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Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

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Mirko-Banjica, 16 Dec 2020I wann ask questions about off a memory card go up to 256GB... moreI am using redmi note 5 ai doual camera since 2 years with 512 gb sd memory card, and it's working extremely well, and I want to upgrade to RN9 Pro, it will be fine even with 512 gb sd, but make sure to use a good & certified brand, for me am using Lexar 512gb with RN5 & Sandisk extreme pro 400gb with my Honor 8x and it's working fine.

  • Haha

I live in Australia and there are two versions selling here. A global version which sell for a little higher and a non global version. What is the difference?

Please correct me if I am wrong, am I able to use the global version in more countries than the non global version?

  • Mirko-Banjica

I wann ask questions about off a memory card go up to 256GB for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro

  • Anonymous

I bought this phone about 3 weeks ago and so far I'm impressed. I got it on Amazon's black Friday special. I haven't played with the various camera modes yet, but I will be doing so soon. This is my second Xiaomi phone and I will probably stick with them in the future. I'm not one of those people who must have the best of everything and I think Xiaomi punches above their weight, especially in the midrange market.

  • Koko

Great battery life,but bad sistem not receiving notifications on-time signal issue keep dropping recently starts to reboot himself 4 to 6 times a day

I think its a great phone for the price you pay, the camera works well, but sometimes the AI does not work perfectly, the macro camera its excellent, the autonomy of the battery has no comparison, some weeks ago I had the update of MIUI to the 12 version.

The first Xiaomi I had was redmi note 4, all the body was metal, I would like if this phone would be metal too.

  • Gandalfdenvite

helo, 11 Dec 2020which one is better to buy is it note 9 pro or 8 pro i cant... moreRedmi note 8 pro do not have LTE Advanced, Carrier Aggregation!

  • Dzoni

doraemonTGP, 07 Dec 2020Is this true?No,works perfectly fine

  • Mirko-Banjica

When will come Android 11 for Xiaomi Redmi Note 9 Pro.For
European market.

  • Vin

Jo., 08 Dec 2020I do experience this problem too. I've write about thi... moreThanks Jo, have you got any response from Xiaomi?

  • ViperX

fuscator, 08 Dec 2020Considered buying. But I will not, because for Global, MIU... moreJust unlock the bootloader with mi unlock tool and flash the indonesian rom it's official and totally safe

  • Tory

Carlos2107, 05 Dec 2020This is my second xiaomi phone . First one the 6 pro and no... moreI just purchased this phone one day ago but I'm having troubles with the sound on headphones it's so low and I almost hear nothing at all any solutions?

  • Harry polter

This device sadly doesn't support Galileo

  • helo

which one is better to buy is it note 9 pro or 8 pro i cant decide

  • black

NikiDroid, 07 Dec 2020Did update software or reset phone fix the problem?no it didn't even when you root it or factory reset nothing happens many people complain about this idk how to fix i guess i'll just return the phone on the mi store.

  • Ryuulong

Anonymous, 10 Dec 2020Is it brand new?Not so new, but also not old. It has been around for almost 6 months

  • Anonymous

Is it brand new?

  • Ali

fuscator, 08 Dec 2020Considered buying. But I will not, because for Global, MIU... moreGoogle is big hacker then others

  • jmaajj

Can I ask about recording videos in snapchat, instagram, messenger etc. I can't clearly hear the voice I don't know why. Is there anybody can help me

  • fuscator

Considered buying. But I will not, because for Global, MIUI has thrown out its Dialer/Contacts, and gone to the bare bones Google Dialer. I cannot install an alternate dialer, either, w/o learning to be a smartphone hacker and take risks of bricking.
If readers know a way around this, for Global, do let me know here. Cheers!