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Anonymous, 08 Aug 2020Why battery drains faster from 100 to 90 percent. Charge your phone 15 minutes after 100 percent charge, then see then results, i did this and battery drain issue is resolved, it look like battery is actually charge less then phone shows, for minutes over charge issue is resolved. hope so xiaomi will fix this in next update, till yet use this trick :)

notANangel97, 04 Aug 2020ikr .. i think it's because ours are local set, i aske... moreYeah maybe that we used local set for MY. heard that many probs for global edition.

  • Nujhat-E-Nowshin

There is no option for call recording..And the selfie camera is not good,it seems like trash.The picture becomes blurr with selfie camera

Does anyone know how to unlock 22.5w charging? The hardware is there in the 22.5w adaptor, but it also needs to be enabled on the software side. Hopefully, Xiaomi will be able to unlock it in the Miui 12 update

Hi. I used to have the phone calls (microphone and speaker) issue; till I changed my phone's region to India. I don't have that problem now. Maybe it will be solved for you too. Try it.

  • Marki

Fake ppl fake world, 08 Aug 2020U r right same here 100 to 90 like in few minutes... I don&... moreSame here is this an issue ?

Helmi, 09 Aug 2020I charge 100 but drain from 100 to 90 at 6 minutesI had this problem initially and I almost returned my unit to my seller. But then I tried debloating. I removed their ads software (MSA) and other software that was preinstalled that I didn't need. The change was immediately noticeable. After uninstalling, I never experienced that fast drain again. Something in the background was consuming a lot of battery but I never knew what.

  • Ali

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020Having the same problemSame problem.. if you find the solution don't forget to post it here.

  • Sal

Sirousm, 10 Aug 2020Bought one last week, exactly the same issue, people can�... moreThe problem is after updating software?

  • Sal

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020Having the same problemShould i buy?

  • Anonymous

Zehad, 09 Aug 2020What is the meaning of 9S's S''?? It means 'Special'. If you look on the Mi website and on the Redmi Note 9S trailer tab and scroll down it states, "Redmi Note 9S; S stands for Special Edition for Mi Fans

  • Sirousm

Anonymous, 10 Aug 2020Having the same problemBought one last week, exactly the same issue, people can't hear me or I can't hear them. I need to press on speaker to talk. Very disappointed. been contacting the seller, and they want more information to process my inquiry. Hope they come up with a resolution soon. Seriously, I am considering asking for a refund

  • Anonymous

Megat, 09 Aug 2020After using this phone for 3 month.. i face one problem.. t... moreHaving the same problem

  • Slayergod86

Nomaan Niazi, 06 Aug 2020I am using this phone I also have same issue i contacted... more15 what ? Minutes ? 😁

  • Algray

Got myself this 9S global version after my LG G6 suffered a random screen cracking issue.

I'm in love with it and I've came from an older flagship phone.

I almost bought a Samsung A31 for the same price I paid in this one, but my purchase attempts failed and I ended up with this. No regrets whatsoever.

I do have this same "issue" some people has with the battery calibration at 100%, this can be fixed with rooting and getting the battery levels recalibrated, not something to worry really.

The cameras work perfectly without issues, the performance never misses the spot, the phone always feel responsive throughout simple multitasking and even gaming. GTA SA runs really nicely and the bigger screen allows you to play fairly well. Same thing happens for any other games I tried.

I have absolutely no complaints. I wish it had wireless charging since the phone already has a glass back. Wireless charging is fairly cheap to add and would be a really good addition to the note series.

  • Ho3ein

I cant change the hotspot band to 5GHz in setting (PortableHotspot /SetUpPortableHotspot /SelectAPband) while this phone supports two bands. What's the problem?

  • osiris

3 weeks with this phone and so far so good, i definitely feel i own a premium phone, with a midrange price tag.
the screen does its job, the cameras too
the size of the phone is almost noticeably tall, you can cover 75% of the screen with an average sized hand.
The battery consumption and recharge is the best i ever lived with, coming from a xiaomi mi max 3.

Two cons: one is the bottom single speaker, it is loud and clear but poor bass with almost tinny highs.
secondly is a noticable heat on the upper back part of the
phone after heavy gaming sessions, or long 4k recording. yet there are no fps drops or stutters and the battery is on stable consumption.

The phone sunk into a small puddle of water for few seconds and works perfectly, also it fell few times on asphalt and ceramic floor yet not a single scratch on the frame or back panel. i am sold.. durability is everything to me.

  • Helmi

Jon63, 09 Aug 2020yeah happen to me too. Seem like battery protection. I Usua... moreI charge 100 but drain from 100 to 90 at 6 minutes

  • Zehad

What is the meaning of 9S's S''??

Anonymous, 08 Aug 2020Why battery drains faster from 100 to 90 percent. yeah happen to me too. Seem like battery protection. I Usually charge and stop around 90-96. Since it drop so fast at that %.