Apple iPhone 4s

Apple iPhone 4s

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  • Anonymous

No need for task killer.

  • Anonymous

Beautiful. How iOS's advanced multitasking works:

No wonder iPhone has the current best battery endurance rating on GSMArena. Amazing engineering and software optimization.

  • Alex

Very good phone, except few things. If you want to copy music from your computer, you can't, 3G calls only via WI-FI, microsim support only, bad signal, weak battery, very expensive, etc, etc......I can continue all day...

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2012to avoid illegal sharing of copyright protected filesApple do not own your personal files like photos, videos, and documents thus should be allowed to transfer via Bluetooth. Copyrighted and protected files are contained in a special folder and are programmed as non Bluetooth transferable. Bluetooth equipped in IPhone only works with a Bluetooth handsfree device.

  • vky

natalee J, 04 Jan 2012i lost my phonetrack the phone by IMSI

You have an option called

Track my iphone

do it asap

  • youssef

baad signaaaaaaal :S:S

  • natalee J

i lost my phone

  • twat

[deleted post]amazing phone.

  • clive

[deleted post]Stop with your trolling chris or i shall report your comments.

  • word up

rodny, 04 Jan 2012its not!!!word up rod.. it is!

  • rodny

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2012Perfect phone.its not!!!

  • Anonymous

Perfect phone.

  • david O ' Gorman

Ronald Cockbert, 04 Jan 2012it gives my fingers a special feeling which bowds well with my s... morei prefer orange's to apples pal

  • albus dumbledore

your a wizzard harry

  • Ronald Cockbert

it gives my fingers a special feeling which bowds well with my son who likes cricket.i prefer apple because they're healthy.

  • Ben 10

Dude this phone is AWESOMEEE!! I love its gigabytes and the frame is amazing it's curve's are splendid,and itunes sounds euthoric,i cant seem too hear app store very well but heard it blows your socks off! also my hampster loves the 4s i often find him engaged in convo's with Siri all in all the best american product ever! GOD BLESS THE USA!and the speaker helps me read messages and write down contacts easily which helps my cooking & ironing x

  • Anonymous

best smart phone of this planet..................

  • Anonymous

With this kind of phone, you're in a safe hand, secured and legal. Amazing phone with lot of useful apps.

  • Anonymous

mariane, 04 Jan 2012how much is this cellphone?Full retail and a two weeks waiting period

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 04 Jan 2012Why is it that Apple equipped the Iphone with a bluetooth that i... moreto avoid illegal sharing of copyright protected files