First-time smartphone buyers chose Android over iOS in Q4

07 February, 2012
In the last quarter of 2011, 57% of first-time smartphone buyers were choosing Android over iOS in the US.

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  • Anonymous

I can pretty much leave the iPhone 4S running all year long without a reboot.

  • Anonymous

My iPhone 4S is way more stable than any Android phones I have including Galaxy S2 and G2X. Could be that iPhone 3GS with 256MB of RAM doesn't have enough ram left for apps after installing iOS 5.

  • Sanju

I own htc touch hd, if i have to change right now, i will probably go for SGS 2 or galaxy note........

  • Anonymous

Android rocks !!!

What do you think is the cause of that apple? Because people wants bigger displays on they're devices.

  • Anonymous

Ya we do buy androids, but then put them up for sale and buy an iPhone, androids r great but the battery life is Terrible on everyone. It was a bad investment for me because we are clueless about the battery life, but don't worry android, the word will go around and you will be forced to make a battery like the razr maxx on all your devices

  • Paolonicus Maximus

Not just mere popularity. New Smartphone users will opt for something more than just the "out-of-the-box" experience. They will tinker and play around with their new devices.

And that is something that iOS can't offer. 4 generations of Iphones but it still uses the same old UI.



it's a monster.

but a tamed one.

IOS is bit expensive for learning.
Everything...well almost evrything has to be paid.

  • Whatchasay

Well Duh... Androids are cheaper. Unless you're on AT&T. Not to mention Tmobile doesn't even have the Iphone yet. How many different free Androids are there running amok on the major (and prepaid)providers. And in related news, McDonalds sells more food than Red Lobster. Whaaaaaa?!?

I love Apple

  • Dave

The best smartphone for newcomers is an android phone.You can have a medium priced really good phone that fits either in your poket and your needs
Not everyone needs a dualcore smartphone or whatever... with android you can just choose what you need and get the right device that will give you the features you want. Also my first smartphone was a galaxy 5 witch is basically an low end device some people just don't wanna step into a high end phone without not even knowing if they will use all the features or not. So to be is basically for iphone you the the whole package for the high price and for android you can chose the package that fits your person.

This quarter's result will be very different as WP will start chipping away at Android's marketshare. The decline of Android is now happening as more and more people are choosing the Lumias over Android devices. Android is now in trouble.

  • Anonymous

This is very True, I bought a HTC Velocity. So much bette than and Iphone 4s

  • Anonymous

lorsban, 08 Feb 2012For newcomers, I'd recommend iOS over Android. iOS only lets you... moreYes, ios crashes very well according to Forbes Magazine.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2012They will switch to iOS or WP7 after a while. Only new users pre... morePerhaps you aren't tracking androids marketshare.

  • bloop bloop

lorsban, 08 Feb 2012For newcomers, I'd recommend iOS over Android. iOS only lets you... moreHow do you know? Have you tried Android? Dont you know iOS apps crash mroe than Android? Oh sorry you dont know that because iOS boots you out without telling you!

  • Anonymous

idei, 08 Feb 2012newcomers choose android just bcos the phone is CHEAPER cmpare t... moreThey're usually the same $299 on contract just like the iphone 4s. You can get a 3gs for free and an iPhone 4 for $50. First time buyers usually buy with a contract. So I'm not sure if your theory is supported by facts.

  • SVpao

Yes, I agree that more people chose Android over iOS. Come to think of it, only one smartphone (iPhone) is using the iOS and almost all smartphones manufactured by Samsung, LG, HTC, Motorola and Sony Ericsson are using google's OS.

So i think it is not a fair comparison.

  • attitudezunlimited

No one can outrun ios..itz d mst stable platform and virtually does anything on this planet !!
Go for it..think different..think aPpLe !!

  • Anonymous

android all the way