complaints i have
i can't insert dual sim and sd card at the same time
phone over heating for calling and charging time
battery will be stay on only one day

  • Mahantesh

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2016My files do not get transferred in my memory card in my Redmi I... moreIt is very easy send sharit anthor mobile next all deleted and otg contact and file transfer OK thank

  • Rguy

harish, 29 Jul 2016I ordered 2 day and there is front camera issue not working henc... moreThat's because of the matt screen gard it comes with. Makes it blurred. So just remove it and use a tempered glass gard

  • Shree

I want to take redmi note 3... Can anyone suggest me any this

  • Anonymous

My files do not get transferred in my memory card in my Redmi
It is showing that memory card is inserted but can't transfer things
How to solve this problem

  • Tabrez sk

Awesome phone everything is perfect but exclude camera, Camera is averege , so many people Heating problem pls ugrade the miui8 then your issue is resolved...