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  • Vishal

AnonD-457397, 02 Nov 2015yes it does support otgThanks for ur reply bro!

  • AnonD-457397

[deleted post]yes it does support otg

  • Krishna

Its getting too heat while surfing internet.Guys don't buy this phone.

  • sahil

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2015No, it doesn't. I am a Yureka Plus user and even while gaming my... moreWhivh phone is best

  • AnonD-457397

Anonymous, 29 Oct 2015Is it?Both phones heat. But the YU yureka doesn't heat as much as the yureka +

  • AnonD-457397

Raul, 29 Oct 2015Go for moto 3rd gen.your reason?

  • Anonymous

Aks, 29 Oct 2015Hi.... I want to know that Yu Yureka is heating But Yu Yurek... moreIs it?

  • Raul

sree, 28 Oct 2015hi. Friends I want to buy one onride phone. Actually I'm selecte... moreGo for moto 3rd gen.

  • Aks

I want to know that Yu Yureka is heating
But Yu Yureka plus is heating

  • AnonD-457397

sree, 28 Oct 2015hi. Friends I want to buy one onride phone. Actually I'm selecte... moreFirst things first, you're not going to get all that you've asked for on sub 10 k phones.
But all these all phones good in their own ways. In the end it all boils down to what you require on a phone, whether its performance, display, build, camera etc.

The moto g3 is has a good build and its a smaller phone compared to the other two (though thicker). On top of all that its waterproof up to 3 metres. Its also got a decent performance for the hardware it has. I wouldn't recommend this phone for graphics intensive games. The camera is fair I guess. You also get timely updates. Another plus point is the speakers, its up front so that the sound doesn't get muffled when you place it on the back.

The YU yureka plus also has a decent build. Overall the phone has the best performance of the three. It also has a good display, which again is the best of the three. This phone also has CyanogenMod, which enables you to customise your phone to your liking. The camera is pretty good in daylight shots but the flash (nighttime) gives the photos a bluish tinge.

The Zenfone 2 Laser is built for the camera. It takes the best shots of the three. The phone has a good build and looks the best of the three. It also has a really good performance and as is able to handle anything you throw at it pretty well.

  • sree

hi. Friends I want to buy one onride phone. Actually I'm selected 3 phones those are (1)yu yureka plus,(2)motorola moto g3 3rd generation.(3)asus zenfone 2 laser ze550kl(2gb ram,16 gb rom) please final one phone which is a good phone.I need good camera quality in day time and night time crystal zoom, good performance, good battery. Please reply me I don't want to waste my money. Help me.!!!!

  • pranab@rick

worth phone, dnt purchase guys,,

  • AnonD-457397

peekay, 28 Oct 2015Lots of heating problm... Dont behave lyk snapdragon.... Interfa... moreI love the interface. It gives me so much freedom to customize, unlike some others where I feel pretty much limited.

  • peekay

Shibin, 25 Oct 2015How is your yureka plus ?Its a bomb.... 50 degreapprox

  • peekay

AnonD-459257, 25 Oct 2015Should i buy it? Plz someone help me reviews are very confusingLots of heating problm... Dont behave lyk snapdragon.... Interface is very bad... Better to go with mi4i ... Offer is going on flipkart at 9999 hurry up... I got it

  • AnonD-457397

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2015got this phone about some weeks ago, everything is fine and extr... moreIf your phone does heat that bad. I recommend that you get it changed immediately or if you have been having that phone for more than 10 days take it to the nearest service center. Its probably a defect.

  • AnonD-457397

60 to 65 degrees? REALLY?! XD XD. THIS IS HILARIOUS!

Were you kidding or did you mean it? If you did mean it then you're just saying stuff without considering if it is legitimate or not. Do you have any idea how hot 65 degrees is? I mean you're lucky it hasn't blown up or something. It may be possible you know, there is that battery.

The yureka only heats to maximum of 50 to 52 degrees, even while gaming, which is already hot. On top of that you just claimed that it was 60 to 65 degrees.

  • Anonymous

yes YU Yureka get heat up but dont worry it will not damage your phone so go a ahead

  • suju

Apps, 20 Oct 2015Even i am confused which one is the best yu yureka or k3 noteYureka plus is best

  • suraj samanta

Anonymous, 25 Oct 2015should i buy this?YU yureka plus very good phone...but not in built synogen...you have to install from YU care... Otherwish it's camera,,,sound quality too good...so don't hesitate.. Go and buy YU yureka plus...